Faisal Karami Urges State to Fight Arms Proliferation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami urged the state on Saturday to put an end to arms proliferation following an attack on his convoy in the northern city of Tripoli.

In remarks to visiting delegations, Karami played down Friday's assault that erupted after gunmen from the neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh demanding the release of Islamists held in Roumieh prison clashed with his bodyguards and then tossed a grenade at the convoy, setting a four-wheeler on fire.

The incident left 11 people, including four of his bodyguards, injured.

Karami reiterated that he wasn't the target of an assassination attempt and stressed that officials should seek for the stability and security of Tripoli.

He praised his father former Prime Minister Omar Karami for announcing on Friday that the family did not hold any grudges against anyone.

Karami the elder “was able to contain the shock,” the minister said.

The state “should learn a lesson from yesterday's incident and put an end to arms proliferation,” he said.

According to LBCI TV, Karami has vowed to cover the medical expenses of his bodyguards and the Bab al-Tabbaneh protestors who were injured in the clash.

On scores of Islamists held in Roumieh, Karami said they are captives and not prisoners.

The gunmen who attacked the convoy were on Friday heading to Tripoli’s Abdul Hamid Karami square to stage a sit-in after prayers in solidarity with the inmates.

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Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 19 January 2013, 13:09

strange....but faisal karami is a minister in hizballah gvmt...the gvmt of arms

Default-user-icon wiseguy (Guest) 14 March 2013, 23:30

that means it is hariri criminals who did it

Thumb andre.jabbour 19 January 2013, 14:09

He's armed, why shouldn't e Islamists be armed as well? Hezbollah is armed, why shouldn't arme ourselves to defend ourselves from the Farsi shabiha dictatorship?

Thumb slash 19 January 2013, 15:40

Are you fighting Israel ya Andre ? nope than you shouldnt be armed , and btw it is only for the southern population to fight Israel , because if you do as a non southerner you'll always be labeled as a "3amil" if you understand what i mean , it is their trademark and you are not so divine to hold divine weapons that will bring us divine victories and divine destruction of the country !

Thumb slash 19 January 2013, 18:25

shut up FT , you said in a post lately that you want syria to demarcate sheb3a under the Lebanese sovereignty, so while you are still one the allies of this effin regime why you didnt do so for the sake of Lebanon ? just throw your childish stupidities elsewhere idiot, you are nothing but a paid propagandist a failed one ! you want to disarm Hezb and that is why Aoun went with him , ok but what was the contenent of that intent paper they wrote together, and what are the plans of the FPM to liberate sheb3a ? nothing ... you want M14 to go with M8 so the arms issue become legal ? fashar 3a ra2btak w 3a ra2bet li akbar menak !

Missing anonymetexasusa 19 January 2013, 20:01

Like it or not guys Lebanon fate is going to be decided by a race against time.
Either HA disintegrates militarily due to events in Syria / Iran / Irak etc...that will make him loose his life support, and as a result the State can finally assert itself, and Lebanon becomes stable.
OR HA hangs on to his weapons long enough until Sunnis in Lebanon & Syria arm & organize themselves, and get bold enough to challenge HA militarily, and Lebanon will end up in civil war.

Thumb slash 19 January 2013, 22:33

he had since 2000 to do it , but you prefered to begin in 2010 ... go get a life loser, whatever you ll say you ll be shut down like an idiot ... you want hezb to disarm ? you want them to integrate the army ? they wont and they cant ... they have a religious cause and not a national , if you are still so troll and so dumb to see that , others arent ... and while we are talking about habal, how do you feel today ? And tell us why would hizballah bring the issue of sheb3a farms recently and did not complain when isreal withdrew 13 years ago when the blue line was drawn? why now? if you are so stupid ya FT to notice the problem 6 years after the withdrawal ! go try elsewhere Troll !

Missing peace 19 January 2013, 16:25

funny how he never asked for that when M14 people got shot but an m8er is aimed at he cries...
then start by asking the disarmemant of hezbollah to set the good example!!!!

Missing ssnp01 19 January 2013, 16:32

I hear you DownUnda ..

Missing helicopter 19 January 2013, 19:12

Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami urged the state on Saturday to put an end to arms proliferation following an attack on his convoy in the northern city of Tripoli..........we have been saying that since 2005, the difference is YOU WANT ONLY THE OTHERS TO DISARM.

Missing helicopter 19 January 2013, 19:14

The state “should learn a lesson from yesterday's incident and put an end to arms proliferation,” he said..................
Disagree, the State should have learned the lesson right after the assassination of Harriri (I would have said even earlier than that but back then the State was SYRIA not Lebanon).

Missing bigjohn 20 January 2013, 01:19

Sidon 93...ALL the Lebanese media reported that the shooting was started by Sabbagh men AND SABBAGH DID NOT DENY that the shooting was between his men and Karami's security guards. Find out the WHOLE story from a number of sources before making a reply.

Missing helicopter 19 January 2013, 19:17

According to LBCI TV, Karami has vowed to cover the medical expenses of his bodyguards and the Bab al-Tabbaneh protestors who were injured in the clash..............
I am sure he earned every Penney with hard work and sweat (same goes for all other Shark Politicians "ex- Warlords"). He is willing to spend some of the people stolen money, nice guy.

Missing bigjohn 20 January 2013, 00:10

The gunmen who opened fire in Tripoli belong to Sheikh Sabbagh. He is the most powerful Sunni Islamist militia (alQaeda linked) leader in Tripoli. In an interview with Al Akhbar newspaper, he said that he started organizing a militia in 2006 AFTER Lebanon was attacked and invaded by Israeli aggressors (thanks to the worthless Lebanese Army and the worthless puppet Arab governments). What is the real purpose of these men to get armed? If they want to defend Lebanon from Israel, having a militia in Tripoli and attacking the Alewites does not fit the purpose. If they want to challenge HA, there are no HA strongholds here in the North (because there is no Shiite and not a single Shiite MP). Why don't they go to Southern Beirut or the South and challenge them.

They are no different than Fatah/Islam. These Al qaeda warriors want to fight EVERYONE in Lebanon and around the world who is not a Sunni fanatic.

Thumb bananasplit 20 January 2013, 00:44

As far as I can tell if you put your eggs in either M8 or M14 basket and have any faith in either you are a lost cause....both are opportunistic and don't stand for anything other than their immediate self interest and preservation - there is nothing they do that is in the national interest.

Missing whyaskwhy 20 January 2013, 06:43

Amen Banansplit, the problem is that the youth of today have little knowledge of history they didn’t live. Hizballah and 14th of March are about the same when it comes to failure even though they had different approaches the common denominator was that they cannot work with each other for the welfare of the nation just individually for their own sake. They are all Lebanese to the bone which as the old saying goes "dudu min 3udu"... and we expect change real soon when young kids through their lives away supporting leaders who would gladly through them to the lions at a moments notice to protect their little fiefdoms worse yet they actually ask to be used and abused. Brain washing is a lot simpler than cloth washing in Lebanon. The individual thinker in an anomaly as you can read from the many threads.

Missing Cyanide 20 January 2013, 16:56

man you should get ur news right!!!! faisal karami's body guard tried to open the way and when he failed he shot twice in the air. then the other side shot in the air. thats how it started. baddon yeklo ras l nes