Egypt Islamist Held for Insulting Christianity Freed on Bail

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A controversial Egyptian Islamist was freed on bail on Monday after he was held in custody for four days on charges of insulting Christianity, a judicial official said.

Ahmed Abdullah, an extremist preacher also known as Abu Islam, was arrested after Coptic Christian activist Nagib Gibrail accused him of insulting Christianity on a television show.

He was held for four days on orders of the state prosecutor and released on bail of 20,000 Egyptian pounds (around $3,000), the judicial official said.

The grey-bearded preacher has gained a reputation for extremist and outlandish statements against Christians and liberal opponents.

Abdullah is already on trial on separate charges of tearing apart a bible during protests outside the U.S. embassy in September 2012 when several Muslim countries were rocked by often violent demonstrations against an anti-Islam film produced in the United States.

One of the bail conditions imposed on Monday was that Abdullah attends hearings of that trial.

A court last month upheld death sentences for seven Egyptian Coptic Christians who live in the United States and were accused of producing "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Islam movie that insulted the Prophet Mohammed.

Egyptian law forbids insults against religion, allowing police in the past to arrest Shiite Muslims and Christians for alleged slights against Islam.

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Missing 25 February 2013, 20:22


Thumb kanaandian 25 February 2013, 21:01

These Salafists are all a bunch of filthy savages, just look at them.

Missing 25 February 2013, 23:17

kanaandian - Shame on you for stereotyping a group of people because of one or some idiots. Is it fair to stereotype all Catholics for the actions of some? Is it fair to stereotype Jews for the acts of some? Is it fair to stereotype Shia for the acts of some? You prove to the world that you are the "filthy savage" who learned nothing from being in a pluralistic democracy like Canada.

Missing 26 February 2013, 06:21

Kannandian - By stating that "these superior creatures to their subhuman greasy faced selves," you show yourself to be bigoted person.

KSA is a weired case, but it does not persecute people for being "kaffir infidels." An american or European "Kafir infidel" will get a better pay than a "Muslim Sunni" like me.

The Salafist block in Egypt did not approve of what that weirdo did, do not support banning churches or presecuting "kaffir infidels."

Thumb kanaandian 26 February 2013, 08:21

The largest Salafist bloc in Egypt is al-Nour, look up Hazem Abou Ismail. They called for Coptic CHristians to be excluded from all walks of government life because of their religion.