Tripoli Ulemas Accuse Army of Collaborating with Hizbullah against Sunnis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Ulemas of the northern city of Tripoli on Tuesday accused the Lebanese army of collaborating with Hizbullah to target members of the Sunni community and said the judiciary was receiving orders from Iran.

“The military is collaborating with Hizbullah to fight Sunnis,” Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi said following a meeting that the Ulemas held hours after Tripoli witnessed tension that left one person dead.

He accused the army of disrespecting itself by asking for the assistance of a “militia” against the Sunni sect.

The Sheikh called on President Michel Suleiman and Caretaker Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn to reveal what he said was the torture and killing of Sunni detainees at the Defense Ministry in Yarze.

“If our Christian partners are turning a blind eye to what's happening to Sunnis, then their turn will come” in the future, he warned.

Al-Rafehi also accused Hizbullah's main backer Iran of dragging Sunni youths to a battle with the army. “Some members of the military are receiving orders from Iran and killing our sons,” he said.

The cleric was referring to the latest arrest and alleged abuse of Sunni detainees after a deadly battle between troops and supporters of radical Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir in the southern city of Sidon.

There have been claims that the army is committing abuses against people suspected of links to last week's clashes in which around 18 soldiers and more than 20 supporters of al-Asir died.

Last week, the army said it had ordered a "major investigation" into the beating of a suspect.

A video footage created controversy showing the man saying he worked in Asir's mosque, but that he has no weapons and had nothing to do with the fighting.

The video also shows one man in civilian clothing hitting him, then a soldier kicking him and finally several others joining in.

A man is heard ordering those filming with their telephones to stop, and the footage ends abruptly.

The meeting of the Ulemas came against the backdrop of the alleged abuses and tension in Tripoli at dawn Tuesday which left one man dead.

Salim Amin al-Ashqar, 75, died after inhaling smoke from shops that were burned by armed men to protest the arrest of a suspect who had appeared alongside singer-turned Salafist Fadel Shaker in a video circulated in the wake of the gunbattles in Sidon.

Sheikh Mohammed Imam, who also spoke during the press conference of the Ulemas, described Tripoli as a “victim,” saying it was being “punished and marginalized.”

“Why are arms being used in the streets and no one has an answer?” he asked.

He urged all officials to assume their responsibilities.

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Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 14:41

thank you hizbushaitan for increasing sectarian violence in Lebanon.
now we have to deal with both sunni and shia extremism.
God help us.

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 16:10

You can thank the KSA and Qatar for the violence in Tripoli. They are the patrons of this violence.

Oqab Saqr and Saad Hariri were using Tripoli to supply arms and recruit fighters for the Syrian War with KSA funds ...

Qatar was giving money to at least one Sheikh in Tripoli to the tune of $50,000 for the conflict with Jabal Mohsen under Red Crescent cover.

Was it the dear Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi? Did he get political cover for the money received? ... Some Sheikh in Tripoli did ...

""The suspect mentioned that he had recently paid $50,000 to a known Salafi preacher in Tripoli to help his supporters continue fighting in Bab al-Tabbaneh against Jabal Mohsen.""

Qatar Red Crescent Funds Syrian Rebel Arms

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 16:39

what a trustworthy source! al akhbar? the best source of fabricated news :)

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 16:59

@ geha .... from Naharnet!

Report: Army Intelligence Arrests Jordanian Extremist Funding Syrian Rebels

Thumb ado.australia 02 July 2013, 17:11

Geha, is hezb bi tahir a result of hezballah? Why don't you stop your bigot automatic response for a second and think about it. Hezb tahir was banned in every Arab country until Ahmed Fatfat (acting as Interior minister after Hassan saaba resigned following the ashrafieh, mohummed riot aftermath in 2005) legalized this salafi extremist party that rejects the notion of a Lebanese republic in place of a Muslim caliphate! This treachouros fanatical party is now openly justifying the murder of the Lebanese watan army!

How can you continue to justify their terrorists salafi agenda? you claim to be a Maronite from jounie but you are nothing but an imposter that is trying to cause division through you sectarian hate fueled rants!

We all know what you are, and anyone that is against the Lebanese State and the LAF will be crushed with the full support of the patriotic Lebanese!

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 17:48

Everything you said is true, Hezb tahir, SSNP Nasserites,(and few more) and Hezbullah should all be band because they all do not believe in Lebanon.
Hexbollah is the largest, best armed (Palestinians are the next best armed)and poses the biggest danger currently to the existence of the Lebanese State.
I proposed earlier to phoenix that we can remove arms proportionally from each group (so no one would say I can not give up my arms because the other guys have theirs)....... continue the process of removing arms proportionally until we clean the land.

