Seven 'Killed in Bombings outside Syrian Interior Ministry'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Explosions outside the Syrian interior ministry, including a car bomb, killed seven people and wounded 50 others on Wednesday, a security official said.

Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar and other top ranking officials escaped unharmed, state television reported.

State news agency SANA said earlier that three bombs struck outside the ministry in the capital's southwestern district of Kfar Sousa, one of them a car bomb.

"Three terrorist explosions, including one caused by a car bomb, struck the interior ministry in Kfar Sousa," SANA said. "Several people were killed and injured."

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 25 people were killed and wounded.

Images from the scene broadcast by the pro-government al-Ikhbariya television channel showed piles of rubble, and blood on the ground.

The adjacent building housing the Egyptian embassy was also hit, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported.

"An embassy employee was injured, and the building was damaged," MENA quoted Egyptian diplomat Alaa Abdel Aziz as saying.

Several bombings have struck Damascus since an uprising against President Bashar Assad's rule erupted in March last year, among them suicide attacks.

Most blasts have targeted government and security buildings.

Earlier on Wednesday, two bomb attacks killed one person and wounded others in Damascus and a southeastern suburb of the capital, SANA reported.

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Thumb benzona 12 December 2012, 18:50

Good job. One day, Bachar will be going down in one of these explosions. Let's hope his children will also ve around when this happens.

Missing mohammad_ca 12 December 2012, 19:12

Long Live the Free Syrian Army!

Thumb bigsami 12 December 2012, 19:44

The ASSistance commenting on being a 'sick bastard' meanwhile bends over bowing kissing the floor of HA clergymen who praise/condone the practice of their barbaric leader Hassan that includes and not limited to assassinations and killing Syrians along side bashar's butchers! The only SCUM on the face of this planet is you and your naive conditioned baboons!

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 12 December 2012, 20:08

dont you when HA fires missiles at Israeli cities?? or are all jews guilty ... of being jews.. stop you B.S. and i hope the Assad seed is wiped out forever...

Missing mohammad_ca 12 December 2012, 20:15

ASSad's interior minister was wounded in the attack..he's a legitimate target just like any ASSad official complicit in the killing or covering up the killings of Syrians.

Thumb benzona 12 December 2012, 20:42

Hahhahahahaha hohoho hihihihi. "innocents dying"? There isn't anyone innocent in the Assad family. The giraffe's kids remain a threat for the future. That's the fate of ALL dictators that succumb to the will of their oppressed people.

Thumb bigsami 12 December 2012, 20:46

* B....I'd actually leave children out of it. They are usually innocent victims who's only fault is the adults that raise them the wrong way!

Thumb bigsami 13 December 2012, 05:06

What a class-less low-life Farsi ASSistance. Your filthy post(s) as always reflect your true image of a be expected by your typical HA conditioned followers. Get a job!

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 13 December 2012, 07:30

and the resistances second comment sums up the HA mentality in a sentence..
one would think this guy is on the front lines fighting.. and calling other internet tough guys.. smalla...
one a thug always a thug... your time will come.. no one denied HA runs dis bit_h...but all things must come to an end.. and yours will come... soon enough.

Thumb geha 12 December 2012, 19:06

the fall of the regime is accelerating :)

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 12 December 2012, 20:16

with all these bombings i dont know what more proof people need that Assad will be led to the gallows soon.. or he will change his mind about living and dying in Syria...and will go into exile..he lost control.. and is losing more and more by the day...
knowing the Assads.. and how in reality they are cowards.. ill put my money on him running away and then saying he left so the peace can return to Syria.. and all of his cronies will laud him as being a big man..

Thumb shab 13 December 2012, 01:33

Tasting their own medicine. More, and some popcorn, please

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 13 December 2012, 06:29

Well said my friend. This is the only language these bastards have spoken for decades. It's time someone started speaking their language right back to them. Maybe now they can start tasting the pain they've inflicted on others.