Contacts ongoing between Mustaqbal, PSP to Reach Agreement on New Electoral Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Efforts are ongoing between members of the March 14 camp and other political powers in Lebanon in order to reach an agreement over a new parliamentary electoral law, reported the daily An Nahar Saturday.

Head of the Mustaqbal bloc Fouad Saniora's circles told the daily that the discussions, which have been described as “positive”, included the bloc, March 14 figures, and the Progressive Socialist Party.

Media reports said Thursday that the March 14 opposition alliance and the PSP had agreed on a law that allows the elections to take place in 26 districts based on the winner-takes-all system and 9 governorates based on proportionality.

Informed political and Mustaqbal bloc sources told several newspapers that the hybrid formula will be announced within the coming days.

Under the deal, 70 lawmakers would be chosen through the winner-takes-all system and 58 through proportionality based on a division of 26 districts for the first system and 9 governorates for the second.

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