Thumb ado.australia 02 July 2013, 18:11

Helicopter... I agree. But hezballah is not against the lebanese state. I and most Lebanese want them to integrate into Lebanese state control, but we can't expect them to do so under threats and sectarian hatred. Through respect and trust, they will be forced to integrate if we are united through our patriotism of Lebanon. They are not anti lebanon, like these other groups you mentioned. They have renounced their aim of an Islamic state. But we need a strong patriotic armed force, and hezballah is a military strength we should be proud of. If it were not for them, would the Palestinian camps have stayed quiet when assir called for them to rise up in jihad against the army? The reason they didn't was their fear of Hezbollah crushing them!

We all want the same thing... A strong LAF. Hezbollah's military wing joining with the LAF is the best solution. The Jews did the same thing with their Jewish militias and the idf.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 18:32

that is where you are wrong: all extremists are against Lebanon.
Lebanon stands with moderation, joy of life openness, democracy,... which are all values against the principles of any extremist organization from whichever side they come.
please revise your comment accordingly ado.

Default-user-icon WillyG (Guest) 02 July 2013, 21:54

Ado I'm sorry but you are wrong. You cannot accuse the salafists of one thing without accusing hezb. of many other. I read these posts and shake my head. You guys are so quick to name call and insult each others opinions. This is exactly why Leb is a joke. We still cannot learn that this bickering and secretarian division is the root of all our problems. these groups serve interests of those outside lebanon and themselves. They serve Iran, Syria, Saudis, America, etc. It is a pipe dream but hezb as the powerhouse should think of their own people for once and set the example and give up their arms and remain a political force. they cannot merge with the laf as this will bring a multitude of unforeseen problems (hierarchy/gives Israel an excuse to mess with us, etc.). An efforts to root out ridiculous groups like Asirs must come froma unified governmental effort and the laf. No one else.......

Missing freemind 02 July 2013, 17:26

why do u guys ALWAYS put the blame on Hezb. Open up, look around, read, get informed. It's like a broken disk.

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 17:50

Maybe because Hezb controls the State and the army. Maybe because their refusal to disarm prompted others to arm. Maybe because their refusal to demarcate the border with Syria makes Lebanon open field for all trouble makers. Maybe because they are Syrian and Iranian agents. Maybe because they do not turn in their criminals to be tried in court ........... oh why bother, the more I say the more defensive you get.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 02 July 2013, 15:00

Oh waouw 'Ulemas'! we are in 2013 science took over long ago now...
Those Ulemas are out of time and space except in 3rd world countrie

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 17:59

Ulemas and Sayyeds may I add.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 15:05

the problem of the above commentators is the following:
they are as sectarian and extremists as these ulemas! but the other side of the same coin.
if they were true with their comment, they would simply acknowledge that hizbushaitan extremism is the root cause for this increase in sectarian sentiments in Lebanon.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 15:20

yeah I believe you.
your analogy is correct: the original sin of hizbushaitan is they are extremists, and others followed them. :)

Thumb primesuspect 02 July 2013, 15:47

if you want to use apple and pears we can remind that the the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... interpret it as you wish keeping in mind that the mother of insatiable terrorism in the middle east was and remains Iranian theocracy

Thumb Lebanon4life 02 July 2013, 15:09

If our turn will come then I don't suggest them to make any mistake !!!

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 15:21

"“Some members of the military are receiving orders from Iran and killing our sons,” "

No your sons are listening to your hatred and joining Takfiri groups like the group of 25 that was ambushed in Syria some months ago, to your shame.

Thumb primesuspect 02 July 2013, 15:49

jajajaja u r hilarious. everything u say is true.... sadly!

Thumb Chupachups 02 July 2013, 15:55

Far out man, farr out... what's up their orifice?

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 16:00

I'm wondering if the dear Sheikh was the unnamed Sheikh that was to receive $50,000 from the Qatari agent using Red Crescent cover.

"The suspect mentioned that he had recently paid $50,000 to a known Salafi preacher in Tripoli to help his supporters continue fighting in Bab al-Tabbaneh against Jabal Mohsen."

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 17:54

$50,000 is all? That is just change moonney. It will not pay the salaries of 10% of Hezb fighters for one month. I wonder where Hezb get their 100s of Millions from? Iran, Airport, Sour's seaport, drugs, kidnapping, stolen cars.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 16:01

FYI: hizbushaitan colleagues issued the threats :)

Missing theobserver 02 July 2013, 16:06

God Bless our Patriarch AL Rahi for siding with our non-sectarian secular resistance ?

