Protesters Pelt French Embassy with Tomatoes to Demand Georges Abdallah's Release

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Protesters demanding the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah from jail in France staged a demonstration in front of the French Embassy on Sunday.

The protesters angrily pelted tomatoes and eggs at the embassy, reported LBCI television.

It added that the gatherers stressed that they will continue their “peaceful and democratic” actions against French interests in Lebanon until Abdallah's release.

These include banks, companies, and institutes.

They added that their actions will remain peaceful and they will not storm any of the establishments, said LBCI.

For his part, Abdallah urged in a recording his supporters to maintain their actions until his release, it reported.

Furthermore, the supporters had hoped that the Lebanese government would intensify its contacts with French authorities to ensure Abdallah's release.

On Saturday, several protesters demonstrated the French United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon peacekeepers in the southern village of Deir Kifa over the ongoing detention of Lebanese leftist militant Georges Abdallah.

They accused France of violating human rights conventions.

On Monday, scores of protesters demonstrated outside the French Embassy in Beirut over a delay by Paris in releasing Abdallah, who was granted parole on a life sentence handed down in 1987.

A French court granted Abdallah parole in November on condition he be deported ,but the interior ministry has yet to issue the deportation order.

The court postponed its decision on his release until January 28.

The supporters of Abdallah fear that the postponement is a first step to renew his detention.

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Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 20 January 2013, 13:48

Another Hizbollah trick...! With the UN peacekeepers, with the STL investigators, etc...always the busload of widows, children, pilgrims, on stand-by, ready to answer the paid duty-call !!

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 13:36

the filthy zionist slime trash and filth wants patriotic lebanese to stay in jail forever and other stupidities

Thumb primesuspect 20 January 2013, 14:44

The man is still jailed yet he causes troubles. I hope Lebanon will prevent him from resuming his terrorist activities....

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 13:42

onyol the filthy zionist scum can call patriotic lebanese "terrorist"

Thumb lebanon_first 20 January 2013, 15:04

Bunch of thugs. They should be jailed. if u have eggs and tomatoes give them to syrian refugees instead of destroying yet more our country's image for a criminal.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 13:42

only the filthy zionist scum can call patriotic lebanese "criminal"

Missing samiam 20 January 2013, 16:24

bunch of criminals in support of an other criminal

Thumb thefool 20 January 2013, 16:40

The article Fails to mention, AGAIN that the protesters claim that the French Government is doing the US's bid concerning Georges.

Thumb thefool 20 January 2013, 16:42

+ I am totally against any harm or damage to the French embassy!

Thumb mouallek 20 January 2013, 16:42

Instead of letting him free the french government should deport him to the USA.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 14:41

the filthy zionist scum would like to see patriotic lebanese in guantanamo

Default-user-icon Abu Pierre (Guest) 20 January 2013, 16:47

Send him to Gaza. Not welcome here enough of these useful idiots carrying the water of the Jihadist.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 14:42

the filthy zionist scum trash worm would like patriotic lebanese to be sent to ghaza

Thumb whyaskwhy 21 January 2013, 13:01

Have to agree with FT there needs to be some form of justice and jurisprudence served here. In any civilized society one cannot simply throw stones at the embassies to get them to release tried and imprisoned persons?!! Void of the legal process then any nation doing this is living under the law of the Jungle. God needs to give us his undivided attention if were to survive past the 12th century!

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 14:16

the filthy zionist think is stuck in 12th century.

Thumb jabalamel 21 January 2013, 14:16

of course it is