Mustaqbal Says Unacceptable to Overlook Hizbullah 'Armed Activities' in Sidon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday stressed that “it is not acceptable anymore to turn a blind eye to the “armed activities of Hizbullah and associates” in Sidon, after the army managed to overrun Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir's security zone following fierce clashes that left 16 troops and at least 20 gunmen dead.

“We offer condolences to the Lebanese people and the residents of the city of Sidon and the surrounding areas,” the bloc said in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

“We condemn any attack on the army, for any reason and whichever side it may come from, because the army is the shield of the country and the attack that targeted it is a rejected criminal act that cannot be tolerated,” it added.

The army said the clashes erupted after Asir's gunmen attacked one of its checkpoints “for no reason” and “in cold blood.”

The bloc called for “pursuing and punishing the perpetrators,” stressing the need to “quickly implement a comprehensive security plan and to put an end to the armed activities of Hizbullah and its associates.”

“We call for continuing to impose the law on all violators and in all regions and the army must use one standard and principle in dealing with all parties as the law must not only be imposed on one region without another because balance and justice are the pillars of stability,” it noted.

“It is not acceptable anymore to turn a blind eye to the armed activities by Hizbullah and its associates and the city will not remain silent anymore over any attack on the dignity of its residents,” the bloc added.

Slain premier “Rafik Hariri's supporters had been and will always be on the side of the state and its institutions and with the army during all bitter experiences, and these supporters have the right to ask the army to endorse one standard, not double standards,” said the bloc.

It raised a number of questions concerning alleged armed activities by gunmen loyal to Hizbullah during the clashes.

“Who are the armed elements who fired on Rafik Hariri's house in Majdelyoun and why did the Resistance Brigades deploy in Abra. Why did the Brigades publicly erect military checkpoints, why did they ask for IDs and why did they search the cars of civilians? Why did Hizbullah members deploy on the Mar Elias Hill that overlooks Sidon?” said the bloc.

“Civil society institutions are awaiting clear answers and the implementation of a comprehensive plan in the city,” it added.

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Thumb benzona 25 June 2013, 19:52

The only threat to Hezbollah terrorists in saïda has been dealt with. What next? The time has come for our army to finish what they started UNLESS they are owned by the terrorist militia.


Missing witchhunter 25 June 2013, 20:22

Where all all the anti assir Dheads now? or are you all only against sunnis or christians with weapons not child slaying shia?

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 25 June 2013, 20:17

I support the army in quelling the rebelion in Sidon; However, I am against the army fighting side by side with Huzbullah. the army should invariably be neutral and in favor of all the Lebanese. The army should close all the cells of Huzbullah in sidon to prevent strife and dangerous consequences on Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Ferdimond Pishkaltouf (Guest) 25 June 2013, 20:18

These punks of al-Mustaqbal al-Ta3ees are receiving one boks after one labta after one kaff 3a ra2beton, and more variations of these is in store for the Sannis. t3isho wa teklo ghayra

Missing formerlebaniz 25 June 2013, 21:25

I don't know the world you live in but here on Earth in th21st century and in THIS universe, Hizbullah is NOT known to be anything need rational, it is labeled as a Terrorist organization in many countries, involved in several attacks against innocent civilians, AND multiple drug rings in South America and Africa.

Perhaps you should look up the news in this parallel universe and check the reality before you start blabbing on forums.

Thumb fero 25 June 2013, 21:44

then why dont you show me where they openely attacked an army barracks and killed 20 soldiers why dont you focus your hate on the sectarian idiot called asir who not only tired to turn this into a sunni shia conflict but also openely called for army me one day where hizbullah did that

Missing formerlebaniz 25 June 2013, 22:30

I remember once Nasrallah said in a televised speech (I was there and I saw it my self) The minute the Lebanese people no longer support Hizbullah carrying weapons, our weapons will cease to exist. Hizbullah weapons are not only no longer welcome by majority of the Lebanese, they are destroying the Lebanese society fabric. Keep your weapons destroy whatever left of this country, who knows maybe eventually you'll turn your head right or left and realize the lie you've been living in.

Missing formerlebaniz 25 June 2013, 22:30


I am glad that the only institute you haven't attacked YET is the Lebanese army. You have killed innocent civilians in Lebanon, Syria, Bulgaria, and several other countries to be indicted to yet. You have killed politicians in Lebanon and harboring their killers.

Regarding FlameThrower, that is absolutely true, but the reason EU is not listing Hizbullah as a terrorist organization is not because they don't think you are a bunch of thugs and terrorists, it's because they value whatever left of stability we have in Lebanon. Regarding the rest of the world? Just give it a year, things will change.

Thumb fero 25 June 2013, 21:40

it is funny even though hizbullah had nothing to do with this..and this was clearly asirs mess..i dont see how in anyway hizbullah has anything to do with this. nowhere in this article do they condemn asir or his people they are so ridiculous its sad now

Missing zahle_nights 25 June 2013, 21:43

Very well said formerlebaniz...

Missing zahle_nights 25 June 2013, 21:47

Asir should be brought to justice and be prosecuted. I want him to receive the death penalty for killing our brave soldiers... We condemn Asir. Let me say it again we condemn Asir. But any group or militia that carries weapons, they are violating the law -- including Hezbollah. So there is no difference between Assir groups and Hezbollah groups.. Why can't you people accept that??

Missing realist 25 June 2013, 22:34

True.. They assassinate anyone they want "rationally" , including the pm of Lebanon and scores others, invade Beirut and kill over 100 on may 7 " rationally" , tedrabi 3a hal bikini lol

Missing realist 25 June 2013, 22:37

It is because in the bigger picture Hezbollah serves their agenda , the majority of Arabs are sunis and imperialism always looks for tacit alliances minorities, why else are they not finishing the Syrian problem? Read history.

Thumb benzona 25 June 2013, 23:02

HA is Assad's ally who himself is Israel's ally. The EU is geographically closer to the ME than the US. If they list them, they'll get more Burgas like attacks. France and other countries are considering listing them nationally as a terrorist organization. Keep in mind that instability in Lebanon with Hezbollah's theats and assassinations keeps Israel more prosperous. They need each other to legitimize their own existence.

Missing formerlebaniz 25 June 2013, 23:53

It's simple logic, which is again the reason why you can't understand. It seems that logic has long been removed from your brain as a useless portion of it.

EU has not labeled yet Hizbullah as a terrorist group for ONE reason, it is concerned about whatever left of Lebanese stability. Qatar used to be a major alley to Hizbullah and it has labeled them as terrorist including all of the GCC countries. Canada is the LEAST country up US's ass they pride them selves of that fact actually. Regarding the rest of the 3rd world countries? give it a year, Hizbullah has been an internal problem to Lebanon and a thorn to Israel for most of it's past now they have involved directly in the slaughter in Syria this has changed ALL the calculations.

Missing formerlebaniz 25 June 2013, 23:53

Hizbullah used to be respected in the Arab world now a recent poll showed over 90% of the Arab world sees Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. Give it a year to go through the rest of the world and I assure you, you will be labeled the scum of this universe.