Geagea on Civil War Anniversary: We Strive for Strong State as War Does Not Benefit Anyone

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea renewed on Saturday the demand for the rise of a state capable of achieving stability, security, and justice for all in Lebanon.

He said: “We realize now more than ever that war does not benefit any side, which is why we seek the rise of a strong state capable of imposing its authority throughout its territories.”

He made his remarks before a delegation from the Joy of Giving non-profit organization on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the eruption of the Lebanese Civil War.

Geagea added: “I understand your concerns as no one likes a war and when I was young like you I was fearful over my fate and that of my family.”

“I was forced to take part in the war against my wishes in order to defend the nation and our existence,” he stressed.

“We have high expectations from the youth of Lebanon. You are a promising future for the country and you must continue your struggle,” he declared.

“You must continue your sacrifices for the rise of a state that believes in the freedom and dignity of its citizens,” he added.

The civil broke out in 1975 and ended in 1990 through the Saudi-sponsored Taef accord, signed in 1989.

Around 120,000 people were killed in the unrest.

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Missing mansour 13 April 2013, 13:05

On this Anniversary let me wish the people of Syria a very prosperous Civil War may it last for many more years.
Also may the Palestinians never have peace and always live under the Israelis!
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

Thumb Kalzyturks 13 April 2013, 13:19

Seriously why did they let this person out of prison?

How many people died and went missing while he was.... Commiting atrocities.

So did anyone ask him why he was convicted.

Missing karim_m2 13 April 2013, 15:02

I don't necessarily agree with you about Geagea maintaining a decorum when he speaks - I feel he likes to score political points any way possible, but I'll keep my contentions to him to myself.

The civil war, most importantly, was a lesson for all of Lebanon to learn from. The problem is, we lost some great leaders during the civil war, leaders who wanted to steer Lebanon out of the conflict, people who were far more charismatic, well-intentioned, and visionary than those that unfortunately succeeded them. Samir Geagea is clear evidence of that, and that's what bothers me about him. He's not the only example, but he's also symbolic of what wrong during the war.

Default-user-icon typo (Guest) 13 April 2013, 14:26


Missing tomahawk 13 April 2013, 14:39

Gigi ya Gigi , you were not forced into commiting atrocities during the civil war .! Had you fight onbehalf of Christians & protecting these Christians as well as the Lebanese soldiers I for one would be saluting you for the rest of my life as well as for my family and the whole majority of all Christians in Lebanon .!!! Not forgetting the Christians expats .!, but because of you Gigi & your rag tag idiots that followed your orders during the final siege of east beirut plus murdering fellow Christians as well as blowing up churches not forgetting little children that you personally killed or ordered to kill , I would suggest to hang yourself to relieve the stained blood on your hands .!!! Stop playing second fiddle scumbag son of a B...tch ! Stop going out in public , shame on you psychopath !!!!!!! You only deserve the same treatment as what you did to others during the Lebanese civil war .

Thumb benzona 13 April 2013, 14:54
War is truly depressing....

Missing topace 13 April 2013, 15:28

Correction , us "lebanese " soldiers .

Missing topace 13 April 2013, 15:39

I could tell you guys more facts about this idiot , not to mention the slaughter of a well known family that he murdered , including their small children , you all know who I'm referring to !! As well as the church bombings , I could write more but Gigi has no rights to comment about our civil war when he was a traitor to his own fellow Christians !!!

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 13 April 2013, 19:33

All this man talks about is the rise a state. Something any patriotic Lebanese should be proud of! So what do we get in return? People who only want to bring up the civil war only and lay blame on Geagea alone on what happened. As if he was the only person fighting in the war. Everyone that is on here bashing him as war criminal, show me one person you support that speaks of the rise of state called Lebanon. I'm all ears!

Thumb BritishLebanese 14 April 2013, 11:33

Ya LebanonFirst, Nothing patriotic about war criminals sir, nor it anything to be proud of or be represented by for anyone's motherland. What I see in your comments is someone defending a right which does not exist. Crime is not a Right. You fall prey to being a defender of Crime in your comments, Lebanon does not need people who pervert Justice. Your comments stink, my opinion.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 15 April 2013, 04:22

You have a right to your opinion sir but the day in and day works for he rise of the state. No one else does that and since the can't deny that, they resort to he past. I have no reservations on holding everyone accountable for the crimes of he past but do when they lie and claim he is the only one! I Also said show one other person that speaks about the rise of a state called Lebanon and not one of you brought up ONE name!

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 13 April 2013, 19:47

FT- there are people on here that give thumbs up/down based on who writes the comment without reading it. I like your idea and think someone should defiantly do something similar if there isn't something out there already. Just one question though, what makes you think there is less than 75,000 missing? You seem so sure of it.

Missing helicopter 13 April 2013, 21:38

They are focusing on his crimes, and only his crimes even though it is distant past while ignoring today's criminals and State saboteurs out of blind loyalty.

Thumb BritishLebanese 14 April 2013, 11:34

Past crime is equal to current crime. Distant past? Your joking, right?

Missing helicopter 14 April 2013, 19:13

What I am saying is all committed crimes in the distant past, and many others are still committing crimes today............. so why is the focus on him and not on those that committed crimes past and present. You are the one that must be kidding.

Missing topace 13 April 2013, 21:58

A war has unfortunately collateral damage, but murder is another Lebfirst , Gigi was not fighting a war he was out there butchering his fellow Christians and their families as well as not to mention blowing up sacred places such as churches , all for his own self interest , it makes him a murderer and a traitor amongst us Christians , he was not defending but also attacking the Lebanese Soldiers who were neutral during these terrible period . And now he is doing the same thing been in politics and not having any remorse how can he even claim claim to be a Christian ? Even going into a church ? What that says is he is true example of a psychopath , he has no feelings of emotions or guilt. He should not have gone to jail but instead given a death penalty , that's what makes different to the other warlords, as much I hate Jumby at least he didn't slaughter his own Dirzi sect !!!

Default-user-icon Neal (Guest) 13 April 2013, 22:10

i read all these pots and wonder if we learned something form this evil war ? and the answer is emphatic NO . we hate each other more then ever, we are divided more then ever, we are scattered all over the globe more then ever , the shiaa are loyal to Iran more then ever and NO TO Lebanon , the Sunni are Loyal to Saudia Arabia more then ever. the Christians are divided more then ever .
after years of war and distructions and thousands dead and displaced you would think we have learned something but no , we are doing the same things to keep us divided and keep us a part .
Gaeges is not responsible for the war , a whole bunch of us are , Geagea is not the only one responsible for the death during the civil war a whole bunch of us is .
on anniversary like this why don't we pray to the lord for forgiveness and a better future for all of us and our kids . and maybe one day we can call Lebanon our country . I HOPE

Missing peace 14 April 2013, 00:36

and what did aoun pay? ..... lol....hardly nothing for the killings he did too.... so SHUT UP FT....

Missing VINCENT 14 April 2013, 04:26

I find the following statement very intriguing: “I was young like you I was fearful over my fate and that of my family.” “I was forced to take part in the war against my wishes in order to defend the nation and our existence." In the words of my friend who was captured by Aoun's forces: "if it were the other way around, I would have been killed and not released after a few months of beatings". I am not sure if reading between the lines he regrets not staying united with the Christians as one. In my view, all those whether Christian, Muslim, etc. who share the common goal for the welfare of Lebanon.

Thumb BritishLebanese 14 April 2013, 11:21

Lebanese hospitality coming out, such a nice read. Wish Politicians could negotiate in this fashion.

Missing peace 14 April 2013, 15:52

just educate yourself and learn a bit more about you puppet general... and shut up.