Tensions in Bir al-Abed as Personal Dispute Erupts into Gunfire

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A personal dispute between a building janitor and members of the al-Meqdad clan erupted into gunfire on Friday in the al-Meqdad neighborhood near al-Msharrafiyeh, state-run National News Agency reported.

The janitor opened fire from his pistol, which left Mohammed al-Meqdad and a man from al-Ashhab family critically wounded.

Earlier, MTV said two people were killed in the incident as al-Jadeed television said one person was killed and another was wounded.

“The Hadi Nasrallah Highway was closed near al-Zaghloul Restaurant as the army sent reinforcements to the area,” al-Jadeed said.

Security forces have launched a probe and are pursuing the shooter, NNA said.

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Thumb lebanon_first 21 June 2013, 21:25

looool.... can you beleive that?

Missing allouchi 21 June 2013, 21:30

Does that mean that al-Meqdad clan can re-start their kidnappings? :)

Thumb benzona 21 June 2013, 22:49

Purée, des hommes de cromagnon.... Chte jure quoi.

Missing lebnenzzz 22 June 2013, 00:37

My beautiful country, why must your people always be so harmful to you?

Missing theobserver 22 June 2013, 10:38

lol ... The janitor opened fire from his pistol !
this is a crazy country

Thumb nodelet 22 June 2013, 10:59

it's always exciting in lebanon

Missing halaktouna77 23 June 2013, 08:54

A dispute with a Janitor?! what happened? did they walk on a freshly mopped floor? Come on ... say it as it is ... this is too stupid to be true, even in Lebanon. What Janitor would hold a pistol? Additionally, I thought HA had their people on a leash ... seems they are spreading themselves too thin to maintain control and power.