Army Arrests Suspect for Tossing Grenades in Tripoli 'to Incite Strife'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Army Command announced on Thursday that it had arrested a suspect who confessed to tossing explosives in the northern city of Tripoli.

It said in a statement that it had arrested Ahmed Bassam al-Jajatiyeh, who confessed to being tasked by Z.S. to toss hand grenades and dynamite sticks in the neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh in order to create tensions.

He, along with others, were also tasked with tossing the explosives between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen in order to create strife between them.

He confessed to being paid LL20,000 per day by Z.S.

Jajatiyeh said that he carried out his actions on his motorbike or by throwing the grenades off building rooftops.

Investigations are underway with suspect to uncover his accomplices.

The Army Command urged the people to cooperate with officers deployed in Tripoli in order to help them apprehend any individual attempting to destabilize the city.

Tripoli had witnessed over the past week tensions as a the result of the tossing of explosives.

One person was killed and a number of people were wounded in such incidents.

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Thumb lebneneh 28 February 2013, 15:23

I would love to know for once who there people are and who the hell is ordering them to do these things!

Missing anonymetexasusa 28 February 2013, 15:44

Me to lebneneh
Notice that this suspect was instructed to toss explosives and grenades in BOTH rival neighborhood (Jabal Mohsen & Bab El Tebbaneh) to incite them against each other...This is the definition of a Fifth column toying with Lebanese security and civil peace.
So yeah, for once they should expose who the Fifth column agent is and to which foreign power does he work for.

Default-user-icon bachiriste (Guest) 28 February 2013, 16:12

everything is getting cheaper in Tripoli... 20 000 LL when R Hariri created the lebanese civil war for more ...

Missing anonymetexasusa 28 February 2013, 16:18

Yeap omar.el.solh that's how cheap human life has become in Lebanon in the eyes of murderers like this guy, or how bankrupt everyone has become to accept such low pay.

Missing anonymetexasusa 28 February 2013, 16:20

Either way Mowaten
They should get to the bottom of this pronto.
The more these schemes are exposed, the more Lebanon dodges civil strife.

Missing anonymetexasusa 28 February 2013, 16:58

In his speech Nasrallah meant Mustakbal - and he was insinuating that Mustakbal is inflaming the situation by their rhetoric.
But as to security incidents - whereby explosives and bombs have been rocking the country and jeaperdizing civil peace - May i remind you that all the leads so far points to Samaha and/or someone from that camp under orders from Bashar regime.
So Mowaten, why don't we just wait and see what this investigation will lead to, before you turn it to an endorsement of Nasrallah's accusation of Mustakbal.

Thumb geha 28 February 2013, 18:58

it is a known fact that so-called salafis are finaced by mikati, safadi and hizbushaitan to reduce mustaqbal popularity.
therefore it cannot be mustaqbal.
moreover, when you deal with extremists, you are bound to loose control over them, and a perfect example would be bin laden and the us.
the fifth column is definitely linked to the Syrian regime who has been trying desperately to create sectarian strife as already demonstrated by the samaha case.

Thumb geha 28 February 2013, 19:16

no mowaten: it is proven by security sources In both FSI and army. check this from people on the inside you might know.
furthermore, mikati and safadi never even denied they are financing them in spite of multiple declarations accusing them.
as well hizbushaitan never denied what a salafi sheikh in Tripoli said during a television interview they were getting their weapons from hizbushaitan.
so please spare us stupid comments and deal with it.

Thumb lebanon_first 28 February 2013, 18:19

who paid him? the same party who created michel samaha: ASSAD

Missing anonymetexasusa 28 February 2013, 18:26

You are right, he was insinuating to Assir, but we all know that HA accuse Mustakbal to be behind Assir, i just took the shortcut for you.
Security agancies have caught Samaha in plot to cause security incidents, and Judge issued an arrest warrant for an HA member over Harb assasination attempt by planting a bomb...
No such cuplrits has been arrested on M14 side, and no M14 agent is being suspected of plotting to cause security incidents...
That's why my claim that All Leads, SO FAR, point to M8 side to be behind security incidents - HOLDS TRUE.

Thumb lebanon_first 28 February 2013, 21:42

you are 100% wrong. Syria is behind the security incidents. Not M8.

M8 happens to be allied with syria because of circumstances. True. But M8 are not instigating these kinds of incidents. they are suffering from them because these incidents are making them loose popularity. You have to see shades of grey.

Missing anonymetexasusa 28 February 2013, 22:49

Correct me if I m wrong.
But isn't HA an integral part of M8?
And isn't it a HA member who is wanted for interrogation over attempt to assassinate via explosives, Butros Harb. And HA is still refusing to hand over the suspect, indicating that HA leadership is behind it, and not a personal dispute between the suspect and Harb, whereby HA would have handed the suspect over to avoid being linked to the incident.

Missing anonymetexasusa 01 March 2013, 02:06

Allow me to clarify what you failed to understand from Sidon
Sidon was saying that no one in Lebanon wants to start civil war, but situation might change when Syrian situation changes.
If FSA gets upper hand in Syria, then expect thousand of Sunni fighters to cross from Syria to Lebanon to fight HA as a retaliation to what they consider as HA's aggression against them, and they will be joined by some Lebanese Sunni fanatics, and then you could expect a civil war.
Oh by the way, Hizbullah has cleanest hands, don't let me laugh.
Their hands are sullied by the hundreds of civilians who died from the car bombing in front of supermarkets or crowded streets (their trademark expertise). They didn't hesitate to flaunt that expertise when they bombed American & French embassies, killing hundreds of Lebanese by-standers in the process.
Also they hands are sullied by the blood of Amal fighters and their supporters.
Don't repeat these brainwashing propaganda slogans.