Inmates Riot in Roumieh to Protest 'Bad' Treatment

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Several inmates in Roumieh prison rioted to protest the treatment they are undergoing at the facility by some security guards, state-run National News Agency reported on Saturday.

According to the news agency, prisoners broke doors on Friday night in protest against their poor living conditions, prompting security guards to intervene to control the situation.

The inmates were forced back into their cells.

The NNA said that the offenders will be referred to the judiciary to take appropriate measures against them.

Roumieh, the oldest and largest of Lebanon's overcrowded prisons, has witnessed sporadic prison breaks in recent years and escalating riots over the past months as inmates living in poor conditions demand better treatment.

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Thumb ghada12 08 December 2012, 18:43

Why is bad put in quotes in the headline as in "bad"? I guess it's a quote by someone, so who is it? Without saying who it is, it sounds like the headline is making fun of the prisoners who shouldn't complain about "bad" treatment. I bet life in Roumieh prison is hell and the word bad doesn't begin to describe it because they throw there anyone they want, be it criminals, pickpocketers, political prisoners, alledged spies...and not all have had their day in court yet! Bad is very bad.