General Prosecution Files a Lawsuit against Fneish's Brother over Illegal Medications

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The General Prosecution filed a lawsuit on Saturday against Abdul Latif Fneish, brother of Minister of State for Administrative Reform Mohammad Fneish for being involved in the illegal drugs scandal, al-Jadeed television reported.

“Abdul Latif Fneish will be tried for forging medications,” al-Jadeed said.

Media reports revealed in November that the brother of Hizbullah's Minister Fneish might be involved in forging certificates of laboratory tests.

On November 13, General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi issued a search and investigative warrant against two people involved in this scandal, including the brother of Fneish.

The other suspect was identified as Fouad Ahmed Wehbeh.

Following the scandal Minister Fneish announced that he would not protect anyone found guilty in this case.

Reports said the forgery has been lingering on for about ten months before it was exposed.

Head of Parliament’s Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs committee MP Atef Majdalani revealed that more than 100 medications had been illegally imported into Lebanon.

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Thumb primesuspect 08 December 2012, 18:52

Jail the criminal. God knows how many persons died resulting from taking the wrong molecule... Side effects, not effect, or poisoning sound to me a good reason enough to spend 20 years in Roumieh.

Thumb lebnanfirst 08 December 2012, 19:32

Thumbs up! There is room for agreement between us after my countryman.

Missing samiam 08 December 2012, 20:07

better yet, not only should he get the hard labor, any time he gets sick or needs medications, he should only be allowed to get the ones that he 'tweaked'.

Missing thatisit 09 December 2012, 02:10

likley he will get a life sentence - serve a couple of years in a 5 star prison- then off to the streets again - this is hizballah/aoun banana republic they want us to have- but they also want it to be corrupt free so they claim to their followers - just think of the number one spy to israeel the one and only fayez karam.

Missing reformist 09 December 2012, 07:55

Oh crap! Again political stupid accusations. As if geagea was not let out for killing so many people, just for political reasons and now he is in power! Can't believe it.
Give them a chance thatisit and judge on facts, not on hallucinations ;)
This guy should be jailed forever!

Thumb benzona 09 December 2012, 04:03

I miss Bandoul !!!

Thumb whyaskwhy 09 December 2012, 06:40

Minister Fniesh should be proud of his statement....

Missing reformist 09 December 2012, 07:55

Bien dit FT! Thumbs up! Allah la yreddo! This is the most criminal act one can do!!!

Missing reformist 09 December 2012, 07:57

Who will tell us now about the medications that were impacted? How will we know if we are at risk?!!!

Missing reformist 09 December 2012, 07:59

Other funny fact : They refer to the criminal as "Fneich's brother". This is PURE PROPAGANDA!
He has a name and his case has nothing to do with being Fneich's brother, son, lover or anytihng! It's all about a criminal who was caught... Why not naming him? Why making focus on this government?! Pure naharnet propaganda I say!

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 09 December 2012, 16:15

Flamer- you are on a roll today. Speaking with objectivity. I hope this becomes contagious for our Lebanese brothers and sisters.

Default-user-icon George (Guest) 09 December 2012, 10:56

@reformist you are an idiot, ofcourse his name will be mentioned when is the brother of a high profile politician! He obviously was being protected until he was caught red handed! This goes to say just how hezbollah protect their own people and break the law on DAILY BASIS!

Thumb whyaskwhy 09 December 2012, 13:26

Off course Reformist Minister Fniesh would have had no clue on his brothers acitivites and is utterly innocent of said accusations...bless him.

Thumb eli-g 09 December 2012, 14:17

lets see if he gets prison time.....

Default-user-icon HK (Guest) 09 December 2012, 16:31

Flame throwerrrr. You want to arm wrestle? I read your comments and wonder if you are just a nerd or a hard core leftist. Either way would love to beat some sence into your head.

Best reagards