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Opposition Source: Nasrallah Has Come to Realize Seriousness of the Current Stage

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Source in the opposition said on Monday that Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah started to realize the seriousness of the problems the nation is facing when he suggested a road-map for some pending issues, An Nahar daily reported.

Commenting on Sunday's speech of Nasrallah, the unnamed source said: “It seems that Nasrallah has come to realize the magnitude of the economic and social problems the nation is suffering from when he suggested a road-map to solve pending issues, mainly the new wage scale, the file of the Lebanese University, and has called for the formation of a national action group.”

In reference to the March 14 opposition's decision to boycott government activities, the source said Nasrallah's calls to form a national action group stem from a recognition that the government is inactive because a political group is not represented in the cabinet.

In his televised appearance on Sunday, Nasrallah said: “The government and the opposition must form a national action group that puts forward a program to confront this crisis before we reach economic collapse.”

The Hizbullah leader added that the state-run Lebanese University should receive exceptional support as it is the “university of the poor ... and the number of Lebanese under poverty line is increasing.”

Nasrallah urged the government to meet the long-standing demand of contract LU professors to become full-timers and to appoint them in order of seniority. He also said that the government should not set a limit of professors to be appointed without taking into consideration the actual needs of the institution.

The SCC, a coalition of private and public school teachers and public sector employees, has held several protests denouncing the cabinet's failure to refer the new wage scale to the parliament for vote.

The opposition source concluded asking Hizbullah, which leads the ruling majority, to exert serious efforts and look responsibly at the situation in Lebanon to salvage the nation.

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Thumb jcamerican 17 December 2012, 10:35

The only time you will be better off when you get rid of all your leaders and replace them with clean and educated nobodies. You cannot build a country, when all of your leaders, none is excluded are bunch of thieves.

Thumb BritishLebanese 17 December 2012, 16:50

Credit to those words, a democracy without foreign interference is what Lebanon needs. We have Oil & Gas, why would we want any financial backing?

Thumb geha 17 December 2012, 19:42

I concur to that, provided all let go of their current leaders without exception.
they all proved to be irrelevant and thieves.

Thumb freelebanon 17 December 2012, 20:28

This site needs more people like you jc

Missing phillipo 17 December 2012, 10:41

So are you daring to say that Lebanon should be at peace with Israel?
Just think how it could be of benefit to develop the natural gas fields together, and how about tourism!

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 17 December 2012, 11:47

FT i am actually surprised by your comment.. but pleasantly.. this is exactly the problem with Lebanon and why it would never rise. we have 2 groups that do the bidding of others.. and the Lebanese are forced to choose between these two evils.. granted there are parties within the two coalitions who genuinely want to improve the situation for the Lebanese..i am 100% with you that we need a strong third group to form from new blood (and even some of the two currently in power)

Missing peace 17 December 2012, 11:49

good point!

Default-user-icon Secular (Guest) 17 December 2012, 11:52

Who hacked FT??????

Thumb Chupachups 17 December 2012, 12:48

FT, i like your comment.. why you might ask?.. just because.

Missing rami 17 December 2012, 12:57

Wise statement FT, I agree with it. The issue is, every time "a strong third party" emerges, or at least tries to emerge, it gets blown up in the air. Very unfortunate.

Default-user-icon georges khoury (Guest) 17 December 2012, 12:57

ft,I DONT think the xtian parties are pawns to anyone.The problem is that they are not united,so they have please their allies,who are followers.I can admit that our xtian leaders are immature.

Missing allouchi 17 December 2012, 14:43

wow ft, good post...

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 17 December 2012, 14:46

ziad baroud for prime minister...its not a dream,its a prescription.

Missing beirutbastard00 17 December 2012, 17:14

Yes that's what Israel wants, they love Arabs!!

Missing phillipo 18 December 2012, 15:45

They certainly don't hate them all.
Agreed, there are some Israelis who hate Arabs. However, there are Israelis who like Arabs and there are 1,200,000 Israelis who ARE Arabs, some of whom are Members of Parliament, Judges (including one on the Supreme Court), Army and Police officers, Ambassadors, Senior Doctors, Lawyers, etc. etc.
There are some Arabs who hate Israelis, there are even Arabs who like Israelis, and there are 1,200,000 Arabs who are Israelis.

Thumb geha 17 December 2012, 19:44

you surprise us with your sudden common sense.
why aren't your posts like this one?
we all reject these leaders and recognize they are all useless to say the least.
can you reject your leaders too?

Missing samiam 17 December 2012, 20:48

I don't agree with you much FT, but your points are right on.

Thumb jabal10452 18 December 2012, 02:44

Excellent post FT. I'm with you all the way on this one.

Thumb Elemental 18 December 2012, 13:20

FT, for once I agree with you. This is exactly what needs to be done.

