Reports: Thieves Steal Israeli F-16 Warplane Engines

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Thieves have made off with several US-made engines for F-16 warplanes worth millions of dollars from an airbase in central Israel, army radio reported on Thursday.

Israel's Walla Internet site said preliminary findings after an investigation by military police indicated there may have been collusion between the thieves and personnel, either military or civilian, at the base.

It said the military police suspect the engines may have been stolen to be sold as scrap metal. It is not known when the thefts took place.

Army radio said a military spokesman had refused any comment on the incident, except to say that an official report on the inquiry would be sent to the military prosecutor.

Last year, the Israeli military police launched an investigation after parts for F-15 and F-16 warplanes from the Tel Nof airbase near Tel Aviv were discovered when police searched a warehouse used by scrap metal merchants.

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Thumb ghada12 06 December 2012, 09:29

I once read that Israel gets an A for its propaganda as a clever and efficient country, and an F for actually being clever and efficient. This just proves it. I thought that its military is impenetrable!

Missing rami 06 December 2012, 09:41

Hezb did it, to build bigger Ayoobs.

Missing sanctify 06 December 2012, 11:07

I think Lebanon is behind this as our air force is trying to refit the Hawker Hunters with high performance F-16 engines. Pilots want to have fun.