Hizbullah Calls for Understanding on Cabinet, Vote Law to Avoid Crisis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The deputy head of Hizbullah's executive council and a Hizbullah MP called on Sunday for understanding among the rival political parties to avoid a new crisis on the formation of the new cabinet which they said should represent political parties.

“Lebanon is based on understanding whether in the formation (of the government) or the electoral law,” Sheikh Nabil Qaouq, the council's deputy leader, said during a seminar organized by a cultural center in Nabatiyeh.

The unanimity that Lebanon witnessed during the nomination of Premier-designate Tammam Salam should be reflected on other major developments in the country, he said.

Salam was tasked by President Michel Suleiman with forming the government after 124 out of 128 MPs nominated him in the binding consultations held at Baabda palace.

Qaouq called for “a government that includes the representatives of the nation,” a reflection of the call made by the Hizbullah-led March 8 alliance to form a national unity cabinet.

The government formation “shouldn't be a source for a new crisis” which would go “against the interest of the nation,” he said.

On the contrary, it should lead to stability and consolidate the nation's interest, he added.

Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad also made similar comments on Sunday, saying “the representation in any cabinet should be a political one to create the right balance that would achieve stability in the country.”

He criticized calls for a technocrat or neutral cabinet, saying Salam can't impose his will on the entire Lebanese people.

The PM-designate has said he would form a “government of national interest” to supervise the elections.

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Missing rambo1 14 April 2013, 13:12

I agree lightning ,now scum bag Qaouq believes Lebanon is based on understanding ,they did not think that in 2008 ,it is funny how the wind has changed in Lebanon ,now that Assad dose not give orders any more.

Thumb Elemental 14 April 2013, 13:17

The answer's easy, look at what they've done and how they act like their own state within Lebanon, is ANYTHING credible from them?

Thumb banima3roof 14 April 2013, 14:36

Qaouq Doodle Doo... march 8 wants to be in govt to ensure its lack of work, progress and efficiency..

Thumb jcamerican 14 April 2013, 16:35

When was the government efficient in Lebanon? Just bring them back if there was one.

Thumb eli-g 14 April 2013, 17:12

Its not about governance,its about who wants to rob and pillage what.Politicians in Lebanon are poppets,thier job is to fatten thier pockets or the pockets of thier leaders.Come to think of it,most Lebanese would do the same as these politicians and steal when in power simply because there is no accountability in this cursed country.They rob and pillage without consequence."al mal al sayeb teach people to steal".No term limit no acountibility banana republic.

Missing peace 14 April 2013, 22:34

hezbollah understand lebanon? the funniest joke EVER!!!!!!!!

Thumb beiruti 14 April 2013, 22:55

It all sounds nice, but what this guy and Raad are saying is that things better be done their way, or they, Hezbollah, will be the source of the creation of instability in Lebanon and the creation of a new crisis. Those who warn of threats of violence are usually the source of it.

Missing samiam 14 April 2013, 23:46

They don't want pragmatism--they just want to somehow justify their hold on the title 'resistance'. This is why they are talking more and more these days which means they want something.

Thumb shab 15 April 2013, 03:27

New song but still a filthy mulla militia

Default-user-icon Click (Guest) 15 April 2013, 15:57

Anyone knows where i Quassem????
Ft waynak?

Thumb benzona 15 April 2013, 16:48

Typical backstabber.