Nasrallah: Sunday’s Bloodshed New Evidence of U.S. Efforts to Steal Our Wealth

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stated on Monday that Sunday’s Naksa Day clashes at the Golan Heights are further evidence of the American administration’s agenda to “steal Arab wealth.”

He said during the opening of a conference on Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “Yesterday’s actions confirm Washington’s absolute commitment to Israel’s security.”

“This is the same Washington that talks to us about human rights and liberties,” he continued.

Clashes broke out at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Sunday when Israeli troops fired at protestors seeking to return to their Palestinian homeland.

“Imam Khamenei believes that Israel will be destroyed and that this will happen soon,” Nasrallah stressed.

“The developments in Palestine assert the people’s strong will and this generation of youth demonstrates a powerful motivation to return to its homeland,” the Hizbullah chief declared.

The Resistance’s victory against Israel in the July 2006 war confirms Khamenei’s prediction, “which is a sign of the courage of this leader,” said Nasrallah.

“The decision to launch the July 2006 war was an international one, which enjoyed Arab support and was executed by Israel. I received a message from Khamenei saying that by leaving our fate in God’s hands, we will inevitably be victorious,” he added.

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Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) 06 June 2011, 12:41

Get it once and for all through your thick turbaned head:" the US is our ally and Iran is our enemy".
Fewer and fewer are buying your repetitive and worn out rhetoric. The crimes that you are still committing in Lebanon and your alliance with the tyrants of Syria and Iran put you in an inferior moral position that does not make you eligible even to critisize Israel!.
More awakening among the Lebanese will bring a sure end to the Hezbollah Iranian hold over Lebanon.

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 06 June 2011, 12:49

Here are a few thoughts....

1. What is the link between the Naksa Day clashes and "stealing Arab Wealth"

2. Yesterday's actions confirm Washington's absolute commitment to Israel's security." If Jews came to the Lebanese border and wanted to cross, for security reasons, the Lebanese army will have to do the same. Israel considers itself a sovereign state, and you are violating its rights by trying to cross into the country illegally.

3. Nasrallah is inserting a disclaimer saying "Imama Khamenei believes Israel will be destroyed" This has been said for the past 40 years.

The bottom line is this, Nasrallah and Hizbullah are in panic mode. Their masters in Iran and Syria are facing revolutions and will be ousted soon and HZB will no longer have support and thus become powerless.

I believe it is Nasrallah's and Hizbullah's end.

Default-user-icon hanna (Guest) 06 June 2011, 13:38

And once upon a time, I thought this guy is smart...
Well I was wrong....
Steal arab wealth....what a joke.... You are the ones stealing peoples wealth.... Using it on arms while people are dying of hunger..

Default-user-icon boston partner (Guest) 06 June 2011, 13:55

My friends, polarization and confrontation is not good for Lebanon. Let us disagree but show respect to each other. I realize that the divide is large, fundamental and dangerous, but we need to mode to a new understandings for Lebanon's sake- we need to talk with no insults. Our commitments should be to Lebanon first!

Default-user-icon Mohammad Fawaz (Guest) 06 June 2011, 14:20

"Nasrallah: The decision to launch the July 2006 war was an international one", but my dear Hassan I distinctly remember seeming a handsome bearded black turbaned dude that looked exactly like the above picture admitting that he had started the July 2006 war and that if he had known the Israelis were going to react this way he wouldn't have statred it. I also distinctly remember my 4 year old saying that she knew this was going to be the israeli reaction because a couple of weeks earlier they had destroyed Gaza for a much lesser offence. Hassan was either lying or he's criminally incompetent either way he's lying again now to cover for himself.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 06 June 2011, 14:26

u are talking too much,u have nothing to say about the 1400 killed and thousands of maimed including children at the hands of the regime in damascus and their farsi allies?why now they heated the golan after 40 years of cave sleeping?it is time to leave the lebanese alone,especially the bilad el arz shia and go to ur beloved mr faqih.

Default-user-icon reasonable (Guest) 06 June 2011, 14:30

boston partner, nice speech pardner but tell that to hassin he thinks his decisions are influenced by God and as such cannot be wrong and anyone who disagrees or contradicts him is going against God's will.

