Government's Syrian Refugee Response Plan Lauded during 2nd Donor Meeting

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A plan by the Lebanese government to support around 130,000 Syrian refugees will be proposed as part of a United Nations plan that will be announced in Geneva on Wednesday, Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour announced.

The representatives of donor countries and organizations lauded the government's $178 million plan in the second such meeting they held at the Grand Serail under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Najib Miqati on Monday, the minister said.

Although the strategy aims at helping 130,000 refugees, their number is increasing by the day. According to the latest estimates, the total figures of those registered or waiting to register has reached more than 158,000.

Abu Faour said several organizations and countries pledged donations to help the Lebanese government confront the swelling number of refugees, who need more than 300 million dollars.

On Sunday alone, 22 buses crossed the Syrian-Lebanese border, which means that the burden on the Lebanese government would increase, he told reporters.

The EU announced last Friday an extra 30 million euros for the region. But Head of the EU delegation Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst said during Monday's meeting at the Grand Serail that the European Commission will propose to make an additional contribution for Lebanon in the beginning of 2013.

The United Nations Development Program announced a contribution of 1 million dollars and Switzerland of 1.5 million dollars. It pledged to make more contributions next year, said Abu Faour.

Other countries and donors made pledges as well to help Lebanon in assisting the refugees.

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