March 8: No Election Will be Held under 1960 Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The March 8 alliance announced on Wednesday that it rejects any attempt to hold the 2013 parliamentary elections based on the 1960 electoral law.

"We are open to discussing all possibilities during the work of the electoral subcommittee,” AMAL Movement Minister Ali Hassan Khalil told al-Manar television after a meeting held between the alliance's political figures.

The 1960 law, which adopts the district as an electoral district, was adopted in the 2009 parliamentary elections.

Khalil explained that the meetings of March 8 will be held regularly to tackle matters related to the cabinet's activities, among them increasing the cooperation between the government and the parliament and the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

In addition to Khalil, participating in Wednesday's meeting were Hizbullah secretary-general's political assistant Hussein Khalil and the party's Liaison and Coordination Officer Wafiq Safa, Minister Mohammed Fneish, AMAL's Ahmed Baalbaki and the Free Patriotic Movement Minister Jebran Bassil, al-Manar reported.

The March 14 alliance had boycotted all government and parliamentary activity linked to the elections following the assassination of Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau head Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan on October 19. However, it made concessions by announcing in December 2012 that it would end its boycott of the parliamentary subcommittee to discuss an electoral law ahead of the 2013 polls.

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Missing mohammad_ca 02 January 2013, 21:44

"...because we're going to lose again"...welcome to democracy ... hizbocrap style...

Thumb andre.jabbour 02 January 2013, 23:25

أوبا چنچنم حزب الله ستايل

Missing cedars 03 January 2013, 04:09

They do not pay for the phone same as the electricity since they are the only HEROES that fight the Zionists worldwide.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 02 January 2013, 22:30

these are actions of people who are well aware that they don't stand a chance of winning the next election.

Missing gabby12 02 January 2013, 23:16

The Hezz are desperate.....ASSad is going down, the Hezz are losing a war, they can't take a loss in "bolitics" too. They need to try to change things in their favor to try and hang on.

If thye don't allow elections, Jumblatt should resign at that time in protest of an unfair power grab by the hezz. They took over in a shitty style typical of them by resigning when Hariri came to the US. It is time for them to get the same back. They steal from everyone, enough election lies to steal more.

Missing peace 02 January 2013, 23:46

lol! they wanted the 1960 law last time thinking it would make them win...
now they want to change again the laws hoping to still win... so childish people...
they are ready to postpone it till M8 demands are not met.. they are hijacking democracy that is what it is called....

Missing mohammad_ca 03 January 2013, 03:18

explain to me why we need a new law every election? they've tried 2 laws already and m8 has lost both times...they just want to keep trying until they tailor a law that will get them to win ya3ne? Fail.

Missing mohammad_ca 03 January 2013, 14:44

always a pleasure to hear hizbocrap supporters (an exclusively shiite militia) talk against sectarianism. M14 was not in power when the first law was enacted ya zakzak. And if you did not like the second law there's something called BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS. If you run int he elections it means you accept them and everything about them, if M8 was so opposed to it they should have boycotted the election. Stop the stupidity...

Thumb andre.jabbour 03 January 2013, 00:02

ًno elections held = no democracy

Missing mohammad_ca 03 January 2013, 03:19

FT did you get your paycheck yet?

Missing mohammad_ca 03 January 2013, 14:45

slash, they only become against an election law after they lose as a result of it.

Default-user-icon cedar revolution two !! (Guest) 03 January 2013, 00:03

sounds like we are going to need another phonecian spring / cedar revolution in lebanon as march 8 will not give up power.

Thumb Chupachups 03 January 2013, 00:38

With or without u M8 , there will be elections

Missing mohammad_ca 03 January 2013, 03:16

so let them have an election if they're not scared why are they threatening to cancel it :)

Missing mohammad_ca 03 January 2013, 03:20

no one answers you because you have no proof, you are just another dippoop spreading stupidity.

Missing cedars 03 January 2013, 04:43

They pay for every minute of Cell phone same as the Electricity because they care so much about the institution and state they live in to the extent that it's OK for Israel to kill 2000 citizens and destroy every bridge in the state because we have our brotherly Iranians sending us money to rebuild only the Dahyeh and compensate them with free hospitalization and schools so that they can repeat 2006.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 03 January 2013, 06:49

M8 can't be accused of buying votes. The dead people that vote for them don't require money ;)

Default-user-icon George (Guest) 03 January 2013, 09:23

Is it even constitutionally legal not to hold elections when less the 2/3 of the parliament supports this decision? Or do politicians in Lebanon make up rules as they go along?

Does anyone here actually know the answer to this? without insulting one another?

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 January 2013, 11:19

Its allways someone elses fault this government will blame thier failures on others when they clearly are no better than the previous, probably a bit worse but certainly cannot manage. After all its Israel, GCC, USA, Nato, March 14 through 21st, Europe,Azerbaijans fault. Did I miss anyone?