Five Wounded in Scuffle at Sidon Vegetable Market

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A scuffle broke out in the southern city of Sidon on Saturday as security forces attempted to removed street vendors from a local market, reported the National News Agency.

Five people were wounded when the security forces, backed by the army, attempted to remove the carts off the streets of the city's vegetable market.

A clash soon ensued between those opposing the decision and others backing it.

Sticks and knives were used in the clash and a number of people have since been arrested for investigation.

The decision to remove the carts was taken by the Sidon municipality four days ago.

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Thumb benzona 01 December 2012, 15:33

The 3araneyet are located near (but outside) the old 7isbeh, on the jabbeneh (= cemetary) wall which has been renovated this year. They should go away, they opened a new 7isbeh for them on the new autostrad free of charge for the sellers BUT only accessible to people with cars, hence slow business for those who respected the municipal decree. There are no buildings in the area... No locals.

Anyway, the ISF and army should use the force if they have to.

Thumb benzona 01 December 2012, 15:45

3arabeyet (not 3araneyet).

Missing peace 01 December 2012, 18:23

killo min im 3abed wa abou steph!

Missing samiam 01 December 2012, 21:13

No food fight? How disappointing. :(

Thumb Elemental 02 December 2012, 11:54

"WHAT! No Maalfouf???"

Default-user-icon Lebnani moghtareb (Guest) 02 December 2012, 10:34

guys dont you think that the governement should be worried about things that are much more important & much more delect than some ppl trying to from selling vegetables at least these ppl are not robbing or kidnapping anyone MA HEK YA SHA#B LOBNAN L KABEEER