Top Leaders Throw Weight Behind New Security Plan in Tripoli

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman hailed on Monday as successful a security plan implemented by the Lebanese Army in the northern city of Tripoli as Prime Minister Najib Miqati hoped the situation there would remain under control following a week of deadly gunbatttles.

“The implementation of the security plan drawn by security officials began yesterday (Sunday) and it seems that it has so far given a positive effect,” Suleiman told a cabinet session held at Baabda palace.

Labor Minister Salim Jreissati quoted Suleiman as calling for the support of the Army in its mission, a day after top security and defense officials were given the green light during a meeting of the Higher Defense Council to restore order in Tripoli.

A week of clashes between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen left scores of people dead and injured. But the Army deployed heavily in the city starting Sunday night, carrying out patrols and setting up checkpoints.

It also removed all barricades erected by the fighters in the hotspots.

“We hold onto the values of tolerance, democracy and civil rights,” Jreissati quoted Miqati as telling cabinet ministers.

The prime minister hailed the positive results of the HDC's meeting and hoped the latest calm in Tripoli would hold.

Also Monday and during a meeting with his Finnish counterpart, Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn warned that the Army will be on the lookout for any attempt to tamper with security.

“Political leaders should meet the Army's efforts by rejecting inciting and sectarian rhetoric, and working on steering Lebanon clear of any tension that could lead to dangerous repercussions,” Ghosn said.

Tripoli has been the scene of frequent sectarian clashes between the Alawite sect of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Sunnis. This time, the gunbattles broke out over reports that Lebanese Salafists were killed after entering Syria to fight alongside the rebel Free Syrian Army.

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Default-user-icon F*&K Lebs are bought and sold (Guest) 10 December 2012, 14:51

Why doesn't this "amazing" army deploy in the south? or are they only strong against the poor, Jaish il Shah-hod

Missing allouchi 10 December 2012, 15:06

No one should have weapons except the Lebanese state....NOT Hizb, Amal, SSNP, Palestinians etc..absolutely no one...

Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 16:09

No for anyone having weapons outside the state.
does any of you m8 guys concur to this statement?

Missing allouchi 10 December 2012, 18:07

they wont geha, they wont..ya haram...

Thumb lebanon_first 10 December 2012, 17:28

Mowaten, the lebanese government cannot really control the weapons of al qaeda or the FSA, can it? As for the Future and LF, I understand their wanting to have weapons after HA launched their dogs SSNP and Amal and other thugs on them in 2007. They have to defend themselves. I dont like future because of the 50B $ debt, and I dont like LF for their being vassals to future. But HA's weapons and attitude is the source of 1- our lack of security, and 2- the contempt of everyone for state authority, and 3- the rearming of everyone, 4- the redlines against disarming palestinians. Insofar as weapons are concerned, DO NOT TRY TO DILUTE RESPONSIBILITY: HA IS RESPONSIBLE.

Missing allouchi 10 December 2012, 17:32

well said lebanon_first

Thumb mckinl 10 December 2012, 15:12

The Army should not have to wait for political cover ... When violence breaks out they should be allowed to use all force necessary to end the violence.

It is clear in this case that delaying the needed response only allowed the situation to escalate. The government and the army need to be seen as efficient and effective as this will help stop violence in the first place.

Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 16:11

the army should have taken over jabal Mohsen's weapons long time ago. the others would not have had to get armed.
anyway, the army should take out all weapons from all sides now. will they do it? no.
they do not dare touch jabal Mohsen weapons.

Missing helicopter 11 December 2012, 03:02

mckini I would agree with your statement if it applies to Hezb areas as well. Would you agree to that? Hezb decides when and if they allow army or ISF to deploy or investigate or search for criminals in their areas every time an explosion or crime take place.

