March 14: Lebanese Won't Become Hizbullah's Hostages over Bulgaria Accusations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The March 14 General Secretariat warned on Wednesday that Bulgaria's accusation against Hizbullah in the 2012 bus attack will have political and non-political repercussions on Lebanon, especially if the European Union decided to label the party as a terrorist group.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “The Lebanese people refuse to become hostages of Hizbullah and have their interests compromised.”

“Labeling Hizbullah as a terrorist organization will damage Lebanon's image and incur financial, economic, security, and political problems on it,” it added.

Bulgaria accused on Tuesday Hizbullah of being behind a bus bomb attack in July that killed five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian.

Some 30 people were wounded in the incident.

Addressing the recent Arsal clash, the General Secretariat demanded that the assailants be punished, rejecting any assault against the army.

“The incident once again demonstrates the need to limit the possession of arms in Lebanon to state, which is the only way to put an end to violence in the country,” it explained.

It hoped that a “transparent” investigation be launched in the matter.

Two officers were killed in the Bekaa town of Arsal on February 1 as the army was seeking to arrest a wanted suspect, who was killed in the ensuing clash.

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Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 06 February 2013, 15:18

theft by taxi drivers, restaurant owners.. horrid traffic jams.. humid and hot summers due to deforestation, road blocks, burning tires, kidnappings, car bombs, assassinations, 6/24 power, water shortage, running sewage, filthy sea, built on and stolen beaches, savaged mountains to extract stone!, concrete jungle cities, poverty, beggars. We do not want to stay in Lebanon, look at lines outside embassies, why should anyone pay hard earned money and visit?

Thumb shab 06 February 2013, 15:43

toy gun waving maniacs logo = filthy militia

Thumb Bandoul 06 February 2013, 15:50

@the1, greetings from Houston, Texas, my NFL team, the 49ers, lost the Superbowl...and no not Budweiser, rather Coors Light. <replying to your questions from the other day>


Thumb Bandoul 06 February 2013, 15:52

@FT, you're welcome ya orange peel and terrorist organization defender.

Missing Cyanide 06 February 2013, 16:04

Bravo ya shattur. L 3amma b albak wle

Thumb geha 06 February 2013, 19:54

please do not forget drug dealers.

Thumb geha 06 February 2013, 16:07

so lame FT
noting the results of what is being prepared for Lebanon due to hizbushaitan is in your eyes an attempt to lure them into civil war?
we have been repeating for years that hizbushaitan should give up its weapons to the state. but NO, you justified the opposite.
now what we were afraid would happen is going to happen, and we have hizbushaitan and the likes of you and mowaten to thank for all the upcoming death, injured and destruction that will happen in our country.

Thumb geha 06 February 2013, 18:00

unity with who? Iranian thugs?
this militia is not Lebanese and cares less about Lebanon and its well being. all it cares about is to respond to the orders of its master, namely iran.

Thumb geha 06 February 2013, 18:37

unity with those who violated Beirut on may 7?
or unity with those who usurped power?
or unity with those threatening us on a daily basis?

Thumb habib 06 February 2013, 16:07

Kirim enta wahad jahel aw haqod viva ljaysh lebnene wayaskot kol sila7 wa sila7 hezb bellat bel awwal

Default-user-icon me (Guest) 06 February 2013, 16:13

@FT, tourism in Lebanon is 80% expacts coming back for vacation... They simply go elsewhere when the situation sucks. You seem to live on a different planet my friend...

Missing peace 06 February 2013, 21:57

lol.. you blame hariri to have destroyed beirut but i haven t seen the M8 gvt take any measures to stop the gentryfication of the city... on the contrary they encourage it too...

Missing samiam 06 February 2013, 16:31

karim, you conveniently, you left off HA backed groups who were running around kidnapping people--I am sure that really helped tourism.

Again, maybe it is the lack of security with all these armed groups running supported by HA and won't allow the army or general security into their areas without their permission.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 06 February 2013, 17:51

Phoenix- Hizb can easily curb this by acting as equals to the rest of Lebanese. Turn their weapons in, become part of the government by way of the people's vote and work hand in hand with all other parties to turn Lebanon into a repectable state. I don't see why they feel the need to hold on to weapons and do everything they want by force (including murder and mass terrorism).

Default-user-icon me (Guest) 06 February 2013, 17:56

@FT, this is what you said: "anyway, dear lebanese, dont count too much on tourism anyway as you have effectively destroyed forests to build villas for sale and heritage to build super hightech towers that no one can buy."

And what i am saying is that expats don't come back for that, they come because it is their country and they love it regardless... BTW, what you describe sounds like New York - A great place for tourism...

What is killing tourism is two things and both are extremes (the first one starts with H and the second one starts with S)

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 06 February 2013, 20:00

wow such insight! Keep up the good work. Can't remember the last time I read a comment that had so much substance and meaning.

Default-user-icon Evron Kimponia (Guest) 06 February 2013, 22:51

This is another stupid and meaningless statement by the perpetual losers, and one with zero shelf life, not to mention its life in the zeroed brains of their followers, aka the twenty-two damn years late warriors. And then you are surprised why they are such losers! Think of a digestive system that lacks a stomach and intestines. A lot going in, but zero benefit being absorbed. Pathetic.

Missing samiam 07 February 2013, 09:34

may not have been approved in the cabinet, but the lack of actions by the authorities was a green light to continue the actions. It took the authorities, what a couple of months to even start mulling actions. Also, don't forget the lawlessness of the strike at EDL, the teacher stike, the constant blocking of the airport road, and the best yet, the marijuana growers waging a 'stike' and blocking the road.

M8 does not want law and order and a strong central government--that is true by its actions alone. Would you like me to go into more detail or are you standing by your brainwashing alone?

Thumb whyaskwhy 07 February 2013, 09:55

Lebanons image has long been established this lattest move by Hizballah is a reminder to those who have forgetten. M14 and M8 need to worry about ripping the country further apart this is just smoking mirrors by both sides.