Qaouq: New Govt. Mustn't Stab Resistance in the Back, March 14 Blinded by Lust for Power

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Deputy head of Hizbullah's Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouq on Sunday stressed that any new government “is required to refrain from stabbing the Resistance in the back," accusing the rival March 14 camp of betting on the Syrian crisis to "change the domestic political equations."

"The Resistance is vigilant on the border as Israel bets on the Syrian crisis to change the conflict's equations and as the March 14 forces -- who are drowning in their illusions – are betting on that crisis to change the domestic political equations,” said Qaouq at a memorial service in the southern town of al-Sawwaneh.

March 14 is “delusional to believe that the equation in Lebanon can change under the influence of the Syrian crisis and to believe that the doors have become open to a new American hegemony and to continuing the seizure of power,” Qaouq added.

“March 14's illusions and their foreign commitments made them bet on toppling the equations,” the Hizbullah official charged.

He noted that the rival camp believes that the upcoming parliamentary elections are a “strategic chance to topple the domestic equations, which reflects political ignorance and proves that the lust for power has blinded them.”

Qaouq accused March 14 of “practicing a policy of procrastination to force the Lebanese to choose between the 1960 (electoral) law and extending (parliament's mandate), in a deliberate behavior by this camp which does not want to reach a new law that doesn't grant it the parliamentary majority.”

“But they have forgotten that Lebanon cannot bear an anti-Resistance government or a government that seeks to incite strife, and that the equation of the resistance is stronger than any cabinet change, electoral laws and junctures, the Syrian crisis or the American diktats,” Qaouq added, noting that “Israel failed to do that in 2006 through its air raids, shelling, massacres and firepower.”

The top Hizbullah official stressed that “any new government is required to refrain from stabbing the Resistance in the back, inciting strife and being a dagger in Syria's flank."

Turning to the Syrian crisis, Qaouq said: "What kind of revolution is that that is taking place in Syria ... if its decisions are being taken in the U.S. and its wounded are being treated in (Israel's) Nahariya and Haifa, while its rhetoric is seditious?”

“What is currently taking place in Syria is an American-Israeli demand par excellence in order to neutralize Syria in the conflict with Israel and those pulling the strings of the armed opposition do not want a political solution to the crisis, as they're inflaming the fire and financing the policy of booby-trapped cars and chopped heads in the name of democracy, while they are the fiercest oppressors of democracy in their countries,” Qaouq added, referring to the Gulf countries that back the opposition.

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Missing samiam 31 March 2013, 18:23

HA = arrogance gone wild

seriously, do they even know what a DEMOCRACY is or do they learn about it from Iran and Syria?

Thumb beiruti 31 March 2013, 18:25

It is always very peculiar to read of a member of Hezbollah state that their political opponents are delusional with power, or that their opponents are leaning on their foreign backers to change political equations in Lebanon. This is the Hezbollah modus operande. With these Illamic clerical types you never know if they are serving their faith or serving their state. Of course the real answer is that they are in service to both as they work to collapse the separation of organized religion from matters of state into one entity over which the cleric has supreme control. To what extent does Taqiyya play a role in these political statements? I'd say a great role, meaning that when these guys feel most threatened, count on them to lie through their turbans

Thumb sarkis 31 March 2013, 18:26

That's fine, as long as the resistance also resist Syria & stops assassinating our politicenas, OK THANK YOU

Thumb geha 01 April 2013, 07:42

hizbushaitan are feeling the grunt of the Lebanese people and are afraid of loosing power. all they accuse others< they are doing it, and are afraid it will be done to them.
they are all about controlling the country, the people and the army under their wing.
they are not about resistance, rather they are thugs afraid of loosing control. their arrogance has no limit and they keep up their threats: if you win the elections....forget about the rule of law: there is one rule: the rule of hizbushaitan.

Thumb jumblatdedon 31 March 2013, 18:37

Yes, cause hezballah does not like stabbing, they prefer suicide car bombs

Missing formerlebaniz 31 March 2013, 18:39

If a tree fell in the forest and no one was there to hear/see it fall, did it fall on its own or did US/Israel command it to fall?

Seriously when are your sheep gonna get sick of this rhetoric?

Default-user-icon Happy Easter (Guest) 31 March 2013, 19:44

the baabda declaration should do as the basis for the next government, you soiled diaperheads agreed to it along with every one else, you already broke it once are you lying hezbollies drag queens gonna renege on it like you did all your other promises? fro hassin jardoun's calm summer, to we will protect the people of the south (by watching them flee north from our safe fortified underground bunkers?), to the "resistance" arms to be used strictly against israel, to the commitments in the doha agreement, to the policy of non interference in syria and so on and so on and so on

Default-user-icon unpossible! (Guest) 31 March 2013, 20:09

"March 14 blinded by lust for power" yeah by constantly calling on the formation of a neutral government, seriously Nabil how tight is that turban dude it's obviously cutting off the blood to whatever there is you pass for a brain.