Thumb habib 10 December 2012, 15:20

Tanetzakar wazir difa3 wa tasri7ato 3an alka3ida tesri7ato kanet li tagtiyet erhab mamlok wa sma7a wa shayban btetzakaro
Bas la tazkir lmawdu3 jabal mohsen wa bab tebeni 3ali 3id erhabi mejrem metel m3almo bashar lezem yenfo men jabal mehsen tayerteho ahlel jabal wa bab tebbeni

Thumb lebanon_first 10 December 2012, 17:32

The army is there to turn off the fire. But efforts should be done to prevent fires to start. The armed cheikhs full of vengence and hatred inciting our youth to war should be put in jails. What is being said in mosqs should be monitored by moderate moslems. All these youth are being brainwashed to carry weapons by these so called men of religion carrying weapons.

Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 18:14

moderate sheikhs are being threatened :) they want strife at any cost. they are arming some sunni sides and jabal Mohsen t create strife.

Thumb primesuspect 10 December 2012, 18:19

I like the title for the headlines. "top leaders".... What a joke! They're just followers of Iran or Syria... They don't lead crap.

Thumb libnani 10 December 2012, 18:46

Lebanon just sucks in general guys. I mean yeah we can criticize Hezbollah's militia activity but who will defend us against Israel if they attack? Saying Israel only attacks because of Hezbollah is wrong, history has proven that. If the Lebanese army is capable of defending Lebanon then we won't need Hezbollah, but they aren't.....they can barely control two neighborhoods.....

As for the article, hopefully now the Sunnis of Tripoli can give Najib Miqati the credit he deserves. Hariri has done good things for Tripoli, but no where near as much as Najib Miqati, allah yehmihu.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 December 2012, 19:32

Your argument defending HA's weapons is linear and one dimensional. If you take the money HA steals yearly from the port and other sources, (around 1B a year), you can buy a good amount of weapons for the lebanese army. And that would be good deterrance against israel. And against our other ennemies, internal and external. So spare me the "resistance" argument bullshit. HA became a MILICIA hated by more than half the lebanese. It is probably hated more than israel.

Thumb libnani 10 December 2012, 20:24

Everyone in Lebanon steals. Everyone in Lebanon is corrupt. March 14 and March 8. Hezbollah is just the best at playing Lebanese politics. If it was your group in Hezbollah's position you would be happy. Want hezbollah to change? Change this broke system that empowers them in the first place, get rid of the sectarianism that makes Lebanon a free-for-all. Then you will see how easy it is to be rid of Hezbollah.

Thumb bigsami 10 December 2012, 20:26

Do us a favor change that name from libnani to IRANI!

Thumb libnani 10 December 2012, 20:28

Says the man with someone smoking weed in his picture. I am not sure if I should take you seriously.

Anyway I hate Hezbollah as much as you guys. But all of you support the system wishing your party was in Hezbollah's position. Do not deny it.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 December 2012, 20:38

No I do not wish being my party being in HA's position. I dont wish to have to grab the country by force, I dont like stealing the gvt money, I dont like to have to cover Syria's crimes in Lebanon, I dont like reporting to a medieval mollah in Iran, and I dont envy having hatred (against Israel or others) dictate each and every move I make.
So no I dont wish my party is in HA's position. I moved from admiring HA in the past to being disgusted with it.

Thumb bigsami 10 December 2012, 21:27

"Says the man with someone smoking weed in his picture".....what the hell does that have to do with anything? But as long as you HATE HA....I love you man!!! :-)

Default-user-icon Zango Dibelva (Guest) 10 December 2012, 19:31

That's too much weight, guys. If those in Tripoli won't get killed by bombs and bullets, the weights of these filled with crap buffoons will definitely have a worse effect. So, buffoons, get off, you useless punks.

Default-user-icon Bolka (Guest) 10 December 2012, 20:38

Good, all the parties, minority majority , mouwelet li baddak yeh, they shoudl all concentrate their efforts on sollving the crisis in Tripoli. We are in the 21 Century, the game has to change, resolve tripoli, and everything will fall in it's place or one thing at a time....