Hilarious ! Keep on distorting the facts.
So now if the patriarch says something u don't agree with he's a pro-Hizaballah !
Did u miss the speach of the patriarch when he laid the responsibilities to both M8 and M14 ?

Missing theobserver 02 July 2013, 16:11

Now it's time for the future movement to stand up besides the army and prevent the situation to escalate to a sunni-shii strife that will divide the army.
This is what General Kahwaji first said : we need the politicians to take a clear stance towards the army.
He was criticized by the future and was asked to explain himself, but now the events are showing that he was right

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 16:44

once more: extremism creates only extremism.
events are only confirming that.
as for mustaqbal: why would they intervene? most of their leaders have been murdered by the extremists hizbushaitan, while most of the others are threatened daily by the same extremists hizbushaitan.
you threaten people then you ask them to help you contain the shit you created?

Missing lebaneseamerican 02 July 2013, 16:26

I have heard people in the US decribe disaster areas (after tornados) by saying it looks like lebanon lol.

To be fair against tripoli, all of lebanon has areas like this, even beirut.

Thumb LebCynic 02 July 2013, 16:48

The LAF has the right to consult with its community groups to establish and maintain peace for all citizens. If one community group continues to disturb the peace by attacking the LAF, then further consultation is required with all citizens to establish a management plan for extremists disturbing the peace. God bless and protect our army.

Thumb ado.australia 02 July 2013, 17:24

If a community continues to disturb the peace by attacking the LAF, then they should be crushed. Full stop! What other self respecting nation would allow attacks on their police or defence forces? None of them would. Civil disobedience, protests, boycotts... Yes these are legitimate ways to protest... But attacks on the military? No way, this is unjustified terrorism. The LAF is the only non sectarian, Truely Lebanese national institution, and it is being undermined by these wahabi cannables! God bless the LAF in this struggle. Lebanon is more than just a small nation of religious sects, it's a message to the world that fanatics will not win!

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 18:09

Unlless that community is stronger than the LAF, in that case we play by their rules (including the LAF)

Thumb ado.australia 02 July 2013, 18:34

Helicopter... No! No one is stronger than the LAF if we are all united. The only way hezballah can play by their own rules is when we are divided and there are sections that are attacking them only due to their sect. Stop the sectarian attacks on the Shiites and we can be united. If the christains were being attacked in the same way, we would be less disciplined in our response than our shiites brethren... They are teaching us a lesson in turning the other check and doing a much better job than us Maronites have done in the past.

Default-user-icon TheTruth (Guest) 02 July 2013, 17:41

In order to save Lebanon and secure a peaceful future, all militias in Lebanon need to be disarmed immediately and with no exceptions and the leadership of the army needs to be totally impartial.

Thumb lebanon_first 02 July 2013, 17:49

What did he mean "the turn of the christians will come in the future"? Does he have special "cheikh" plans to torture christians in the future?

Default-user-icon TheTruth (Guest) 02 July 2013, 18:02

I think he means that just as the Sunnis are being harassed by HA there is no guarantee that the Christians won't be harassed the same way in the future by HA

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 18:34

no what he is saying is that now hizbushaitan are attacking sunnis, and when they are finished with them it will be our turn.
actually it makes sense somehow, if it happens.

Thumb ado.australia 02 July 2013, 17:51

Mowaten, these ulemas are being represented by el Rafhie... The hezb bil tahir spokesman! The same salafi group that believes in the destruction of Lebanon and the califite empire! We are all forgetting that he has threatened all christains by saying "their turn will come"!

I ask hakim Geagea, what is your reponce to this threat against Lebanese Christians?

Thumb _citizen_ 02 July 2013, 19:51

I pity you coz you read but don't understand what you read. Geha explained it to you below, but you remain a loose canon spreading rumors and confusion. BTW, where do you get that this hizb al tahrir believes in the destruction of lebanon? huh? Do you know that every party registered with the ministry of interior has its articles of association registered! Are you telling us this Hizb of tahrir has it in their charter on record with the ministry of interior that it believes in the destruction of lebanon or is this what you believe they believe? People such as you are absolutely repulsive!

