Kuwait Delays Parliamentary Election for Two Days

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Kuwait's cabinet decreed on Wednesday that planned parliamentary elections will now be held on July 27, two days later than the date initially set.

The delay results from the fact that a member of the previous parliament, dissolved by the constitutional court on June 16, had called on the court to explain part of the reasoning for its ruling.

The court, which declared last December's election unconstitutional, had been due to issue that statement on Wednesday, but the former MP abruptly withdrew his request.

Under the constitution, elections cannot be held less than one month from the date of the decree setting them.

The emirate has been rocked by a series of political crises since early 2006 between MPs and the government. Since May 2006, parliament has been dissolved six times either because of political disputes or by court order.

The turbulent political scene has also seen the cabinet resign about a dozen times.

Islamist, nationalist and most liberal opposition groups reiterated on Sunday that they will boycott next month's election.

But the main liberal opposition group, the National Democratic Alliance, and the country's largest tribe, the Awazem, said they will take part after boycotting the December election.

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