U.S. Official 'Cautiously Optimistic' on EU Sanctions against Hizbullah


A U.S. State Department official has expressed a cautious optimism at prospects for a European designation of Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.

“We've been engaging with our partners in Europe, and we are cautiously optimistic about the prospects for an EU designation of the group,” the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, Daniel Benjamin, said in an address at the Brookings Institution on Tuesday.

He said: “We’ve been regularly working with our partners in other regions and countries where Hizbullah has a significant presence and infrastructure, including in Southeast Asia, South America, and West Africa.”

“We’re pleased with the progress we’re making and will continue to take action so Hizbullah recognizes that its behavior is unacceptable and it can no longer operate with impunity, both at home and abroad.”

Later speaking to the Jerusalem Post, Benjamin said the U.S. has been sharing information with European counterparts on Hizbullah’s alleged increased activities in their region.

His remark came against the backdrop of a reported U.S. pressure on Europe to ban Hizbullah.

John Brennan, the White House's top counterterrorism adviser, said in October that the actions of European countries against Hizbullah had not been sufficient and that they needed to brand the party a terrorist group.

“Failure to designate Hizbullah as a terrorist organization makes it harder to defend our countries and protect our citizens,” he said during a speech in Ireland.

“Without international recognition of and action against Hizbullah’s terrorism, the group will continue to operate with impunity and it will be able to raise funds that enable its terrorist activity,” he said.

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Thumb benzona 19 December 2012, 09:21

Good morning everyone. What a beautiful day with beautiful news. I'm going to celebrate by getting croissants from my local boulangerie artisanale. Meen baddo? ;-)

Thumb geha 19 December 2012, 09:30

thanks I already got mine :)
the grip seems to be tightening on hizbushaitan.

Thumb benzona 19 December 2012, 10:23

They're so done indeed. we're going to kick them out with a mikinseh.

Default-user-icon SecularLebanese (Guest) 19 December 2012, 09:28

get a loooong eclaire with white cream inside and make sure to let it splooge on your face just like you want it.

Default-user-icon Conan (Guest) 19 December 2012, 11:04

Appart from ranting, can u explain how will u kick out an organization so deeply ingrained in the hearts, souls, and social structure of so many in lebanon? Do u think the west, including europe, hasnt been observing the south lebanese diaspora's economic activity around the world for years? How has it prevented hezballah from becoming the formidable force it is today? These so called sanctions on, which practically translates to preventing south lebanese shia from around the world, like myself and who do not necessarly support hezballah financially but rather ideologically, not only prevents people like me from their daily economic activities but also reduces the badly needed influx of foreign currency into lebanese national economy and in the last decades i can confidently say it has been us, the south lebanese shia diaspora who has been massively contributing to.

Thumb benzona 19 December 2012, 12:51

I don't understand Farsi, could you please translate for the Lebanese ?

Missing peace 19 December 2012, 13:01

the pb FT is that you cannot prove hezbis aren t behind assassinations nor M14 that they are!

so what you say is as irrelevant as those you criticize lol! you are no better than the ones you spit on! did you realize that? lol!

Missing peace 19 December 2012, 13:37

please mowaten learn to read instead of twisting what i wrote to suit your stupid hezbi propaganda....

if you read well you would have noticed that i said that neither M14 nor FT (and you it seems) have evidence of whether hezbis are involved or not! that s all moron... so whatever you say or M14 says is as irrelevant till both sides can give evidence...
you are like FT, as irrelevant as M14....

Missing peace 19 December 2012, 13:58

there is NO EVIDENCE that they are innocent too! LOL

it goes both ways...so STFU mowaten....

Missing peace 19 December 2012, 14:25

hahaha!!! mowaten is angry so instead of focusing on the subject attacks me personnaly... seems you are out of arguments so you resort to insults§ typical M8 behaviour that spit on people when cornered.... so funny mowaten!!! keep on! you give a bright image of the hezbis LOL!!!!

Missing peace 19 December 2012, 15:27

"if today hezbollah relinquishes its weapons. what would M14 do?"

ask them! why me? lol! i do not belong to M14.

but let me tell you one thing: if you truly believe in the state then you should agree that NO political parties may detain weapons! and all the weapons go the the official armed forces! it is not a party to decide of peace and war but the gvt and only the gvt!

but it seems to M8 and you that hezbis are the state of lebanon and thus can do whatever they want under the false excuse of "resistance".......

Missing peace 19 December 2012, 17:06

still the sick and twisted minds of M8 : "since you havent proved you're innocent, i'll have to consider you're a terrorist and a murderer. "

while i was talking about M14 and M8, both having no evidence whatsoever to prove hezbis are innocent or guilty, here comes sick mowaten attacking me instead of being objective!
seems he is still angry because i attacked his pimp hezbi but neglecting the fact i was ALSO attacking M14 LOL!
stupid moron he is....
typical of M8ers who prefer attacking those against them because they have no arguments and try to look like bulldogs when they are only little insignificant chiwawas...

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 December 2012, 13:43

I agree that we should not blame Hizballah for the killings in Lebanon after all their track record clearly shows they are more into peaceful resolutions and would never bring harm to anyone who disagrees with them. Its the Yids who are killing and kidnapping folks and no one needs to ask for proof of that after all they are Yids whats to prove and they never ask for proof?!

Thumb benzona 19 December 2012, 14:58

Guys, you should exchange emails and phone numbers and discuss your silly ideas outside our naharnet portal. Thank-you for listening.

Thumb geha 19 December 2012, 16:05

Waw what an interesting exchange!
why is hizbushaitan being accused of these murders? they are against STL, they are refusing to hand over the accused, they are refusing to hand over the guy accused in harb assassination attempt, ....
if all that does not put them in the suspicion corner, then what does?

Thumb benzona 19 December 2012, 17:34


Thumb LEBhasNOhope 19 December 2012, 21:29

I love all this speak of evidence on hizb tz's crimes. The evidence is with the STL. The evidence is in the suspects that are being protected by hizb TZ. why run from the law if you are not guilty? all you want to say is inocent until proven guilty but you don't want to show up to court or recognize the court. Your pathetic excuse for that is its an "isrealy conspiracy". I hope you all realize whether you like it or not, when the trial is over the truth will be in history books that you can never change. You will forever be branded a true terorist organization. period. End of story. Chocke on that!