Report: Six Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Qusayr Battles

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Fighters loyal to Hizbullah were killed on Saturday in battles near the Lebanese border around al-Qusayr, according to activists.

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria reported that six members of Hizbullah were killed in battles in Reef al-Qusayr in Homs.

Qusayr-based activist Hadi al-Abdallah identified the names of Hizbullah fighters.

The men according to al-Abdallah are: Haidar Mohammed Ayyoub, Hussein Hassan Barakat, two men from al-Saleh family, a man from al-Salhab family and a member of Tleis family.

The municipality of the sourthern town of Rab Thalatheen morned in a post on its website fighter Hussein Hassan, pointing out that his funeral was at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Also Bint Jbeil's municipality website mourned fighter Haidar Mohammed Ayyoub on its website, who “died while he was performing his jihadist duty.”

Hizbullah has announced several burials in past months, without elaborating on the circumstances of its members' deaths.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the opposition say the army is backed by elite fighters from Hizbullah, a staunch backer of Assad's regime.

Hizbullah's involvement in Syria's spiraling conflict has been condemned by the Syrian opposition, which views it as a "declaration of war," and by the March 14 alliance in Lebanon.

Much of the heaviest fighting has raged near the Lebanese border around al-Qusayr.

Since it began in March 2011, Syria's conflict has fueled local tensions between the communities in Lebanon, with bouts of street fighting and kidnappings.

Hizbullah had previously denied taking part in the civil war. But top Hizbullah official Nabil Qaouq said Monday that his group is "performing a national duty" toward Lebanese Shiites living in Syrian border towns and villages by supporting the "popular committees."

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria said that the opposition rebels were killed in Saturday's regime forces shelling on Homs.

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Thumb geha 27 April 2013, 15:28

good riddance.
a lot more are on the way .....

Thumb justice 27 April 2013, 16:57

The more the merrier....! Here is a link to a report by Reuters correspondent in Baalbeck in which he talked to the ocals who said there are daily funerals of 2-3 terrorists killed in Syria.

Thumb justice 27 April 2013, 16:57


Thumb eagledawn 27 April 2013, 18:39

If AL Manar is the standard of professional reporting, then I am lost for words:))))

Thumb primesuspect 27 April 2013, 15:46

viva la revolucion en syria, viva la libertad!!!!

Thumb geha 27 April 2013, 16:51

at this rate, they will all die in Syria without the need for any effort from any of us

Thumb dasphinx 27 April 2013, 18:12

Assad, Salafists, and Hezbollah. Three crows with one stone.

Default-user-icon Ophkandid Joshdorva (Guest) 27 April 2013, 16:05

Just read the comments of the Sunnis above. Man, these Sunnis are getting crazier and crazier and crazier in addition to them being filthier than the filthiest filth. geha, primesuspect, oh hopeful jihadists with the missing (in action?) allouchti, 3alehom warriors. Those virgins down there (or up there depending on one's perspective) are waiting for your meat daggers with wide open legs. No need to wash your unwashable Sanni stink because those virgins have no sense of smell, let alone any taste. Hourrah!

Default-user-icon MN (Guest) 27 April 2013, 16:14

And Israel is pleasantly watching the auto-destruction of the Arabs, with ennemies like that who needs friends?

Thumb dasphinx 27 April 2013, 17:26

Nasrallah was given an order by his boss Khamenei to intervene in Syria and could not say no to his Master. Too bad he doesn't obey the Lebanese president the same way. 3abed ma2mour.

Missing h.mousawy 27 April 2013, 18:12

Geha, thank you for openly confessing that you want to fight hezbollah.. its explains alot !! However, i want u to sure that hezbollah wont die, its a fundemental pillar now in lebanon. Whether you like it or not, they will stay here in lebanon. And for those who are accusing Sayyed khamenei of giving hezbollah orders, through Sayyed Hassab Nasrallah, plzzz wake up!! Hezbollah is fighting, yes i confess, for a cause..

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 27 April 2013, 22:40

for a cause?what is really painful here,is the same young lebanese men who fought israel in 2006 like real gladiators,are being slaughtered in syria as mercenaries,really painful especially for their mothers who are weaping in silence.

Thumb geha 27 April 2013, 23:40

enjoy your insults.
this is what m8 guys resort to when they have no argument.

Thumb chrisrushlau 27 April 2013, 18:25

The EU says five hundred Europeans are fighting in Syria on the rebel side, says Russia Today today.

