Arslan Meets Jumblat, Hopes Consultations Will Be Postponed to Allow Agreement on New PM

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Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat held talks on Wednesday with Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan on naming a new prime minister-designate.

Arslan said after the talks: “We hope that the parliamentary consultations over naming a new premier will be postponed in order to pave way for an agreement over a candidate.”

“We hope an agreement will be reached over a consensual prime minister-designate,” he said after the meeting that was held at his Khaldeh residence.

“Contacts and coordination with Jumblat are always ongoing over various issues,” stressed the MP.

“I will continue to coordinate stances with Jumblat on numerous issues that concern Mount Lebanon and national interests,” he said after the 30-minute meeting.

For his part, Jumblat made a brief statement, emphasizing the unity of Mount Lebanon.

He said that he will refrain from making political statements before his interview on LBCI television on Thursday night.

Al-Jadeed television later reported that the two MPs failed to reach an agreement over a candidate to assume the premiership.

Jumblat was accompanied on his visit by ministers Wael Abou Faour and Ghazi al-Aridi and MP Akram Shehayyeb.

The binding parliamentary consultations with President Michel Suleiman to appoint a new prime minister are scheduled for Friday and Saturday at the Baabda Palace.

Intense talks between various rival political blocs had been taking place in recent days ahead of the consultations in order for them to reach a united position over naming a new prime minister-designate.

The March 8 camp held talks on Wednesday at Speaker Nabih Berri's residence at Ain el-Tineh in order to coordinate its stances ahead of the consultations.

Marada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh said after the talks: “We will head to the consultations with a united position over a new prime minister-designate.”

March 14 opposition alliance lawmakers are meanwhile scheduled to hold a meeting at the Center House to take a final stance on the person they will name for the premiership, informed sources said Wednesday.

While the sources did not reveal to An Nahar newspaper when the meeting will be held, high-ranking al-Mustaqbal Movement officials told As Safir that the final decision on the opposition’s candidate will be made on Thursday night.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 03 April 2013, 19:46

M8 is all about postponing; postpone this, postpone that and drag their feet hoping that by buying time things will magically go their way. This is the way of dictatorships that are unable to deal with reality so they buy time. The Assads made buying time I to an art. But guess what, sooner or later time catches up to you as it has for Bashar and now approaching HA and M8.
Enough bullshit, most of us Lebanese and against the M8 ideology. Spare us the black shirts. The threat of destabilizing security etc.. We don't want to adopt HA and M8 philosophy فهمو بقى

Thumb jumblatdedon 03 April 2013, 19:58

Here here

Thumb lebnanfirst 03 April 2013, 21:03

LOL. Nice comment. Point well made.

Thumb mckinl 03 April 2013, 21:07

lol ... It is M14 and especially Jumblat that push off the elections.

M14 has no alternative to the 1960 Electoral or Orthodox Laws yet demands elections while saying there will be no elections under 1960 Law.

Jumblat knows his grip on power comes from the 1960 Law and has repeatedly sabotaged talks for alternatives with M14.

An electoral Law has been approved, the Orthodox Law, and can be implemented for the June elections even now.

M14 walked out of Parliament months ago rather than engage in electoral law talks and haven't seriously engaged in the government since.

Who is purposely postponing the elections ??? LOL !

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 03 April 2013, 21:58

mckinl- Not only has there been alternatives to the orthodox law proposed. You actually commented on articles on those alternatives.
here is an example.

Thumb mckinl 03 April 2013, 22:14

@ lebanonfirst

Show me the M14 Electoral Law proposal ... There isn't one because Jumblat was engaged and won't agree to the final draft ...

Jumblat has used his "tie break" role to quash M14 electoral law credibility.

So lebanonfirst show me the M14 proposal ... please do ...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 03 April 2013, 22:31

here is your orthodox proposal

Thumb mckinl 03 April 2013, 23:17

@ lebanonfirst

The Orthodox proposal has already been approved by the cabinet ... it is ready to submit to Parliament ...

M8 has opened the door to acceptable alternatives with the knowledge that they have a backup proposal ...

By law when Parliament convenes the Orthodox proposal must be voted as approved by the Cabinet ... we'll see what happens then.

The pressure is on M14 to come to the table to bargain. Whatever happens there will not be a "consensus" among all the parties.

PSP demands will most likely be dropped and an electoral law adopted over PSP objections ... The new law will be a majority electoral law.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 04 April 2013, 17:01

FT- I am always on

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Default-user-icon Majnoun (Guest) 04 April 2013, 08:45

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