Missing phillipo 18 December 2012, 15:35

If you don't sit down to talk on the matter, nobody will know what agreements can be reached.

Missing phillipo 18 December 2012, 15:48

If there are enough of you who feel that way, remember you are having elections next year.
A large number of people can establish a non-aligned political party in order to fight for what people all over the world believe in - PEACE.

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 16:55

the filthy zionist scum trash and filth hallucinate about being in peace with genocidal zionist entity.

the other one, the filthiest of all, want all lebanese leaders to go away in order to ha lieberman as president and netanyahu as prime minister

Missing allouchi 18 December 2012, 19:54

jabal habal, are you foaming at the mouth?

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 17:01

the usually patriotic but this time deluded lebanese hallucinate about peace with genocidal zionist entity.


and that's because genocidal zionist entity will never leave multicultural country right to be in peace.
the genocidal maniacal ideology cannot watch other different people to live happily together. they will do anything to spoil it up. they will use spies, propaganda (including naharnet), killings, drugs and every other means to make trouble in lebanon.

lebanon will be in peace only after genocidal zionist entity is crushed like a worm that you are.

therefore, every talk about peace with genocidal zionist entity is treason.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 17 December 2012, 11:13

let Lebanon be at peace with itself and all the rest will follow
god bless lebanon

Default-user-icon Disgusted (Guest) 17 December 2012, 11:36

And just like in 2006, he wants his cake and eat it too... he wants everything his way and no regards to what the rest of Lebanon desires or look forward too... self centered Ali baba...

Missing big-pap 17 December 2012, 12:50

You all make good points,i just wished you and all the Lebanese people come to the same page once and for all

Default-user-icon georges khoury (Guest) 17 December 2012, 12:59

well said phoenix.

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 17:03

the filthy zionist scum trash and filth wants lebanese to unite as slaves to them.

Default-user-icon syrian (Guest) 17 December 2012, 14:05

mr. nasrallah, how do you expect lebanon to enjoy economic prosperity and attract foreign investment to help avoid the decline in its economy and the increase in poverty rates, when you stockpile on weapons and initiate a war with Israel every 4 - 5 years.

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 17:04

the filthy zionist scum trash and filth talks about our glorious resistance initiating war every 4-5 years while all lebanese know who started the war.

Thumb beiruti 17 December 2012, 15:56

Nasrallah has a bigger salvation project that I am sure he is more concerned with and that is to save his own ars. The Syrian Opposition is out of control. It has tanks, it has compromised the Syrian Regime's armories and has shoulder held MANPADS to shoot down Syrian fixed wing and helicopter gunships. The Syrian Regime does not command the skies and now Assad's time in Syria is very short with no clear path ahead other than that which the main body of Syrian fighters will set. Those fighers are funded and armed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and are Sunni Fundamentalists.
When they get done in Syria, guess where they will go next?? That's right, they can't stand a Shia Fundamentalist group near by that is as armed and powerful as Hezbollah, so they will be coming, mark my words.

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 17:05

the filthy zionist scum trash and filth is trying to instigate sunni-shia strife

Missing realist 19 December 2012, 01:05

lol as though it was not already instgated with the murder of hariri, 3eedo, wesam 3eed, wesam 7assan etc. sa7 el num

Thumb mckinl 17 December 2012, 18:27

"Nasrallah Has Come to Realize Seriousness of the Current Stage"

More propaganda ... It is the boycott of parliament by March 14 that precludes solutions and escalates social and economic threats.

Look around the middle east, southern Europe. Social and economic crisis everywhere. March 14 plays games while Lebanon burns ...

Default-user-icon moe (Guest) 18 December 2012, 01:16

@ beiruti your totally right I agree no one here wants to say what you just did but your right...

Missing beirutbastard00 18 December 2012, 04:48

What current stage?? No1s gonna win. Without NATO Benghazi would b celebrating gadafi day right now!

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 17:05

the filthy zionist scum trash filth and scum, changing nicknames to support himself is hallucinating on many topics.

too many to comment

Missing phillipo 18 December 2012, 20:12

I don't know who it is you are refering to, but as I have said on many times before, if people on this website would stop their personal insults of other people, then their comments might be better understood.
Your filthy trash filth and scum are rising to the surface, so be careful when you insult other people. There is a great say you should learn in English, "it takes one to know one".

Thumb jabalamel 18 December 2012, 17:06

and than filthy zionist scum changes nickname again to support himself

Missing phillipo 18 December 2012, 20:23

He must have changed it to "jabalamel".

Missing phillipo 18 December 2012, 20:22

It's about time that everyone writing on this website realises that the brilliant (!!) writer "jabalamel" just goes on repeating his insulting remarks time after time after time.
It shows that he has nothing really to say, but just needs to get his filth printed.