Raad: Resistance Won't Be Dragged into Sunni-Shiite Strife

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of Hizbullah's Loyalty to Resistance bloc, MP Mohammed Raad, on Saturday accused what he called “the local and regional agents” of “hiding behind the fabricated trend of Takfirism (Islamist extremism) with the aim of provoking the Resistance and dragging it into a confrontation that takes the form of a Sunni-Shiite strife.”

“But they do not want the dignity of the Sunni community or the Shiite community, they rather want to weaken everyone and keep them under their hegemony so that they can continue to have the upper hand in the region,” Raad added.

“We have the responsibility of remaining patient in order to foil the enemy's plot and the scheme they have resorted to, and we don't doubt for a moment that we will achieve our goals and that we will achieve the victory we are preparing for,” the top Hizbullah official added.

He stressed that Hizbullah will not be preoccupied with “the trends that are moving from one street to another and from one region to another in an attempt to incite, provoke and create an uproar.”

“Their only target is the Resistance and they are nothing but tools tasked with creating these atmospheres that scare and mislead the public opinion and push it to despair,” Raad noted.

He declared that “the Resistance has made great progress in confronting the scheme that wants to dominate Lebanon and the region and any retreat is not acceptable at all.”

“The Resistance will maintain its preparedness to achieve its goals and confront its real enemies, and we will not be preoccupied by lackeys and tools and we will confront the perpetrators of the hostile schemes being plotted against our nation,” Raad stressed.

Hizbullah's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has recently warned that “some parties are pushing Lebanon in a very rapid manner to sectarian strife and working on that night and day.”

He warned that “some statements and remarks by some MPs who belong to the dear Sunni sect are taking a very provocative and seditious course."

"Some parties must shoulder their responsibilities and we are extremely keen on civil peace, but no one should make wrong calculations," Nasrallah has said, in remarks described as an implicit threat by some of Hizbullah's Sunni rivals.

Islamist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir and his supporters staged four rallies between March 1 and March 5 to protest claims that Hizbullah rented apartments in the vicinity of Asir's mosque in the Sidon suburb of Abra.

Last month, Asir urged officials and authorities to force the evacuation of apartments allegedly inhabited by Hizbullah gunmen near his mosque to avert a possible “strife or any dangerous incident.”

“We will not give up on our right to live in dignity... We will escalate our measures if our demands weren't met,” Asir vowed on Sunday.

“Recently, the mosque's neighbors, and we're among them, noticed some rented apartments that are inhabited by young men who are not residents of the area, and the neighbors thought that they are students,” Asir has said, adding that “a dispute happened recently and heavily armed young men came out of these rented apartments and threatened the neighbors.”

Nasrallah later hinted that the party will not tolerate the evacuation of any of its offices in Sidon and its suburbs.

“We have a lot of allies in Sidon, especially in the Sunni sect. But thousands of Shiites have been residing in Sidon since hundreds of years, do they need a permission now? We were among those who fought to liberate Sidon and the South and we have offices, houses, mosques and complexes in Sidon since 30 years."

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Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 09 March 2013, 18:56

What is this guy talking about? Get the arms from everyone and let the army be the only one that controls the country. Like this, no sunni-shai fight will occur.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 09 March 2013, 19:11

i am in favour of orthodox law,starting politically and ending geographically.. it is good for everybody

Missing realist 09 March 2013, 19:31

Heads up genius, war already is on in Homs and will come to beka3 one day, only a matter of time

Missing realist 09 March 2013, 19:37

Mr. RAAd, newsflash: war is already on in Homs and your stupid Nazi racist plan to. Create the Homs Latakia corridor will bring death and destruction on Lebanon, what next? Ethnic cleansing in Latakia? Sun is are way too many and you can't take them all on and gotta make peace with them, too late though, and yes Homs will backfire on you and the war will be in bekaa just like bashar war backfired and now he is fighting in Damascus. Just imagine raad the arms flow to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, this is not a war where you can kill 10 Israelis And claim victory, if you kill 100 of your new enemies they will come back at you in the thousands. I'm just being a realist

Thumb Abubakr 09 March 2013, 19:59

I dont think the Nusra front are any better, they are already wide spread in Lebanon, and we should unite to fight this common enemy and preserve the Lebanese culture !!

