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Bulgaria Says Alleged Hizbullah Bomber Died by Mistake

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The suspected Hizbullah bomber who killed five Israelis in Bulgaria last July did not intend to die in the attack, but wanted to return to Lebanon with his two accomplices, the government said Thursday.

The man "was not a kamikaze but only meant to put the ... explosive device in the baggage compartment of the bus and detonate it later from afar," Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said.

Tsvetanov told reporters that remote control equipment found at the scene showed the bomb could have been detonated remotely from around 10 kilometers (six miles) away.

"The damages would have been much bigger then," Tsvetanov said.

Instead, the device exploded, killing the bomber, five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian driver of their bus at Burgas Airport on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast on July 18, 2012.

The minister added that he believed the bomber intended to flee Bulgaria and return to Lebanon, as his two accomplices did.

On Tuesday, Tsvetanov said these two people had been identified as Australian and Canadian passport holders who "belonged to the military wing of Hizbullah."

The bomber's name is still not known, with his DNA and fingerprints failing to find matches in international databases. Investigators also believe a fourth person was involved.

Israel had immediately blamed Iran and Hizbullah for the attack, and this week's announcement led to renewed calls on the European Union to blacklist the party.

Iran has denied any involvement.

"Our partner services traced back categorically the whole movement of these two persons from their entry into Europe from Lebanon to their return via European territory back to Lebanon after the Burgas terrorist attack," Tsvetanov said.

Bulgaria has said it relied on cooperation from Lebanon to detain the two but Tsvetanov did not say on Thursday whether any arrest warrants had been issued.

Ottawa said Wednesday that the Canadian passport-holder in question was born in Lebanon but lived in Canada only between the ages of eight and 12, during which time he obtained citizenship.

Comments 33
Thumb primesuspect 07 February 2013, 16:02

Well, we know they aren't the best with explosives... they often don't know how to manipulate the unstable explosives, that's why every few months a building blows up in the south and is cordones by the HA special services....

lame terrorists.

Missing abraham 07 February 2013, 16:19

If there is no match of the fingerprints of the assaillant, how can anyone prove that the person who died belongs to Huzb.
As we know govermants never lie, or plant evidance????

Missing rudy 07 February 2013, 20:16

You said it yourself :)
Or alluded to it at least. If governments can plant evidence and lie so easily, and they are out to get hizballah who is innocent, couldn't they fabricate the evidence they need like the prints and whatever else to show the world?

Default-user-icon csi (Guest) 08 February 2013, 00:31

abe, dna

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 07 February 2013, 16:38

No no no prime. Those were exploding propane tanks, gas canisters and chicken coops. c'mon man get your facts straight. I mean it absolutely makes sense that two people would settle their dispute over a car sale by playing hot potato with a bomb. the hizb just don't mess with explosives as you state. There is no proof ever provided that they can't refute by claiming its a conspiracy to smear their sanitlike actions over the years.

Missing anonymetexasusa 07 February 2013, 17:13

It is purely coincidental that the Zionists assasination & bombing campaign in Lebanon stopped when HA camp got its blocking third at Doha...LOL.

Thumb shab 07 February 2013, 22:38

Loool you forgot the faulty exploding Mercedes

Thumb bigsami 07 February 2013, 17:56

lololol.....u can say that again. Can't blame these knuckleheads...they have yet to publish "Explosives for Dummies" in Arabic!

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 07 February 2013, 19:18

Thank God for that! Can you imagine how many more "Israeli" conspiracies we would have to deal with? How many more people would have lost their lives?

Thumb bigsami 08 February 2013, 02:16 hijacked by scum HA lovers voting everyone down. We all know this never happens here. Only true Lebanese patriots belong here and know the scum axis of evil worshipers belong in hell.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 08 February 2013, 08:13

They obviously cannot refute our statements so they resort to the thumbs down tactic. Desperate acts by desperate people.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 08 February 2013, 00:37

couldn't agree with you more.

Missing beirutbastard00 08 February 2013, 03:13

It exploded because Israel detonated it remotely. He thought he was suppose to live...