Thumb geha 27 April 2013, 18:55

if you want to join them, be our guest :)

Thumb geha 27 April 2013, 23:42

ft you are full of it! :)
you are a Shiite following aoun. you support hizbuhaitan, and would like to make us believe that shia are preserving minorities now?
funny :)

Thumb geha 27 April 2013, 19:08

actually this is the strategy of the US/Russia/EU/KSA and others.
this is why nobody is intervening to close this situation. all fanatics are converging from the entire world to kill or get killed in this war while everybody else is just doing a body count f less terrorists they will have to deal with.
whether salafis/Iranians/hizbushaitan/or whatever, they are busy killing each other. this is the best solution for everybody else.

Missing canadianadam 27 April 2013, 19:11

Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant victory to the FSA and those who defend their families from rape and land from occupation - even if the occupiers are my own countrymen.

Thumb ado.australia 27 April 2013, 19:43

Do you know where Qusayr is? Do you know what has happened there and what is happening? From your first line of comment it seams you don't care!

These are Shiite villages in Syrian side of the Lebanese border that is being attacked by the Syrian "rebels" aka salafist. What strategic position would they hold except their sect? Shiite villagers are defending themselves, not attacking, and being helped by Hezbollah. Why would this cause a call for jihad by the Sidon and tripoli salafist leaders? Assir is calling for young Sunni men from lebanon to jihad in Qusayr, not against Bashar el Assad and the Syrian Ba'ath dictatorship but against Shiites in Qusayr! Who is defending their families and land, and who will "Allah" grant victory to?

Default-user-icon Elias Nasr (Guest) 27 April 2013, 20:17

We need to understand the FSA are invading and hiding out in lebanese villages! I love the the Lebanese forces and hate bashar but I will prefer any hizballah member to any Syrian any day!

Thumb lebanon_first 27 April 2013, 20:44

brain surgeon. racist sectarian song.

Those poor misguided youth could probably not find a job, ended up working being enrolled by HA for 600$ a month and a bunch of promises, and died fighting a useless war. Poor boys....

When will the chiites of Lebanon wake up and stop voting for Hezb?
Hezb was a hero in 2006. Alas, HA lost legitimacy amongst lebanese when they invaded Beirut, HA lost their letgimacy amongst arabs when they fought with the satilinist regime... What was a source of pride for Lebanese became the bully of Lebanon...
When will our chiite brothers say enough adventures. enough conflicts. we want to live? When will they wake up and stop voting for Hezb? When will chiite civil society , chiite business owners, government employees, professionals, academics start a soft revolution to overthrow HA???

Thumb lebanon_first 27 April 2013, 21:58

To be precise, they didnt even dirty their hands invading. Mostly they sent their scum underlings (Amal- ahmad jibril-SSNP-Baath) all those dirty scum remnants of the civil war.

They 1- invaded, 2- won against a terrorized population, 3-put their terms, 4- then withdrew once they were sure their red lines were respected.
What are teh red lines? Since then, noone dares stop their statelet controlling airport, stealing port revenues, or installing private telecoms, let alone entering dahieh. Make no mistake. HA is our bully.

Thumb lebanon_first 27 April 2013, 23:00

FT. What is this superficial statement " the west doesnt want a peaceful middle east"? like if all the west is a monolithic bloc singing in unison?
Of course the marketing manager of McDonell Douglas does not want a peaceful middle east or the oil flanked republican hawks (bush and the gang) dont want a peaceful middle east. Exxon valdez want stability to drill for our gas, Most Democrats dont care abt middle east, Congress in general want Israel's interest (inter islamic conflicts), the west civil society wants peace in the middle east, the british want stability in lebanon to take oil contracts, the french want stability in lebanon to reestablish some of the former french grandeur.
Nobody is doing a plot against us. We have to take responsability of our own destiny and work together to protect our country instead of constantly looking abroad for cues.

Missing greatpierro 28 April 2013, 06:24

Hezb heros in 2006? I guess the war with Israel was calculated to give Hezb a renewed raison d'être since the withdrawal of the Israelis in 2000. It allowed them to reinforce their political and military power in Lebanon opening their way to control the Lebanese government.

Thumb shab 27 April 2013, 22:40

bring more pocorn

Missing peace 27 April 2013, 22:52

so funny how M8ers esp. FPMers defend a regime they fought against before wanting it destroyed, seeing them defend a milita they treated as terrorrist before! such a rejoicing to see how low they have become ... ah! brainwashing!

Missing peace 27 April 2013, 22:53

no dignity nor pride whatsoever because their orange leader told them so.... so pityful they are whatever they can say.....

Missing samiam 27 April 2013, 23:32

IMO, I still think the number is between 10x and 20x what is being reported. I am guessing around 100 HA 'jihadist' have actually been killed instead of the 6 actually been reported. HA hasn't exactly ever been forthright on a lot of its information.

