Akkar Citizen Turns 122 on New Year's Eve

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Maimouna al-Amin turned 122-years-old on New Year's eve Monday, said the National News Agency in a special report.

Amin, who hails from the Akkar town of Fnaidiq, was born in 1890, but she claims to have been born years before.

She said that she has never had any serious medical issues, only seeking a doctor when she suffered from Glaucoma.

She enjoys a a strong memory and avoids fatty foods, opting instead for vegetables and dairy products.

Amin never smoked and is in constantly active throughout her residence in al-Dababiyeh in Akkar, reported NNA.

She lives with her son, Hassan, in a very modest house, where she welcomes various visitors who seek to make the acquaintance of the 122-year-old.

She laments however the state's negligence of the elderly in Lebanon, asking: “Why hasn't the Social Affairs Ministry catered to my needs?”

“Am I not the oldest person in Lebanon and the world?” she wondered.

Her son, Hassan, born in 1931, described his mother as a “miracle”.

He revealed that he is still working despite his old age in order to make a living for them, adding that he is certain that his mother is the oldest living person in the world.

The NNA noted that Akkar is renowned for people who live passed a hundred years.

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Default-user-icon michel (Guest) 01 January 2013, 12:04

in well respected countries such an old and vigurous person should be well taken care of.
The world should know about her and shame on Lebanon not to mention her

Thumb lebanon_first 01 January 2013, 12:18

I thought the oldest person in the world alive is 115 years. We should contact the world guiness book of records.

Default-user-icon Eli in Aus (Guest) 01 January 2013, 14:20

omething is wrong... i think she's not as old as it is claimed.. if she was born in 1890, that means that she was she was 41 when she gave birth to her son in 1931..very unlikely those days.

Default-user-icon the 2000 year old man (Guest) 01 January 2013, 14:31

how old is her son hassan?

Thumb andre.jabbour 01 January 2013, 16:20

It's all BS.... In Iran they supposedly have a 135 y.o man.....

Missing cedars 01 January 2013, 18:59

Saudi Arabia have a man with 145 yrs old.

Missing beirutbastard00 02 January 2013, 00:30

this guy might be the oldest man alive still living with his mother lol

Thumb LebDinosaur 02 January 2013, 05:48

A story like this should be inspiring & they should get support & recognition for sure.

Default-user-icon Anon145 (Guest) 02 January 2013, 09:13

kiserwanimoughadram: My understanding of why she claims to be born before 1890 is because when people were born during that time in that region (maybe other places too), they did not document birthdays accurately. What would happen is that they made a birth certificate much later than the actual birth date. That is what I have heard from several people there and apparently this has happened even in the not too distant pass. One person even told me that their actual birth date was eight years prior. I'm sharing my personal experience, so please don't bash. I'm not agreeing with it, merely sharing what I know. ps I know someone who lived to 117 from a neighbouring village.

Thumb andre.jabbour 02 January 2013, 14:01

My granpa was born in 1875 (and married at 55), back then during the Ottoman ruling, the IDs was some kind of handcrafted glass piece. Not paper.