Thumb andre.jabbour 09 March 2013, 20:06

Thanks to his brother in arms Fneish, Raad and his clique will poison all sunnis.... they won't have to draw their weapons on them.

Thumb andre.jabbour 09 March 2013, 20:09


Thumb andre.jabbour 09 March 2013, 20:09


Thumb andre.jabbour 09 March 2013, 20:10

a plan ahmadinjad doesn't share with them till the very last minute. they're just a trigger that can be pressed at will. they have no brains, just muscles.

Missing VINCENT 09 March 2013, 20:35

Sir I would first sever all extrinsic ties (those that do not serve purely Lebanese interests and the welfare of its good people) and distance my self from Iran (striving to soon be the "Persian Empire" in your back yard) and then accuse of “the local and regional agents” of “hiding behind the fabricated trend of Takfirism...

Missing hamoody 09 March 2013, 20:36

Raad is a criminal just like bashar and nasr iblees. The accomplice of the murderer or rapist is also a murderer/rapist. For how long do you think that honorable Lebanese can watch there brothers and sisters, there neighbors being slaughtered, and just disassociate themselves. Well the time is near. Lebanon is an explosion ready to happen . Do you think Lebanese blood is more precious than Syrian. To all whomever say that it not our business, let them kill each other, I say to you, would you want that what is happening for your children, or mother or father. Shame on those who kill in the name of the devil

Missing samiam 09 March 2013, 21:14

Raad talking again--Hizb Iran trying to make its points again.

anyhow, if he doesn't want strife, why does he keep pointing to it instead of trying to defuse it?

Missing canadianadam 09 March 2013, 23:29

Lol @ Morpheus. Which one are you? Mowatan/ more wrotten or Wet dream Karim?

Thumb benzona 10 March 2013, 00:23

DOnt you know it's the same person? There's max 2 M8ers here.... The rest of them is a proliferation of mirror profiles... It's been like this for a loooooong time

Thumb benzona 10 March 2013, 03:29

Eh ben voyons.... Le roy des ctrl+c ctrl+v

C'est pas bientôt fini les insultes? C'est triste.... Franchement triste! Un spectacle déplorable que tu nous donnes là.

Bonne nuit quand même!

Thumb Abubakr 09 March 2013, 23:42

Lol at the ones who disliked my comment, 0 iq's.

Thumb benzona 10 March 2013, 00:36

Je suis très heureux de constater que Tunis les yeux bien ouverts. Ne te laisse pas embobiner par les politicards. En fin de journée. Eux restent en vie.... Les petites mains elles partent à la volée.... Je suis certain que tu as perdu des proches durant la guerre civile. Ils nous ont bien manipulés....

Enfin, c'était la pensée du soir

Bon week-end à toi et à tout le monde. Même les debilos 8 martiens. Hehehe

Missing people-power 10 March 2013, 05:32

They killed Rafik Hariri, Wissam Eid, Wissam al Hassan and many others, and now they claim M14 are the ones causing strife?

Party of liars and murderers.

Thumb whyaskwhy 10 March 2013, 06:42

Raad is a bit late in his statement, war is already in progress between the two Islamic factions whose he kidding. Then again with Clown on one side and sheep on the others I am not surprised he didnt sing the chorus for Ba Ba black sheep for them....

Missing samiam 10 March 2013, 10:29

and I wish he would stop calling it "the resistance"--it has become apparent that the arms are being used to achieve Iran's ends, namely keep a stranglehold in Lebanon, assist Syria, and to take on mercenary activities.

Missing beirutbastard00 10 March 2013, 14:59

@tex 100%... Who voted that down? :/

Thumb shab 10 March 2013, 16:50

Filthy militia, filthy inbreed members