Bulgaria to Hand Over to Lebanon Report on Bus Attack, Seeks Help in Investigation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Bulgaria will hand over to Lebanese authorities a detailed report on investigations carried out over Burgas attack during the upcoming few days, the Bulgarian Embassy charge d'affaires said on Saturday.

“Lebanon will receive the report through diplomatic channels,” Plamen Tzolov told Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5).

Bulgaria also asked Lebanon, Australia, Canada, and Israel for help investigating the bombing.

"The investigation is entering a new stage: collect direct evidence on the perpetrators of the attack," a top ministry official, Kalin Gueorguiev, said Saturday.

"Requests regarding the criminal investigation have been sent to several countries including Canada, Australia and Israel," he told private Nova television.

Five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian driver were killed in the bus bombing at Burgas airport on the Black Sea in July, the deadliest attack on Israelis abroad since 2004.

On Tuesday, Bulgaria formally blamed the attack on Hizbullah, triggering renewed pressure on the European Union to follow Canada, the United States and others in formally designating the movement a “terrorist group.”

“Bulgaria pledged to Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour that it will hand over all the useful information to aid Lebanon in discovering the truth,” Tzolov told the radio station.

He pointed out that the Lebanese state will be informed about the identities of the suspects via the report, which also includes the possible ways the state can help Bulgaria in this case.

The Bulgarian government said two people behind the attack held Canadian and Australian passports, but lived in Lebanon and were members of Hizbullah.

Canada has confirmed one of the suspects was a dual Canadian-Lebanese national and said it takes allegations of his involvement "very seriously."

“Investigations haven't ended yet,” the diplomat said.

Tzolov described the attack as a “hideous crime,” stressing that his country is keen to reveal those who are behind the attack.

The diplomat said in comments to the radio station that the cooperation treaty between Lebanon and Bulgaria in jurisdiction fields prompted his country “to consider submitting a request to Lebanese authorities to aid it in the case.”

However, he stated that the treaty doesn't stipulate that Lebanese authorities have to hand over the suspects.

Tzolov praised the stance taken by Prime Minister Najib Miqati who stressed that his government was "ready to cooperate with Bulgaria to shed light on the circumstances" of the attack.

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Default-user-icon Camembert (Guest) 09 February 2013, 16:28

What isreal is Ashura brain damaged terrorist lovers mistaking hassan's sewage spiced toe jam for cheese.

Missing mountian1 09 February 2013, 16:41

So what if 5 Jews were killed ,big deal..

Default-user-icon Dimitrov (Guest) 10 February 2013, 06:51

So what if 5 dirty lebanese dealers on the central Sofia market would be killed, would it be a big deal, Mr. Sucker - mountain 1.? If you want to kill, kill lebanese - you have 4 million in and 8 million outside Lebanon to kill! Is it a big deal?

Missing greatpierro 10 February 2013, 09:39

This is a racist comment. How would you react when if a Jew says what is it if 5 Arabs get killed.

Missing mountian1 09 February 2013, 16:43

I meant to say were killed by their goverment.

Default-user-icon Trueself (Guest) 09 February 2013, 17:16

Why is it that we give so much attention to five killed Israelis while many Palestinians who were slaughtered by the Israelis remained buried and never mentioned? I am against killing anybody especially the innocent who have no political affiliation. I also think that Hizbullah didn’t kill these Israelis. The report which claims they didn’t is issued under duress from the Mussad. But even if this was the case, the Israelis killed more than seven thousand Lebanese during their invasion in 2006! Are the lives of the Lebanese of value to anybody? Why is no one even mentioning them? This double standard should stop.

Default-user-icon The Final Frontier (Guest) 09 February 2013, 19:09

Quick, some call the folks of the Guinness World Records, Fady Abboud is about to produce the biggest block of Kashkawan cheese to counter this cunning Israeli/Bulgarian sinister ploy! I bet astronaut Chris Hadfield will be tweeting about how marvelous the humungous thing looks from the International Space Station, I mean the cheese block not Fady Abboud.

Missing VINCENT 09 February 2013, 20:52

So now this is a war of story telling? The government of Israel, and their proxies who created the Palestinian crisis can go and "kiss" themselves, if you know what I mean (don't want to use the "F" word). But HA is not doing Lebanon a favor by aiding and furthering the century old Farsi agenda. Also, killing innocent tourist does not earn you an A+. If you want to fight, face you enemy eye to eye and, should you die, die with dignity and honor.

Missing cedars 10 February 2013, 01:59

Mossad travels to Dubai/France to assassinate Palestinians, same as Iranian Hezbollah members, it's an eye for an eye as It is Israel against Iran war.

Missing greatpierro 10 February 2013, 09:43

The difference is that these are innocent travelers. The Mossad hit people that are a threat to Israel.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 10 February 2013, 12:20

Tell that to well of hundred thousand lebanese, syrian, palestinian and egyptian civiliand butechered by the IDF. Even manachin begin admitted that the IDF target civilians. I guess many of the human right workers killed in the west bank and gaza were also threat to israel. Let us not forget that israel is by far the worse practioner of ethnic cleansing.

Missing cedars 10 February 2013, 02:03

The Lebanese Government should investigate how/where those Hezbollah members are being martyred. What are they inviting to Lebanon as a whole?

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 10 February 2013, 05:48

I hope the Hizb did not do it. Unfortunatelly, I am not optimistic as the decision making of the Hizb deteriorated considerably in the last few years causing many major misteps.

Missing VINCENT 10 February 2013, 07:42

That is because they are not the ones deciding.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 10 February 2013, 05:51

A warning for "sunnis" regarding gabby14. He is venomously anti-islamic. He has insults (in other posts) islam and the Koran in the worst possible ways.

Missing greatpierro 10 February 2013, 09:41

Freedom of speech my dear. I would not agree insulting anyone, a religious book or a religion. But freedom of speech is above all.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 10 February 2013, 12:17

greatpierro - true, I support freedom of speech and part of this is to warn people a about bigots spreading discords. Readers have the right to know.

Thumb zahhet 10 February 2013, 12:37

What happens when a fly falls into a coffee cup?

The Italian - throws the cup and walks away in a fit of rage

The Frenchman - takes out the fly, and drinks the coffee

The Chinese - eats the fly and throws away the coffee

The Lebanese - sells the coffee to the Frenchman, the fly to the Chinese, buys himself a new cup of coffee and uses the extra money to invent a Device that prevents flies from falling into coffee.

The Israeli - blames the Palestinians for the fly falling into his coffee, protests the act of aggression to the UN, takes a loan from the USA 7 the European Union for a new cup of coffee, uses the money to purchase explosives and then blows up the coffee house!

Thumb shab 10 February 2013, 18:37

I really don't care who bombed them, as long as they ban and attack the filthy militia so they suffer most.