Red Cross: 9 Dead in Syrian Bus Crash in Kahhaleh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Nine people were killed and 29 injured on Friday in a Syrian bus crash in the town of Kahhaleh, east of Beirut, the Lebanese Red Cross said.

Paramedics transported 29 people to hospitals in the area, it said in a statement.

Eight bodies were also pulled from the bus, it said.

George Kettaneh, operations director for the Red Cross, said the dead included women and children.

The statement added that around 35 rescuers and 9 ambulances took part in the rescue mission.

The bus that was carrying Syrian nationals was heading to Beirut when it hit a concrete barrier, which separates the lanes on the main highway that links Beirut to Damascus, after the driver lost control on the vehicle. It then overturned.

The bus had Syrian license plates from the northeastern Hassakeh province.

The crash caused bumper-to-bumper traffic in the early morning rush hour. The queues of vehicles reached all the way to Araya and Aley.

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Missing helicopter 15 March 2013, 07:45

May their souls reast in peace.

Thumb geha 15 March 2013, 08:14

Rest In Peace

Missing helicopter 15 March 2013, 16:03

geha, you got a thumb down and I got a thumb up for saying the same thing. I wish the drive-by-thumbers would go by the content of the message and not the identity of the commentator. I gave you the thumb up because your comment is humane (not for any other reason).

Missing mansour 15 March 2013, 09:44

more like may the rest in pieces
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

Missing biglebanese 15 March 2013, 10:16

Shame on you man ..

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biglebanese, you shouldn't talk because you have posted similar things.

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shame on u, racist