Charbel: MP Khaled al-Daher at Top of Assassination List

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel revealed on Wednesday that al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Khaled al-Daher is at the top of a list of opposition officials who could be targeted in assassination plots.

In remarks to As Safir daily, Charbel said he has received information that four personalities from the March 14 opposition alliance are in danger, adding that al-Daher faces the biggest threat.

“We asked him to take the highest precautions,” the minister said.

Charbel told As Safir the government should make an official request to a private security firm to guarantee the protection of political officials because the capabilities of security forces are limited in that regard.

“We had to empty several police stations to seek the assistance of their members in the missions to protect” the officials, he said.

The minister told al-Akhbar newspaper on Tuesday that Prime Minister Najib Miqati will hold a meeting with top security officials to discuss the information about assassination plots against personalities from the opposition coalition.

Charbel reiterated that he hadn't received from al-Mustaqbal MP Ammar Houri any list of names of 12 lawmakers from the bloc and three al-Mustaqbal movement officials, who have reportedly received death threats.

Houri had said that Charbel had handed the list to Miqati in November. But the premier’s press office later denied he had ever received the names of threatened officials.

The MP later condemned Miqati's denial, recounting the details of a meeting between a delegation from al-Mustaqbal movement and Charbel on November 16 during which it presented him with the list.

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Thumb geha 12 December 2012, 08:18

what a joke of a government!

Default-user-icon Kalkan Balphas (Guest) 12 December 2012, 09:09

seriously, and if you think it can't get any worse, wait until tomorrow, they will surprise us, they always do. what a disgrace

Missing freemind 12 December 2012, 09:18

not a surprise that he shld be the top of the list.

Thumb andre.jabbour 12 December 2012, 09:51

yeah, they're suicidal. ROTFL

Missing realist 12 December 2012, 10:26

Not a single M8er has been targeted since the 80's (i.e since hizbustan ensured its dictatorship over the she3as). instead of asking security firms Mr. Charbel you should ask hizbustan to stop its insane campaign against the moderate suni lebanese politicians before the flames of Syria eats lebanon alive. hizbustan needs to make peace with mustaqbal not war with crazy jihadis of nusra front.

Default-user-icon Alexander (Guest) 12 December 2012, 12:21

The best way to protect a M14 member is to prevent him from going out without being accompanied by an official from M8. Since assassinations are targeting one side only, for sure it is not for the purpose for creating a civil strife. Civil war car be ignited 10 times more easily if members from both camps are targeted. Why only M14 members are targeted? why a young employee like Wissam Eid has been killed? what a coincidence his investigations were leading to the culpability of Hezbollah... and later on his master Al Hassan is killed while being accused an Israeli agent...but working to implicate Hezbollah in Hariri crime :). I wonder what logic have some people to explain all these contradictions.

Thumb ghada12 12 December 2012, 17:14

Unfortunately you are right phoenix

Missing peace 12 December 2012, 17:41

who gave them the list? lol....if they have a list they should know who it was established by , no? why don t they tell people? or at least tell the people they know who are behind the threatening!
or they want to protect those who threaten lebanese politicians? LOL