Thumb benzona 31 March 2013, 20:09

They're so paranoid. We don't care about Hezbollah, they have the rig to exist, HOWEVER, they don't have the right to be armed and to store weapons.

We aren't anti Shia, we're anti weapons, anti terror and anti assassinations and Akeed anti a state within the state.

Missing peace 31 March 2013, 21:02

"proves that the lust for power has blinded them"

and march 8 is not? LOL what a hypocrit... hezbis are getting more desperate by the day...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 31 March 2013, 21:40

He noted that the rival camp believes that the upcoming parliamentary elections are a “strategic chance to topple the domestic equations

Haha. What the hell are elections then. How arrogant. And a peculiar threat to say the least. When people elect their govt. THAT go t defines its policies. Not a "resistance". It is sad that a certain gang wouldn't mind taking our country to war to keep their turf. It is sad that people don't see that these weapons have become a burden on Lebanese coexistence. It's so sad that I believe this land will bleed again. Not by Israel. Not by Syria. But we will bleed each other. We have not learnt anything.

Missing helicopter 31 March 2013, 21:49

For those who are against HA, Unite under the flag of Lebanon and the auspices of its army and constitution. For those who are against weapons of the resistance, seek disarming all groups starting with the Palestinian and ending with all sects and groups being arms free. For those who are against HA supporting Assad, ensure neutral stand by all. For those who are the extremism of Hezb, make sure to stand up to extremists from all groups and sects. I am with you and want us to lead by example and to be the change we are seeking.

Default-user-icon haydar haydar (Guest) 31 March 2013, 22:44

Welcome to hezballs country, all Jihad all the time. Soon every male over three years old will be able to come to our distribution centers, conveniently located near you, to pick up your patented key to heaven's door* made from genuine Micheyeh plastic personally Fatwad over by the Ayatolla himself. Then you will be trained in the latest forms of hand to hand self flogging and mutilation until you become dizzy and lightheaded, Fainters will be rewarded with a medal and a ring with a huge rock fashioned from marbles Sayyed Hassin collected as a child.
All menstruating females will need to report to gathering baby making centers were they will be housed, free yes free, in three by three cubicles and provided also free with nutritious three squares a day and trained to make babies after only three and a half month gestation period.

*That's right no more knock knock knockin to get in.

Missing canadianadam 31 March 2013, 23:13

Say no to crack cocaine. This is what can happen to you. Paranoid and delusional.

Missing peace 31 March 2013, 23:23

lol roxshebaaaaa trying to look smart? lol

Thumb neons 01 April 2013, 00:27

all we have to do is sit back and watch, they will finish each other off on their own, too primitive to survive, whabi/salaf/m14/takfiri/5aliji....

Missing maroun 01 April 2013, 00:59

the so called resistance,is starting to sound desperate like there master Assad .the end is near.

Missing people-power 01 April 2013, 02:19

Who stabbed Rafik Hariri in the back?
Who stabbed Gebran Tueni in the back?
Who stabbed Pierre Gemayel in the back?
Who Stabbed Samir Kassir in the back?
Who stabbed Wissam Eid in the back?
Who stabbed Wissam al Hassan in the back?

This kook has no right to talk about being "stabbed in the back"

Thumb neons 01 April 2013, 03:00

minon wo fihon m14

Missing greatpierro 01 April 2013, 07:18

As if the preso resistance has not stab the Beyrouthis in the back.

Missing greatpierro 01 April 2013, 07:20

ok for the fanatical sunnis. But what about the majority of the sunni moderates that live in this country?

Thumb whyaskwhy 01 April 2013, 13:37

This guy is a contradiction in terms, where else can a so called relgious person talk about politics and the protection of a terror group that not only kills innocent people but want the the Lebanese populous to keep it above the law? Realy dude just because your sheep and those of the circus accept that then dont assume the majority of the nation will.

Missing lebcan 01 April 2013, 14:52

You Hizbslah you Hizbshitans assassinate, steal, coerce, lie, drug traffic and want it your way or the highway ... God damn hypocrites !!!
Why don't you tell Assad to demarkate the boarder so Israelis know that the Sheba farms are Lebanese not Syrians, why did you never help at least verbaly help the syrians libirate the golen hights why did you hypocrites help the USA in topping Sadam Hossain... You in 2000 colluded with the Israelis to make a show of the Israeli withdrawal ...and a show to both Israelis and Lebanese of a False 2006 war. WHY DID YOU GOD DAMN hypocrites have Israeli spies get released from jail !!!! Why you stupid hypocrites !!!!

Thumb shab 01 April 2013, 20:11

turban filth