Charbel Lights Up an Underwater Christmas Tree


Interior Minister Marwan Charbel lit up on Saturday an underwater Christmas tree that was constructed by a team of civil defense divers in the bay of Jounieh, the state-run National News Agency said.

Charbel lit up the tree from a Civil Defense boat, in the presence of Head of Civil Defense Brigadier General Raymond Khattar, head of the Syndicate of Maritime Firms Jean Beiruti and members of the regional maritime rescue unit.

Charbel said “Lebanon will face challenges...but do not be pessimistic...the hearts of Lebanese and politicians are full of hope for the rise of Lebanon which will surpass all difficulties.”

A team of divers, under the supervision of head of regional maritime rescue unit, Samir Yazbek, decorated the tree under the sea at a depth of 30 meters on the wreck of a ship.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 15 December 2012, 16:11

So there's electricity under water? Is this where we have to go live now? Thank you very much mister sinister minister.

Missing peace 15 December 2012, 16:22

M8 government at work !

Missing helicopter 15 December 2012, 16:47

Agree Andre. They should first light up the cities, the fish are used to being in the dark at night.

Default-user-icon elf (Guest) 15 December 2012, 17:45

i hope santa has diving gear or charbel won't be getting his present

Thumb thefool 15 December 2012, 17:59

Euuh... Why?

Who will see it? I am for All Lebanon and All Lebanese celebrating Christmas... But I doubt the fishes underwater will know what it's for.

Also, Isn't electricity & water also dangerous?

MM Charbel, with all respect (which you deserve), I think this is not the best of ideas.

Thumb ghada12 15 December 2012, 19:09

I don't really understand this underwater tree, it's clever probably but like you said, its effect are lost on the secular fishes!

Thumb benzona 16 December 2012, 08:19

your IQ needs to be at least 250 in order to understand what our Energy Minister sees himself. Tough luck for us. Fish khil2eh fish, masare ma fish...

Default-user-icon Mike Feghaly (Guest) 15 December 2012, 18:37

Tuesday afternoon, Rabieh, the great Michel Aoun confirms at the post FPM caucus meeting that water and electricity minister Gebr Anbessil saved a Christmas tree from drowning.

Missing gabby11 15 December 2012, 18:43

This is the M8 gov't. Christian, Shia whatever.....they are a mess. Throw Charbel in the water and turn up the juice.

Missing peace 15 December 2012, 18:49

xmas tree who for? there s practically nobody in downtown, seems nearly deserted!

Missing thatisit 15 December 2012, 19:04

WOW now leabnese found a way for aqautic life to celebrate x mas -- # 1 in everything ..we lebanese ( with sarcasm of course)

Default-user-icon Diver (Guest) 15 December 2012, 19:58

haha this is meant for divers the bay of jounieh is filled with wrecks and even has a site with the statues of mary, st charbel. and st elias. unfortunately there are barely any fish left in the sea to even admire the tree.

Thumb jadski 15 December 2012, 20:02


Thumb lebanon_first 15 December 2012, 21:23

le marwan s'amuse comme il peut

Missing cedars 16 December 2012, 08:29

Who pays the electricity bill for this tree? do we have an under water cable to Dahyih as part of the defense strategy?

Thumb LebDinosaur 16 December 2012, 08:50

Yup, this confirms that the fish in Lebanon are Christians, so it's back to being a majority of the population.

I wonder which minister will follow him & deposit gifts under the tree.

Thumb jcamerican 16 December 2012, 09:51

That is funny. I guess your fish in Lebanon are christians.

Thumb whyaskwhy 16 December 2012, 09:52

Lol I'm impressed that they are doing this in the daytime so that they can see the lights on! looooooooool also that the minister was able to secure electricity (Gubran was plugging the lights in below surface).

Thumb loveandpeace 16 December 2012, 10:48

He must have thought: Another great idea like this and I will be proven to be even more clever than Michel Aoun!

Thumb dandoun 17 December 2012, 08:37 ..this is something to think make u think...oil !! gas !!! lighting the way for a better future..or lighting the way to steal it ..