Missing helicopter 02 July 2013, 18:03

What was said could have double meaning:
1) It coulld mean what the_roar suggested
2) It could mean that Hezb will do to them what they are doing to the Sunnis now.
The second interpretation is the excuse General Aoun used to partner with them. It is the same reason that prompted Jumblat to switch sides.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 19:15

yes you are right: this is exactly what the army did on may 7.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 20:16

and hizbushaitan wants ... what?
the Lebanese state? they are systematically destroying all the state.
they want sunnis? they have killed many of their leaders and exiled another part.
and you want us to believe they will leave the Christians unharmed? dream on: extremists want the same thing.

Thumb nodelet 02 July 2013, 20:41

everyday the Shi3a of lebanon proving their righteousness and wise thinking
God Bless You my fellow brothers,

Missing ghassan 03 July 2013, 01:13

actually they are proving their hypocrisy and hate for non-shiites. This is why everyone against hezballah is labeled cannibal wahhabi or cannibal lover. They are trying to equalize hate for hezballah with love for wahhabism to scare people in to supporting them. Shiites are more close to the cannibals than anyone else. All of this fitna made by shiites when they are a minority makes me ask, imagine if they were a majority? there would be no christians, nor muslims left as they would have been slaughtered a long time ago and only shiites would have remained.

Thumb _citizen_ 02 July 2013, 21:02

Does the American Public know you are a staunch supporter of Hizbullah? and what do they have to say about that? What a fake you really are..... !

Thumb Bandoul 02 July 2013, 21:05

I am a United states citizen and 90% of us don't favor either IRAN funded Shia HA terrorist mercenaries or KSA funded heart eating wahabi salafist terrorist mercenaries. We really despise both of you equally and think you are both the scourge of the earth. In fact I believe my government ceases your HA assets and disrupts your HA tobacco smuggling and prostitution rings in the USA on a regular basis. Please do not speak on behalf of the us US citizens. If you claim to be yourself a US citizen, I remind you in the pledge of allegiance at the oath ceremony you took, you chose the USA to be your motherland and your motherland says you are supporting terrorists and you should immediately stop.

Thumb nodelet 02 July 2013, 21:07

lol grow up american wanna-be

Thumb Bandoul 02 July 2013, 21:10

Above was directed at lebpatriot just in case there was any confusion.

Thumb Bandoul 02 July 2013, 22:31

@lebpatriot, You are the one insulting our intelligence: the majority of us are law abiding citizens. Our country has labeled your beloved HA a terrorist organization. Now you may whine and snivel then spout lies and innuendos as much as you want, it is your right but at the end of the day they will remain a terrorist organization. Do not claim to know how we feel or patronize us about knowing the difference between two terrorist ideologies that stem from the same religion which oppress women, strip them of their civil rights and treat them like merchandise to say the least of the evil they do, day in and day out. You want to debate? Then step up and state your facts without ridiculing your opponent. That's what civilized educated people do.

Thumb Bandoul 02 July 2013, 22:52

@lebpatriot, the heart eating Wahhabi terrorist is no different to us than an HA fighter slamming a cement block onto the head of unarmed Wahhabi prisoner and crushing it. The Al-Qaeda terrorists who blew up our Wold Trade centers are no different to us than those HA terrorists who blew up our Marine barracks in Beirut. to us, both are illiterate savages who belong in the stone age. We disavow and loathe you equally, get it? We don't care which of you is less evil. If you support either and sponsor either, then you're one of them and just as evil as them. Weave and dodge all the same, the facts will never change. Both terrorists, both murderers, both not worthy to be labeled human.

Missing ghassan 03 July 2013, 01:01

lebpatriot, are you suggesting that the main person of shiaism, ie. ali, didnt have a muslim caliphate? Shiaism propagates a shiite caliphate but witha supreme leader and wilayet el fakih instead of caliphate and caliph so whats the diffirence? You bring up wahhabis killing americans, when shiites killed americans in lebanon, you bring up iraq violence without mentioning shiite violence against non-shiites in iraq. Muslims, assyrian christians, and sabeans all have been slaughtered by shiites in iraq. Not to forget the bombings on argentinian jews nor the killings of hezballah and amal or ssnp affiliated shiites. Its funny how you try to play the part of a liberal shia as if thats what shiaism stands for. Your religion is not better than wahhabism.

Missing ghassan 03 July 2013, 01:07

Shiite ayatollah threatens christians: Convert or die:,-conversion-to-Islam-or-death-26636.html

There is plenty more from where that came from. Who are you trying to fool lebpatriot? shiaism is from the devil.