Thumb geha 07 February 2013, 16:26

well the other two at large are in Lebanon and should be caught.
what is the army doing to arrest:
- these two
- the one from Harb assassination attempt
- the four from Hariri assassination
we expect our army to go in and get them since there are no closed regions for the army.

Default-user-icon Phillip (Guest) 07 February 2013, 16:52

No Wonder many Countries are Expelling Lebanese specially Shi3a. Newly a Screwed Country such Libya is doing it. Thank you HA for making our name Dirty.

Missing gabby14 07 February 2013, 17:30

I am shocked the pilgrims whould play with explosives. We all know when the Hezz travel thet are only pilgrims.

Missing anonymetexasusa 07 February 2013, 17:36

On a serious note.
Those sceptics who doubt how the Bulgarians were able to pin this on HA the answer is simply pure luck. The bomb exploded in the guy. The guy's head was found, they knew how he looked like, they tracked his movements via CCTV cameras that cover every inch of any port of entry, including when he got his entry stamp on his passport. Cameras could have also shown that he either met someone or made a call on a public phone, which were traced to find out who were his accomplices.
And of course other country would have assisted via their entry/exit records to determine where the perpetrators originated from and where they fled to.
No place for conspiracies here, just pure luck of recovering the head, and following the trace from there.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 07 February 2013, 17:43

Tex- I commend your attempt at reasoning but the use logic just does not fly with the usual hizb deffenders.

Missing anonymetexasusa 07 February 2013, 18:03

I know Lebanonfirst.
I was addressing the sceptics who still use reason, and not the "Drones" - to use FT favorite adjective.

Missing anonymetexasusa 08 February 2013, 01:29

What do u think they did kiserwani???
-play football with it.
-put it on a stick and paraded it.
-police chief put it in a frame and hung it in his office.
What stupid question is that Kiserwani

Thumb ghada12 07 February 2013, 18:03

If the article is correct, then there is a family in lebanon who lost their son but could not mourn him in public.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 07 February 2013, 19:44

They lost their son a long time ago when he decided that taking a bomb and placing it on a bus to kill civilians was the right course of action.

Thumb shab 07 February 2013, 22:40

Jihadist duty

Thumb phoenician 07 February 2013, 19:17

The device did not explode by mistake it was a blackmail backstabbing mkve from hizb to make sure no arrests or even change of heart on behalf of the suspect, scumbags. Please hurry Israel and anihilate the scum of the Earth once and for all.

Thumb jcamerican 07 February 2013, 19:59

In the eyes of the west, all arab people, no distinction between christians, moslems, are scumbags, thieves and terrorists. So enjoy attacking each other, the west has nothing to prove, you do it on your own.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 07 February 2013, 20:05

False! nice try though.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 08 February 2013, 00:39

are you speaking from experience? I have never been called a thief, a terrorist or a scumbag and I have 100% undeniable Middle Eastern name.
sorry to burst your bubble.

Missing thatisit 07 February 2013, 23:22

i suppose the agriculture minister should issue a decree banning the import of bulgarian cheese to lebanon

Default-user-icon earth shattering kaboom (Guest) 08 February 2013, 00:34

humm, so in this case does he still get his virgins?

Default-user-icon earth shattering kaboom (Guest) 08 February 2013, 15:27

Obviously you have a problem with the virgins but not the key. Actually the only difference between the Shiites and Sunnis "martyrs" is that Sunnis have to queue in and wait for someone to open the door to get into heaven and have access to the promised virgins, Shiites on the other hand have the Ayatollah supplied key to get in and find the virgins. What no one told both sets of "martyrs" is that the virgins are men like them. That's why our friend Toufic A. keeps trying to become a martyr, for him male virgins is a selling point.

Thumb makhaleh 08 February 2013, 02:22

As much as i hate to say much as i hate looks like a set up unless the 5 israelis were high ranking or mosad

Default-user-icon Poisonfang (Guest) 08 February 2013, 12:12

2ichkel farde :) like the one in Jal El Dib :)

Thumb shab 08 February 2013, 22:43

These are desperate sheeps trying to move opinions.