Pregnant Woman's Throat Slit in Jordan 'Honor' Killing


Jordanian police said on Sunday they found the burned body of a pregnant woman whose throat had been slit and belly cut open showing her four-month-old fetus, in an apparent "honor killing.”

"We found the body of the woman at dawn in Ruseifeh (east of Amman). Her throat was slit in a hideous way. The body was burned after the murder," a police spokesman said.

"We believe it was an honor crime. The belly of the woman, who was in her twenties, was cut open and we could see her four-month-old unborn child, who was dead too. Investigations are still under way."

Between 15 and 20 women die in so-called "honor" murders each year in the Arab kingdom, despite government efforts to curb such crimes.

Murder is punishable by death in Jordan, but in "honor killings" courts can commute or reduce sentences, particularly if the victim's family asks for leniency.

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Default-user-icon nazih (Guest) 14 April 2013, 15:17

sub-humans, even animals are more loving than these barbarians. What kind of God do they believe in?

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:49

If you are referring to muslims then i can assure you that those who do this have nothing to with islam!

Default-user-icon toto (Guest) 14 April 2013, 15:37

I hate the Hizb with passion, but one has to admit that it has been years since we heard of Honour murders be it in Iran or Dahye/Baalbek.

This reflects very badly on the other sect....

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:51

You are very misstaken. This happens regularly in hezballah dominated areas as well. It has to do with the bedouin style mentality and not religion. A christian bedouin "jordanian" told me he would murder his sister if she told the taxi driver the directions. Thats all it would take for him to murder his sister. Its a bedouin mentality.

Thumb music66 14 April 2013, 19:14

this is haram they killed her and her unborn. shocking .

Positivneutral I like your comment.

Missing txtrue 14 April 2013, 19:51

Why do they not let Allah punish those he wishes to punish? Is it they don't trust him to do it, or do they just enjoy killing? I think they are so full of hate in their souls that they love any kind of excuse to indulge themselves. It is sure not trusting Allah. They will get a real shock when they die!

Thumb LebCynic 15 April 2013, 04:45

Where is the honor is slitting a defenseless, pregnant womans throat then cutting her stomach open? I hope they find the family members that done it and lock them up in appalling conditions, as killing them is an easy escape for such cowards.

Default-user-icon Lorraine Redfern (Guest) 15 April 2013, 05:36

I live in Australia and I often comment on womens problems in places like India etc where women are defenceless because the men are deemed to be the chosen ones of the family. But I often wonder as to how many good men there are in these countries who would die for their women and their children if they had, too. This so-called honour killing is a disgrace and the perpetrater should pay for what they have done by way of a hefty stint in jail say like fifty years and at the end of their sentence they may have some life left where this women and her baby had none at all.

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:57

Gabby, islam is 100 % against this crime. Those who do this do it because of a bedouin mentality, they are condemned in the quran. This has nothing to do with islam. If jordan was governed by islamic law, then those who do this would face death in the same way an eye for an eye style. Why do you blame islam for the actions of criminals. Should i blame christians for the actions of christian criminals? What about the christians that comitted massacres and brutal rapes in lebanon, africa and latin america. Is this christianitys fault? I believe u would consider those criminals as savages and say they arent true christians, then why would you consider a fake muslim criminal to be a true muslim and blame islam? Shame on you. You spread secterianism by such irrwsponaible talk. Neither islam nor christianity stands for such crimes. They have been performed by people of all faith actually!

Missing futureleb 15 April 2013, 21:59

Shame on you jordan, a bedouin hub that hates islam and rules by bedouin tribal laws instead of islamic wisdom. RIP innocent woman, may your murderers rot in hell.

Thumb kanaandian 17 April 2013, 09:17

does any islamic country "like" islam? i mean, saudi arabia even worse stuff regularly occurs, by law, such as that wahabi dog sheikh who murdered and raped his 5 yr old girl, then got away cuz "islamic law" prohibits executing the father for murdering his daughter due to something re lineage... this may not be islam, but most often occurs in islamic land.

Default-user-icon rohi abdo (Guest) 15 April 2013, 22:01

Probably a cover for an incest rape ! The honor of Jordan is based on these so-called honor killing to cover incest rape done usually by frustrated brothers !