Tension in Akkar after Man Dies by Syrian Gunfire, Shells Land in Northern Villages

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A man was killed on Saturday in the northern village of Wadi Khaled by gunshots fired from Syria's side of the border, as Syrian shells have landed in al-Dbabiyeh and al-Noura towns of the northern district of Akkar, the National News Agency reported.

The NNA said that a state of rage and anger was felt in the north after Hussein Ismael's death.

It revealed: “An armed presence was also detected in the region”.

Ismael's body has reportedly been transferred to al-Salam Hospital in the town of Qobayat, according to the NNA.

Meanwhile, the agency also said that shells coming from the Syrian side of the border fell in al-Dbabiyeh and al-Noura towns of Akkar.

Since the eruption of Syria's clashes in 2011, Lebanon's northern cities have been witnessing several security incidents, the latest of which was in October 2012, when heavy Syrian gunfire targeted the border town of al-Abboudiyeh, forcing residents to flee the area en masse.

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Missing mansour 23 February 2013, 23:35

go get em tiger and take ur family and friends with you TAKBIR.
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

Missing mansour 24 February 2013, 01:01

the longer this war goes on you idiot the more syrian burns and the more Lebanon gets cleaned of the filthy scum from both sects....the road is open to syria now all go TAKBIR..
Long live The Syrian Civil War!

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 24 February 2013, 05:23

Stargate - Mansour could care less if all lebanon burns.

Missing samiam 24 February 2013, 00:15

of course, the M8 apologists and the 'resistance' won't criticize this--fargin hypocrites.

Thumb primesuspect 24 February 2013, 01:51

why do you even care about these corrupt.... no brainers?

Missing mansour 24 February 2013, 03:11

omar reading thru your comments almost brought a tear to my eyes regarding the lost businesses and the continued deaths of so many people but then i realised it was happening in Syria and then i smiled....dont think for 1 second i could give a shit about what happens in Syria your country men did alot worse to lebanon and its about time they feel the wrath of GOD...
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

Missing beirutbastard00 24 February 2013, 05:38

I'm sorry, I have to ask.... How many of the commenters live in Lebanon??

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 24 February 2013, 05:55

Stargate - I am getting tired of m8 supporters trying to make tripoli into khandahar. Is this really the only way the can scare Christians into voting for them? It is a shame since it was Sunnis from North Lebanon who stood with Aoun till the end losing hundreds in the process to battle, executions by syrian forces or syrian torturers. Tripoli became a poor city because of this Syrian regime. They destroyed the city many times over driving much of the educated middle class away. They lorded over the area demanding unconscionable amount of protection money from businesses - many closed and relocayted. Any investment from the central government had to go through their collaborators which meant most of the money was stolen. Tripoli was once an amazing city. It will be again - no thanks to Aoun or his supporters.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 24 February 2013, 06:12

Eltigar - please stop this name calling. Shafei, hanbali, ja'afari are sects in islam. They, and many others, make the muslim polity. I do not like Hizb politics and strongly believe that its policy will cause tremendous harm to lebanon and its people. However, we should keep debate civil and focused on politics. At then end, lebanese of all sects need to coexist on this small piece of land and no one will be able to nullify the other.

Missing khodr83 24 February 2013, 15:19

Rafeh, shafai, hanbali, maliki and hanafi are not sects, they are schools of thought in fiqh matters, not aqeedah matters. They shouldnt exist if you ask me, but they arent sects. Jafari shiism is a sect on the other hand and it states that after prophethood ended, God sends imamah ie 12 holy infallable imams starting with Ali (ra) whos job is like prophets but with a diffirent name. This is just one out of many kufurs they have in aqeeda. Jafaria is a sect of the religion of shiaism (which exist of the following sects 12er jafaris, alawites, druze, zaydis, bahais, babis).

Thumb music66 24 February 2013, 13:09

wallah abbi ,shame. We all lebanese christian of all denominations , muslim of all sects alawi sunni, shia druzi etc, we all have our differences and preferences who we politically or religiously support All in all we are all lebanese and we don't have to be best buddies or anything like that LMAO but we all love kibbe Nayeh.

Missing khodr83 24 February 2013, 15:26

Kibbe nayye is disgusting and filled with bacteria actually :) shia and druze dont belong to islam, druze dont even consider themselves muslim or part of islam so please dont lump it together with islam. Druze are an offshot of shiaism. Shiaism is a seperate religion with seperate belief. There are similarities with islam but that doesnt make it islam just like the similarities christianity and judaism have with islam dont make it islam.

Thumb music66 24 February 2013, 23:11

like I said khor83 we dont have to be best buddies or even remotely like each other. I am very aware of the off shoots of Islam but I cant judge anyone> I relies the difference amongst shia and sunni, i don't agree with some of the shia practices and even some of the alawi, but I do have friends who are alawi even though I dont agree with their alawi celebrations ex,the shahada and the way they uphold Ali the prophet Muhammad cousin. Dont go into debates about the caliphs of the past brings too much tension, to each their own. MY original point is we are all Lebanese.

Thumb music66 24 February 2013, 23:13

hey back off, sunni druzi , shia, alawi, etc, I like kibbe nayeh lol

Thumb music66 24 February 2013, 13:18

OmG reading all of you boys comments is worse than women fighting, Anyone for hellou. baklava LMAO

Missing khodr83 24 February 2013, 15:38

Fight back from australia?? Lol at this mentality. You insult shia because of hezballah but you dont care at all of the fact they made their own religion and called it islam. If a shia is anti hezballah u would consider him to be good and you wouldnt mind all his kufr, shirk and bidah and u would even marry ur sister to him. Lebanese muslims have no principles nor love for islam. Just a bunch of peasents with blind hate for selfish reasons. You dont hate kufr and shirk as a muslim is supposed to, you only hate out of jealousy. God gave shias the upper hand of muslims in lebanon because the muslims turned themselves in to ignorant selfish fools with no love for the ummah and no submittence to God, only to secularism and impressing the non muslim. Its a punishment. The mushrikeen have the upper hand because the muslims have failed in being true muslims.

Thumb barbar 24 February 2013, 19:42

Not just Sunnis suffered, Christians as well. My family is an example of both. Well said rafehh.

Missing mansour 24 February 2013, 20:51

Gods hand of justice reins on Syria....may it last for 100 years.
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

Thumb music66 24 February 2013, 23:20

mansour whom ever you like as in politically war is a terrible thing for any human being. there are children in the middle caught up in this and many are suffering. I may not agree with what religious or political sects their families follow but I do feel its wrong they should endure the hardship of this terrible war. There just children.

Thumb music66 24 February 2013, 23:27

not me beirutbastard,like many I live abroad. But it is sad that war in Syria is affecting Lebanon in the place of my birth and is being caught our neighbour's war.