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 06 June 2011, 14:36

To all the people that wrote above, i share your points of view, and specially the one that we should put Lebanon first, it is not a new one though because Cheikh Bachir Gemayel was the first one to say it before 82, anyway , that is not the subject, the problem is specially with people like Aounis that want to follow a crazy leader that doesnt want to do anything with the sunnis of Lebanon, he cannot ban them from everything, he didnt want Saad Hariri, they have thrown him away, they wanted to do problems to Ashraf rifi which in my opinion and of many is a clean man, that was doing his job when charbel nahhas was coming to dismantle networks and give them to Hezbollah to seek what information Ogero had on them and on many other, so as the supposed money blocked by Finance ministry, and Riad salameh, to not be given to Telecommunication employees, for the simple reason that Nahhas since the ouster of the governement didnt give the telecommunications profit to the state

Default-user-icon Pacifier (Guest) 06 June 2011, 14:49

how can you distribute salaries in a state when you dont do your budget evaluation as a whole first ,after receiving all the profits from all sectors? the aounis cannot understand that , and the worst part is that most of them are educated people, and they cannot think for themselves, they follow their leader without even blinking. shame, they are trying to remove every sunni powerful men in Lebanon, i am not sunni my self, im christian, but it is not the way to go, They also want to remove Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh after all the good things he did to the bank sector, maintaining the Lebanese pound when the political situation was unbearable, and when the economic crisis was at its edge, shame on them, they want to burn lebanon down in flames, but it is them who will burn along with the filthy people they want to bring to power

Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II (Guest) 06 June 2011, 16:10

Nassrallah should have the courage to say that what's Sunday massacre prove is that Both Assad and Natanyahoo have the same level of disrepect of human life. No wonder why Natanyahoo is trying his best to safeguard Assad's criminal regime. Hopefully the Arab Spring will be followed by an Israeli Spring lead by organizations such as Peace Now and human right groups. Israel bigotry is worst than Iran, and its Apartheid wall is a mark of shame on every Israeli that places their civility into the mythology shelves

Default-user-icon Iben el nimer (Guest) 06 June 2011, 16:19

Youssef Haddad you are 100% right . People are sick and tired of their rhetoric they don't understand that the US is the mother of all countries and it is our ally for ever. to Hassan I tell him USA USA USA

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 06 June 2011, 16:21

You have no wealth. You only spread poverty and destruction.

Default-user-icon ghawwar (Guest) 06 June 2011, 16:53

imagine if one of the protesters broke through the Israeli lines and returned to his Palestinian home only to discover crap i left my key at my other home. damit i hate that

Default-user-icon peacemaker (Guest) 06 June 2011, 17:11

Nasrallah. I am so sorry . You are on your last breath. I would give up my arms and join the free lebanon if i were you. (before its too late) Your rocket wont do a thing as long as Israel is controling the skyes above you. Thats why you are so affraid to launch any more rockets. You just show up and and raise your hands and shake and bake. All talks but no actions. You want to destroy Israel and you have rockets . DO IT. We are tired realy tired . Lebanese lifes are on hold because of you. I am beginning to beleive you want to make lebanon your iranian state. You dont want to fight Israel you dont care about the Palestinian people. You just want Lebanon. And that will bring your end. All talks and no actions . Or rlease your rockets on Israel and take your fate or Leave just go to Iran.

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 06 June 2011, 18:50

The same idiots who have been "predicting" the fall of the resistance for 20 years as the resistance is getting stronger and stronger. As far as Assad is concerned, even the western media has admitted that the most popular thing among his people bashar Assad has done is support the Lebanese resistance. Let me assure the zionists who just saw another western puppet go down the drain in Yemen, the opposition in Syria is more supportive to the Lebanese resistance than the lousy Assad whose father did everything to kill the palestinian and lebanese resistance. keep dreaming.

Thumb Marc 06 June 2011, 18:54

Most of this rhetoric is really getting old... You own people are getting tired of you . . . . . Just saying

Default-user-icon Victor (Guest) 06 June 2011, 18:56

To Nasrallah
Please Just go to Iran and don't come back
anyone steeling our wealth is you Lebanon needs it's tourist $$$ the
Lebanese people have nothing left but its beautiful location on the Mediterranean.
or I have a perpose for you.
Please go fight Israel from syria and help them regain the Golan Heights and leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA USA USA USA USA USA USA

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 06 June 2011, 19:00

To the zionist commentators...The lebanese people consider Israel (america) the enemy not Iran. Without the US military, economic, and political support israel is nothing. Keep dreaming.

Default-user-icon Muhsin (Guest) 06 June 2011, 19:23

Gebran sons. Peace movement in Israel represents less than 1% of jewish population. Israel has to be amputed for us to see any peace in this region.