Missing samiam 27 April 2013, 23:35

don't worry, they change their story to suit the situation after the facts are out there. First they weren't fighting in syria, now they are fighting in 'lebanese occupied shiite border towns' and next it will be something like helping the regime against jihadist rebels.

They always find a way to rationalize that they are nothing but iranian mercenaries.

Missing maroun 28 April 2013, 01:44

If they minded there own business and stayed home ,they would still be alive today.let the Syrians kill each other it isn't our business.using the protection of shia people is false excuse ,the Hizb is trying to protect there own interest and supply lines from iran and the Syrian regime ..anything else they say is false ..feel sorry for the innocent that die for nothing.

Missing h.mousawy 28 April 2013, 02:30

Maroun, please stop spreading your false accusations!! I agree that hezbollah was forcely mislead into the syrian crisis, but he, hezbollah, had no option but to defend bordering Lebanese towns and villages, or else, you would have the salafi's,wahhabi's & extremists here in Lebanon. Is that what you want?? Hezbollah is doing you a favour!! All they want is people like you to Shut up..

Thumb geha 28 April 2013, 06:55

doing us a favor? all they want is for us to shut up?
who appointed them? surely I did not! and would not.
they are executing an Iranian agenda, pure and simple, with the lives of young men in the balance.
if there are Lebanese in Syria, then they should move out. end of story.
this is not our country and we have nothing to do over there.

Missing maroun 28 April 2013, 02:57

i am not spreading anything..its facts. syrian is for syrians ..we should worry about our country and nothing else ...if the hizb wants to defend lebonon they should be all over the syrian lebanese your eyes and see the facts

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 28 April 2013, 03:09

Resisting Israelis in Syria no doubt.

Missing greatpierro 28 April 2013, 06:17

mon cher FT c'est exactement ce qui se passe et c'est pour cela que cela peut durer. Affaiblir à la fois, aussi bien les extrémistes islamiques que le hizbullah.

Missing maroun 28 April 2013, 06:41

you wouldn't find too many rational people commenting here .
i totally with what you have to say..most people here put there alliance with a group or another country before Lebanon.

Thumb whyaskwhy 28 April 2013, 07:48

Sad to see such misguided Lebanese youth... Instead of planning for their future someone else plans for their death and they are but ready to follow. All this will neither liberate Lebanon nor keep it free for that will not come from senseless deaths as this. If Iran feels so strongly about Syria why do they not openly send its Army, Navy and Airforce to help out the Slaughter of the people?

Thumb music66 29 April 2013, 13:41

well said whyaskwhy. why doesn't pm Iran and Khomeini send their own. Maybe as too throw off Israel into thinking ran has no involvement in Syria. major joke. things getting uglier by the day. god help us all. With no jobs or bright future for young men they are easily bought with a few dollars to fight someone else war. Dirty politician to keep their suits clean

Missing mohammad_ca 28 April 2013, 09:06

Hellfire just got more fuel.

Default-user-icon Responditto Volkambish (Guest) 28 April 2013, 09:55

The Sunnni, aka crazy filthy lunatic, al 3ar3our has gone berserk with 500+ stinking Sunnis (and they all are regardless of how much cologne they douse themselves in cause the stench of Sanni is beyond being cleansed) have been pummeled in 2 days in al Qusayr. Here, on Naharnet, we read the comments of the Sunnis, aka crazy filthy lunatics, talking about good riddance of "reported" six or so Hizbullah! Talking about confidence in numbers! Too bad these crazies did not fight the Syrians when they were over here crushing our skulls instead of wasting their energy now with their barking and self-satisfying and pathetic name calling, let alone seek creative means to cleanse themselves as almos impossible as this shall prove to be.

Default-user-icon Follando Zultanyi (Guest) 28 April 2013, 16:56

Huh? Will it be buried before the regime gets buried for the 9,472nd time since 2005? Thanks for the promise to all, though. But where can I sell it before it loses its value? At Supermarket Beit al-Wasakh of cheikh Saad al-Haribi Telteyn al-Marajil? I promise you all, huh! Iranian project in the Levant, huh! Weeds galore?

Thumb dandoun 29 April 2013, 08:34

ya waylkoun min allah !!!! no matter what he is Shi3e, sinni, mase7e, dirze..he has a soul and family...may his soul rest in peace no matter where or who he is fighting ...tfu 3lykoun ...

Thumb dandoun 29 April 2013, 08:37

u know .. i read a lot of comments...but to insult the dead that is just wrong .may u never rest in peace , not on earth nor when u go...tfu 3leek w 3ala trybeytak