Al-Rahi Slams Officials' Rejection of All-Party Talks: Lebanese Bound by Dialogue

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi highlighted on Sunday the importance of dialogue, noting that the Lebanese people are “bound” by it.

He wondered during his Sunday sermon at Bkirki: “Is it possible that officials have rejected dialogue that was aimed at tackling fateful affairs?”

“Lebanon's diverse social fabric distinguishes it as a country of dialogue,” he added.

“The Lebanese people are in need of real dialogue on the national level that will help end the political division that is cutting the country into two contradictory halves,” stressed al-Rahi.

“The people should enjoy security and not be at the mercy of illegitimate arms,” he emphasized.

“Our Christian culture calls on us to bolster fraternity and shun division. We call on Christians, especially political ones, to sacrifice some personal gains for dialogue,” said the patriarch.

“The Lebanese people are entitled to a strong capable government able to build national unity and devise a new and fair parliamentary electoral law,” he added.

“The Lebanese people are entitled to know the truth behind the developments in Syria and Middle East. They must learn how to fortify themselves against their repercussions,” he continued.

“The Lebanese people should now how the state is helping them avert the political, security, and social dangers that may arise from hosting refugees from Syria, who should be welcomed in a humanitarian manner,” stressed al-Rahi.

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Missing peace 06 January 2013, 14:17

stick to religion and only religion.... you along with all the other religious leaders are the root of all lebanese problems....

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 21:10

well considering Iran is ruled by Islamic fundamentalists... you can only ask really about Syria...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 15:35

dialogue... hmmm.. why didnt you stress dialogue when one side decided to strong arm the other? why didnt you stress dialogue when they decided to monopolize the sunni decision?? i encourage dialogue.. but sitting on a table to chat and blow the breeze without anything being done and the status quo remaining is not dialogue... sitting on a table and reaching decisions and not abiding by them or implementing them is not dialogue..sitting at a table where the precondition of the infallibility of HA arms is not to be questioned is not dialogue... M8 turned its back on dialogue by toppling the Hariri govt.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 18:31

No sitting around a table and accomplishing nothing. And not implementing decisions reached and toppling the people sitting with you is the way to do it in your demented mind. Another pointless silly and everybody look at me statement by the one. The only. FT.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 19:54

the only reason M8 were able to "legally: topple the govt was because of their threats to have the obstructing third.. and last i checked black shirts.. to which HA admitted to as an "uncoordinated" move was legal...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 20:00

*not legal

Missing ghzayel 06 January 2013, 17:10

ya batrak with all due respect and without further insulting your intelligence i would like to ask you this question: ma mettett ma chifit min mett?????????

your asking the 14 of march folks to return to the dialogue table to face the 8th of march folks with hezballah leading the orchestra is like asking unarmed victims to face their fully armed executioners regardless if they were acting as proxies or on their own, and for what ya batrak?????

Missing ghzayel 06 January 2013, 17:11

since these executioners are refusing to disarm, to admit their guilt and apologize, to help in any tribunal or investigation to clarify the truth about what happened in the last 7 years or so and thus remove all the suspicions surrounding them.

the botom line ya batrak is this: how can the 14th of march group sit and dialogue with a party they have accused on many occasions of facilitating and or participating in criminal activities against them????

in my opinion the ball now is in the 8th of march camp and certainly within hezballah's grasp, but so far i dont see them willing to make any positive move in the right direction while i see your initiative going in the wrong direction.

i am sorry to disagree with you and with your biased approach ya batrak,so,for god's sake and for the time being stick to your prayers and forget about politics.

Thumb ado.australia 06 January 2013, 19:06

You ask the batrak... The leader of the Maronite church, to stick to religion and stay out of politics? How is calling for his people to engage in diologue with their neighbors, political? If you knew anything about christianity, it calls on us to love our neighbour! How can you be christain when you refuse to even talk to your neighbour? So your critisim of the batrak is unwarranted. He is not involving hisself in politics.... He is only asking people to talk to each other. The only other alternative when two sides are in a disagreement, is fighting each other!

Wake up!

Missing ghzayel 06 January 2013, 21:22

ya australia

i am sorry to burst your bubble but the batrak as well as yourself, either do not seem to fully realize or that you intentionally turn a blind eye on the fact that up this moment there is a group in lebanon that has been targeted since 2005 with numerous assasination hits and misses, (regardless wether they are self inflicted as m8 group falsely accuse them or wether they are done by syria and its m8 proxies as m14 group says), and nothing has been done so far to alleviate the existential fears and worries of this group not from the government and certainly not from the batrak.

so instead and to add insult to injury, the patriarch ignoring the demands and the worries of the m14 group for quite some time, wakes up all of a sudden and starts putting the blame on them for not attending the dialogue as if he was waiting for them a3l kou3.

Missing ghzayel 06 January 2013, 21:23

..."The only other alternative when two sides are in a disagreement, is fighting each other!"
not necessarily, the alternative would be to start talking about the real issues: political assassinations, fate of illegal weapons, hezballa's palestinians' and others.

for example, the government, the batrak and for that matter everybody in lebanon could start addressing the issue of political assassinations very seriously and not in a folkloric way as it has been done so far, in order to eliminate it for good and to fully prosecute all those involved.

and please dont preach to me, i know more than you do about christianity. "you should love your neighbour" is an honorable motto but it goes both ways. do you think some one like gen aoun ever applied it in dealing with people who do not agree with him??? and finally, you should be very careful if this neighbour turn out to be a killer!!!

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 18:58

if HA and by extension the rest of their stooges in M8 will not abide by the decisions made.. if HA continues to twist the democratic results of every election held as they have since 2005... if we are only going to sit at the table and talk about the birds and the bees and nothing that changes the situation in Lebanon.. then yes.. let there be another civil war... at the end of the day if THAT is what it takes to end this charade and will get us closer to a true state.. where weapons are in the hands of the state .. and all politicians sit on a level playing field.. and no one group can bend and twist the will of others.. then YES.. as loud as i can say it... YES.. a civil war then..

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 18:58

then again there is the other option where the election results are respected.. where HA turns in their arms to the state and play the political game like everyone else is.. we can avoid it.. but we all know that according to them their weapons are infallible.. and beyond question or they are making the choice.. because to half of us.. they are nothing but scum since 2000..

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 19:01

ive said it once.. ive said it a million times... some people in this country did not learn from our first civil war about weapons outside the states control... maybe they need a second lesson... pity that they are willing to drag the country into a civil war just to safe guard Iranian interests...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 06 January 2013, 20:02

and to all the ifs.. at least i dont come on here and pretend that i am never wrong and what i say is derived from the deepest hallways of world powers... according to you Assad was going to survive at the beginning of the war... it would be helpful if you added a few ifs before that and came out with some of your "pseudo" intelligence intact.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 07 January 2013, 07:43

hahaha pat yourself on the back for that comment.. which had nothing to do with what we were discussing... but as usual what do we expect from a flame thrower.. the only flame you throw bubba is while holding a lighter to you ana_ cavity.

Default-user-icon Alphonse (Guest) 31 July 2014, 19:22

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