Aoun Says Mockingly that Fighting is Alternative to Dialogue

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun announced on Sunday readiness to meet with his foes to find a solution to Lebanon's political crisis, saying mockingly that fighting is the alternative to dialogue among bickering politicians.

“I am ready to meet with anyone to find a solution” to the political crisis, Aoun said following talks with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi in Bkirki.

“The solution doesn’t come through the boycott of dialogue,” he told reporters at the seat of the Maronite church. "Not holding dialogue is a crime against the nation."

Asked what was the alternative to dialogue, he quipped by saying “fighting.”

The head of the Change and Reform bloc was referring to the opposition's boycott of the national dialogue called for by President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace on January 7.

Several opposition March 14 alliance leaders reiterated in the past week that they would not attend the talks in the presence of Hizbullah.

Their conditions further exacerbated the efforts of Suleiman to bring the rival parties together when al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc chief Fouad Saniora said March 14 will return to the national dialogue once Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announces his readiness to discuss putting his party's arms under the authority of the Lebanese state.

Asked by reporters if he was ready to meet with Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat, a centrist, Aoun said: “If there is a need for a meeting with Jumblat then I would do so.”

Jumblat denied on Sunday a media report that he had held secret talks with Aoun.

The FPM chief also hoped that Lebanon would witness political and security stability through the offshore exploration of oil and gas.

“We hope that 2013 would bring good to Lebanon particularly that we have oil resources that should be used in the interest of all Lebanese and to serve stability,” he said.

On Thursday, the cabinet set the first tender for oil and gas exploration for Feb. 1 and set March 21 to publish the list of qualified firms.

Aoun said he discussed with al-Rahi general issues and they agreed on several contentious points.

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Thumb geha 30 December 2012, 10:32

another threat by one other hizbushaitan crony, that is if it was needed :)
this is additional proof fpm will take part of hizbushaitan attempt to take over the country :) they have been armed and trained by hizbushaitan for months now.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 30 December 2012, 13:53

the great general is talking about if it will be different from the other many fights he had in his military career...the problem is his calculations,his bulldog is not useful like b4 and his assad is biting the dust.

Missing samiam 30 December 2012, 19:27

have you ever seen GMA actually joking or laughing--he only does this in a pointed way. Instead of mocking or threatening, maybe he should come up with what he hopes to accomplish with the talks.

Constructive criticism is always welcome--from all sides. His comments were not constructive, and let's leave it at that.

Missing maroun 30 December 2012, 23:53

FT. you believe in the article to be true only when it suits need to read between the lines to know where the truth is,,with this mad man anything is possible

Missing beirutbastard00 31 December 2012, 04:09

kidding or not, its in bad taste either way, and its unnecessary right now.

anyway, a new reality is being born in lebanon, the fruits of which will be bitter for most. Hizballah has a choice to make, but i dont see this ending in any good way.

Missing maroun 30 December 2012, 10:47

they might be trained ,but very week in the heart ,they will not last a week if they start a fight.

Thumb geha 30 December 2012, 10:53

for sure :)

Thumb jcamerican 30 December 2012, 11:07

Fight, fight, fight....

Missing lqu7 30 December 2012, 11:49

"Not holding dialogue is a crime against the nation."
Yet when he jokes about fighting you take that seriously and dismiss the above statement. Weird.

Missing roger@10452 30 December 2012, 13:56

what an idiot...ya general you joke about fighting which you are not even good was your stupid wars that caused the country to be in this mess...shame on you !!!

Missing raptor 30 December 2012, 17:32

Papa Noel got aoun brand new pajamas... He will be wearing them soon...

Missing peace 30 December 2012, 18:43

why need a dialogue? there are elections, no? if they abide by democratic rules then the winner governs and the opposition plays its role...
if M8 desperately wants a dialogue it only proves they feel lost and cornered...

Thumb lebanon_first 30 December 2012, 20:10

1- HA did not kill Wissam el Hassan RIP. The syrian regime did. HA knew about it, didnt like it, but could do nothing about it.
2- GMA should not do jokes like that in a tense situation like this.
3- 14 March lost the support of many moderates when they stopped the dialogue. They are acting STUPIDLY. Let them dialogue, argue, but keep talking. even if weapons removal takes a long time. the very process of talking is important.

Missing peace 30 December 2012, 21:03

parliament is the place for dialogue, that s what it s made for....

Thumb LebDinosaur 30 December 2012, 21:10

this aoun is really a psycho.

Missing broumanapride 30 December 2012, 22:00

Boycotting, regardless of whether Its M8 or M14 hurts the country. Rapport and communications are the only way to secure stability. Listen to the President and get together for the sake of our nation. If it requires that all parties reside at the Presidential palace to be safe and finally agree on a middle ground that secures stability for our future generations, then do it.
If our God Jesus said "I am not here to be sered but to serve", what gives you the politicians to right to be a greedy, inconsiderate and boastful group of thugs. If our God has the humility to give, you need to do the same...

Missing canadianadam 30 December 2012, 22:31

Very funny Aoun. Perhaps I can convince you, while trying to hide my grin, that you should quit your day job as the national donkey of Lebanon and start a career as a comedian.

Missing gabby12 31 December 2012, 01:39

The stupid freak hiding behind teh Hezz guns. The last time a fight got too hot for him he ran away in pajamas.

Missing cedars 31 December 2012, 01:51

Aoun has been trying hard to hint to all of you the below link that in summary if you do not join the Shabiha then you will end up like the below: since there was no M8 or M14 in 1989 when they hit Rene Mouawad and Khaled.

Missing cedars 31 December 2012, 01:52

The hand that you can't break, kiss it and ask God to break it for you.

Missing beirutbastard00 31 December 2012, 04:17

aoun n berri are inching their way to the center. Jumblatt seen this coming i guess. His aligning with the president, and refusing to join any camp fully while walking the fence between both, was pretty slick. Jumblatt for brezident?? :p