Default-user-icon M14 activist (Guest) 06 June 2011, 19:46

No. America is not our Ally and Iran is not our enemy. This is not the view of M14 leaders. Comments like these hurt M14 especially among Sunnis who are the backbone of M14. All M14 leaders consider Israel to be our only enemy and we denounce US support of Israel.

Default-user-icon qawmi fred (Guest) 06 June 2011, 20:00

My old comrade Qawmy John taught me that using the word zionist in a sentence will make me sound smart, and it works, regarez: "last night zionist I took zionist my girlfriend for some zionist chinese food, it was zionist delicious. I had zionist a soup and zionist General Tao zionist chicken and she had zionist the beef broccoli and some sping zionist rolls. My girlfriend's fortune zionist cookie message said "zionist Confucius say your boyfriend is gonna zionist hurl" mine simply zionist said "the bean sprouts in your zionist soup were imported zionist from Gärtenhof farm" I dono what zionist that means, but zionist suddenly I don't feel so good.

Missing imad 06 June 2011, 22:16

It's so sad reading all these comments day in-day out.

I'm Lebanese living in Europe and my friends are Sunnis, Shiites, Druze and Christians. We hang out all the time as a group and laugh at how you guys in Lebanon think. You follow your so-called leaders like cattle based on your religions instead of what they offer you. As most of you suffer to make ends meet and struggle to provide even the basics for your families, these so-called leaders that you are willing to die for are living like royalty in Sardinia, Paris and London with the money they stole from you. I see their children in nightclubs spending thousands of dollars and driving Ferraris and Lambos while you sit and insult each other with your comments. They own hotels and real estate and live in mansions while you can barely pay your rent.

It's time you all grow up and start looking at the big picture. You are nothing to them, you mean nothing to them and all you are is that extra vote and cow to milk.

What a shame

Default-user-icon mike (Guest) 06 June 2011, 22:41

Koura, tell that to Hassin "..the opposition in Syria is more supportive to the Lebanese resistance than the lousy Assad whose father did everything to kill the palestinian and lebanese resistance" he's the one supporting Assad and organizing festival to that him and his army's killing of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance..". Blind prepackaged ideology makes John more of an idiot, mourning the Palestinian resistance but not the Lebanese army soldiers and innocent civilians slaughtered by Assad and his allies but that OK as long as he supported the resistance.

Default-user-icon simon (Guest) 06 June 2011, 22:45

Please stop this, we have been hearing this for anything wrong that goes any where. You blame all your problems on everybody else, so you can destroy and control your people like animals....

We are FED UP with you and your RHETORIC while everybody in the world is living their good lives.

Default-user-icon ado (Guest) 07 June 2011, 00:17

John from koura, Saleh was actually a friend of Iran not a western puppet as you stupidly claim and he's always been considered by the Iranians ally along with Assad as you can see from this article dated from last December
He cooperated with the US in fighting Al-Qaeda because it was mutually beneficial. I'm surprised you didn't know that, you a PLO puppet then a Syrian puppet then a puppet of the Iranian militia in Lebanon.. John you are nothing but a puppeteer's dummy.

Default-user-icon amjal (Guest) 07 June 2011, 00:33

Default-user-icon Phil (Guest) 07 June 2011, 00:46

It is so nice to see how many people DO REALLY HATE hassoun!

Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 07 June 2011, 01:44

Mr. Wizzard promoting Wilayat Elfaqih.
Who are you trying to convince?
Pls keep it to yourself.
Read this about your wilayat El dictatorship
It is amazing that there are people that still waste their time listening to your nonsense

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 07 June 2011, 02:16

If you are not M14 and you are not zionists, then you must be ...morons!

Default-user-icon Muhsin (Guest) 07 June 2011, 04:23

To those who are not M14 supporters (M14 activist, Sons of Gebran) and you claim you are not the zionist enemy but lebanese, why do we not see your names criticising the Israeli cancer?

To Ado, Saleh was a friend of Saddam Hussien, after the Gulf war of 1990-91 he became an American puppet. Saleh was never an iranian ally. learn your history before you speak.

Default-user-icon fouad (Guest) 07 June 2011, 04:29

I disagree with everything he says except for his comment on how the US is the last to give lessons on respecting human rights and liberties. Such voices are moral to criticism of the west countries.

Default-user-icon Muhsin (Guest) 07 June 2011, 04:34

Ado...I saw your link.LOL thiss was just friendly talk between the 2 countries. Saad hariri said the same thing to Iran when he visited Tehran. You are so naive.