Beirut Furniture Expo Highlights Lebanese Designers, Vintage Pieces


As part of its yearly art exhibitions and fairs’ program, and following a successful launch of the Beirut Photo Fair, Artheum is pleased to introduce the Beirut Furniture Expo, for contemporary and vintage designs.

The Beirut Furniture Expo will take place from December 12-22, from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Artheum venue for arts and entertainment.

Beirut Furniture Expo in its first condensed edition will feature the works of Lebanese designers and collectible items from vintage furniture stores.

Beirut Furniture Expo aims to be an international platform for design talents, showcasing Lebanon's designers to the rest of the world. It also aims to attract a world-class caliber of local and regional design experts all keen to be immersed in the Middle East unique design culture.

From vintage to contemporary designs, Beirut Furniture Expo seeks to become an exclusive platform in the region where people will have the opportunity to showcase the latest design trends and vintage offerings and view and buy those rare and sometimes unique pieces.

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