Army to Stay in State of Alert in Tripoli for 3-6 Months to Contain ‘Lava of Syrian Volcano’

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese army is expected to remain in a state of alert in the northern port city of Tripoli for a period of three to six months to contain the latest deadly clashes that erupted between Alawites and Sunnis over a rally against the Syrian government.

Officials in Tripoli that are in contact with security authorities told An Nahar daily published Sunday that “the army succeeded in putting an end to the lava of the Syrian volcano and would continue along with the security forces to confront” a new eruption.

“The army will remain in a state of alert between three to six months until the neighboring volcano” stops from being active, the sources said. They were referring to the turmoil in Syria and anti-Assad demonstrations.

The fighting erupted on Friday in Tripoli’s Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen after hundreds of demonstrators gathered for a protest against Syria's Alawite president, Bashar Assad.

“It was wrong to consider the Tripoli incident as part of the local (political) crisis because it came as a result of the incidents in Syria,” the sources told An Nahar. Seven people were killed and 50 injured in the fighting.

The army command warned in a communique that the military “will respond with firmness and strength to the sources of fire from any side and will not show leniency with anyone carrying arms or jeopardizing the lives of people.”

Although the army deployed heavily in the two neighborhoods of Tripoli and their surroundings, Voice of Lebanon radio station said that two hand grenades were tossed at Jabal Mohsen overnight, injuring one person.

It did not give further details.

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Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 19 June 2011, 08:56

The Lebanese army should stay in Tripoli and clean the City ALONE , without the help of the interior security forces , that are part of the troubles .

As long as the new minister Charbel did not do any major changes on the head of the FSI , starting with Ashraf Riffi and Al Hassan and some of their Ze'eran in these forces , the FSi should stay away from Tripoli , and away from any scene , inside their caserne . The Army can do the job all over Lebanon .

We have to put an end to the Hariri security Wahhaby fanatic fundamentalist Saudi Sunni Salafi era and hegemony inside the security forces .

Missing motfeh 19 June 2011, 12:24

You sound a like a broken record. Tell me Le Phenicien when will you and your bainwashed troll friends resorts to facts, rather then vomiting your usual racist vomit against Muslims.

Before when your orangina drinking corporal was in Paris, he and you were anti Shiites, and now that Hezb el Sleh builds him a new house in Rabieh, you and him resort to insulting the Sunnis.

Default-user-icon Michel. (Guest) 19 June 2011, 12:47

Le phenicien, just by ur name i see ur a disgrace to everythin lebanon stands for..ur hate for sunnis is just blinding you..ur worse than christian-hating muslims, and people like u i dont even identify with since u dont deserve to be lebanese..take ur hatred away and let us live in peace, christians and muslims

Anyhow u said it, ur phenician, wherever that is..just an illusion like orangina is..the army never missed an opportunity to show it never could defend lebanon, startin in 75..unfortunately every sect had to do it, but now conditions are ripe for the army to do its job yet let me remind who didnt want the army to deploy in the south..who said nahr el bared was a red line not to be crossed...

Look at urself in the mirror, its all lies and darkness and bitterness..

Peace out loser, hope u never wake up, even when its too late