Missing ghassan 03 July 2013, 01:18

Yeah ok, so killing muslims, americans, christians, jews and whoever else they want is halal for shiites because they were opressed? And who are you to label anyone a real american or real lebanese or real anything? There is no such thing as a real american or real lebanese, as people can be 100% american or 100 % lebanese while having completly opposite thoughts or opinions on things.

Missing ghassan 03 July 2013, 01:19

Shiites torturing innocents in iraq just because their name was omar is halal. That is the shia reasoning on things.

Missing peace 02 July 2013, 22:56

the army collaborates with hezbi because they have no other choice... if the army operates with hezbis as they do with others then you d see hezbis fire at them and split the army... no more clean speeches on how hezbis respect praise and defend this institution! LOL!

so hezbis controls the army under the threat of splitting it....

Missing m.c. 03 July 2013, 00:52

What's your source that gave you the exact percentage of 10 percent of American. So by contrast, you mean 90 percent of Americans support Assad and his quest to rid Syria of all cannibals. I would agree if you were to say that most Americans do not want any part in the Syrian conflict but that is unrelated to what they see as right or wrong, they simply don't care and don't think another Arab conflict is in their best interest. Also, the world with the exception of a handful of nations, Russia, China, Iran, Cuba and maybe Venezuela, are opposed to Assad but unwilling to enter into a battle to remove him. I say, it is wiser to stick to facts as rumors or makeshift analysis are merely just that.

Missing m.c. 03 July 2013, 01:30

great attempt, Glenn Beck, the epic of journalism and truth telling in America. Listen, Glenn never sites the source of his data, except he says 15 (not 10 percent) of Americans support this group and 11 percent want troops fighting there. His sole purpose of this is to make a conservative point, that the US government is (although they have not yet) arming these heart eating men (although it is sad to use one video showing a sick disturbed individual doing it) while calling to control weapons in the US. Good try though.

Missing m.c. 03 July 2013, 02:14

Classic example that debating does not require intelligence. Believe me, if 1 million or more die in Syria, I won't lose sleep over it, so do not label them my rebels, of all people, you should not judge me for siding with what I feel is right or wrong, it shows lack of understanding on your part, not mine. You won't be afforded another reply.

Default-user-icon Peridon Vizavi (Guest) 03 July 2013, 08:49

The Sannis Lunaticus Berserki genetic mutation that affects all Sannis has gone out of control Sanni nationwide. My call is to all genetic engineers to work on a MIRACLE CURE. However, let's also pray to Saint Charbel, the patron saint of the Sannis hol Minnina party for a miracle BEFORE the next elections!

Missing peace 03 July 2013, 11:51

of course the army cannot but collaborate with hezbis... if not it would split under the threat of hezbis.... so they turn a blind eye on all law infringements by hezbis and thus give the impression that they are siding with them but they cannot do otherwise....

if the army was to take hezbi weapons you would see hezbis forget all their nice speeches about the army, that they help them, they respect the institution... they would rather shoot them like rabbits if the army go against hezbis....
hezbis patriotic? LOL! only in their fake hypocrit speeches....

Missing thomas... 03 July 2013, 11:56 missed your dose of smart pills this morning again,allah yesa3dak.

Missing thomas... 03 July 2013, 12:03

R.FT. YOU ARE NOTHING ,but a fake 3 dollar bill. leave the lady alone you little whimp.

Thumb Bandoul 03 July 2013, 15:33

I am not your darling, please refrain from showing your disdain with your own inability to debate by patronizing your opponent. I tried very hard to address you with respect but you make it difficult because you choose to skirt the issue and be infantile. So be it. The point which you fail to accept is that you idolize and support a militia which the United States has labeled a terrorist organization. That is your choice and I respect that. However this mean you have chosen to be an enemy of the United States. Good for you and good luck with that. As an enemy of the United States, you don't get to assume how we feel about one terrorist over the next or which so-called freedom fighter we support over the next. Speak only for yourself or kindly zip it. Nothing more needs to be said.

Thumb Bandoul 03 July 2013, 15:47

P.S. Glen Beck is an American just like Michael Moore and Al Sharpton. These folks exercise their constitutional rights to free speech day in and day out. They are but 3 people out of 320 million Americans. Their opinions, which they get paid for, are just that, opinions and they are entitled to make them. I happen to agree Al-Qaeda and all their affiliate are terrorists and thus not my friends. What's your point? HA is still and will continue to be a terrorist organization whose assets and drug trafficking and prostitution activities will continue to be obstructed by the FBI, CIA and the NSA. You are all terrorists, opposite sides to the same coin, regardless which of you is tamer. We don't care!