ISF Warns of 'Metropolitan Police Virus' Hitting Computers across Region

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Internal Security Forces cybercrime and intellectual property unit warned on Saturday from a virus affecting mobile phones and computers, which has been spreading across the Middle East region and Lebanon lately.

Hackers use the “Metropolitan Police Virus” to obtain the credit card's balance when users enter their personal Cash U code.

According to a statement issued by the ISF, the hackers can disable the Windows for users after displaying a bogus alert that says: “The ISF blocked your computer for violating copyright content on the web and you are obliged to pay a $200 fine.”

The virus locks the computer and its applications, “whenever you try to log on into your Windows operating system or Safe Mode with Networking, it will display instead a lock screen asking you to pay a non-existing fine of $200 in the form of a CashU code.”

The statement pointed out that the virus hits computers when a porn website is accessed or when an unknown program is downloaded.

“Citizens have to pay attention and refrain from paying any amount of money using credit cards... They are also asked to inform the bureau of any hacking attempt,” it added.

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Thumb primesuspect 06 April 2013, 16:09

iranian thieves.... they get mony by stealing coz their country is broke

Thumb geha 06 April 2013, 18:01

I wonder who are the stupid guys who voted my comment down :)
stupidity as usual of m8 :)
those who comment just to have votes are so stupid, and those who vote without even reading a post are even more stupid.

Thumb benzona 06 April 2013, 21:59

Geha, the answer is easy's an M8 fan!

Missing thinkingleb 07 April 2013, 02:06

Benzona i may be wrong but does your grandmother have a lot of problems with slipping on bananas she seems to do that a lot man those israelies must hate her. get a new comment and make it a little more interesting please.

Default-user-icon zito (Guest) 08 April 2013, 23:45

Do not pay any money to unknown police lol