Charbel Lashes Out at Critics, Says he would Step Down if Not For 'Weakness' Accusations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel stressed on Thursday that he would have stepped down from his post if he didn't fear accusations of being “weak” and evading his responsibilities.

“I presume I have enough experience to be able to deal with the security challenges adequately,” Charbel said in comments published in As Safir newspaper.

He pointed out that his political experience with politicians has “shocked” him.

The mounting security incidents in Lebanon in light of the developments in the neighboring country Syria has been a main concern as several observers and politicians warned that the crisis might have negative impact on stability in the country.

Charbel snapped back at critics concerning his preparations to the upcoming 2013 parliamentary elections based on the1960 winner-takes-all system law if the rival parties failed to reach an agreement on a new electoral law, saying he is tasked with preparing for the polls ahead of set date.

“We need time to prepare for the elections and I am committed to carrying out the preliminary steps based on the law adopted in previous years, which is the 1960 law,” Charbel told the newspaper.

However, the minister voiced his rejection to the law and hoped that the rival parties would reach consensus on a new electoral law based on proportional representation, but he has no other solution.

“I have to deal with the current status quo,” Charbel pointed out.

He revealed on Tuesday that the parliamentary elections will be held on June 9 based on the 1960 law.

Parliamentary committees have been meeting regularly to discuss the new electoral law without reaching an accord.

The cabinet pushed in August for a law based on proportional representation and dividing Lebanon into 13 electoral districts. Meanwhile, March 14 coalition's proposal suggested dividing Lebanon into 50 electoral districts and adopting popular majority, explaining that this would give a just representation for Lebanese Christians.

While a plan suggested by Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc allows every sect to elect its own MPs under a proportional representation system with Lebanon as a single district.

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Missing samiam 06 December 2012, 09:08

maybe weakness and ineffectiveness is why people want you to step down...

just a thought

Missing trigger 06 December 2012, 09:30

Instead of begging and bargaining with thugs who block roads and burn tires, whichever side they belong to, 8, 14 or middle, and instead of giving out car-plate numbers and 'fume' licenses to ahmad el assir, (hizbollah and amal thugs don't need you), maybe you should get yourself a set of balls and strike with an iron fist and do your job, not more.
Then perhaps people would appreciate your 'non-weakness' and effectiveness

Thumb thepatriot 06 December 2012, 10:01

OK, objectively (m14&m8 aside) this is the WORST interior minister ever!
Sans odeur ,sans saveur, incompetent, transparent, no personality, clueless, absolutely not fit for the job! How the heck did he get that position!? Does the guy even have a resume!?

Thumb LebDino 06 December 2012, 15:17

Not much....
He was in the army and is a buddy of President Sleiman. That's his resume :)

Thumb lebfrcan 06 December 2012, 16:47

Agree 100% with you thepatriot.
Maybe he got his job for everything you mentioned?

Thumb lebfrcan 06 December 2012, 16:56

Only if Miqati can replace him with Baroud and that he accepts the job again...
I am sure he has the majority in the current parliament.

Default-user-icon west beirut (Guest) 06 December 2012, 10:37

المعلقون هنا فقط ينظّرون على سعادة الوزير وهم خلف شاشة اجهزتهم المهترئة والرجل قد امتص الاصطدام على اكثر من محور وفي اكثر من مكان وصدق المثل اللبناني شفانكم فوق وشفناكم تحت