Army: Detainee in Shaker's Video Confessed to Smuggling Arms into Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Army Command announced on Tuesday that the man arrested for appearing in a video alongside former singer Fadel Shaker had confessed to smuggling weapons into Lebanon.

It said in a statement that Ghali Haddara confessed to smuggling arms and ammunition into the so-called security zone in Abra in the southern city of Sidon.

He revealed that some of the weapons were smuggled into Abra two days before the eruption of the two-day clashes with the army on June 22, it added.

Haddara who was arrested in a tourist resort on June 28 was found possessing equipment to make explosives, announced the Army Command.

Eighteen soldiers were killed and 50 were wounded in clashes in Sidon between the army and armed supporters of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir on June 22 and 23.

More than 20 of al-Asir's supporters were killed, according to a security official.

Dozens of them were also arrested, but there was no sign of the cleric.

On Monday, unrest erupted in the northern city of Tripoli in light of Haddara's arrest.

He was arrested for interrogation after he appeared alongside singer-turned-Islamist militant Fadel Shaker in a video circulated in the wake of the Abra battle.

Shaker is now on the run with fellow fugitive al-Asir.

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Thumb primesuspect 02 July 2013, 15:54

the army became the problem: they let hizballa terrorists smuggle rockets and light machine guns for years, now everyone has the god given right to do the same. shame on our 'glorious' army. yes, shame on them.

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 16:15

Here we go again !!!

It is the fault of HA that Assir supporters ambushed and slaughtered Army soldiers and officers ...

Try again primesuspect ...

Thumb primesuspect 02 July 2013, 16:56

Yes, they defend the grande Lebanon in Homs, Aleppo, buenos aires, Abra....

U should read urself.

Thumb bashir 02 July 2013, 17:06

Try to improve your reading comprehension or make friends with a westerner mckini.He's ,correctly. pointing out the the country is awash with weapons thanks to no restraints against Hizbshaitan. He is talking about weapons, as is the article, NOT that bearded Sunni traitor.

Thumb lebanon_first 02 July 2013, 17:59

@ mowaten.
Agree assir uses his arms to destroy lebanon.
But HA uses his arms for the grandeur of Iran. When Lebanon's interests are aligned with iran, then he helps lebanon. When lebanon's interests are against Iran (May 7, qusair, Iranian embassy murder), HA chooses Iran.
Fhama ya mowaten. HA is acting with restraint because this is what iran wants. He would not hesitate for a moment to kill every single lebanese if Khamenei asks him so.
And no I am not a cannibal, and I hate Assir as much as Nasrallah.

Thumb geha 02 July 2013, 15:57

who would not admit whatever under the army torture?

Thumb mckinl 02 July 2013, 16:17

More despicable lies from the master of poorly crafted deceit.

Thumb cedre 02 July 2013, 16:32

I wonder how long they tortured him shouting : "YA ZAYNAB".

Missing zahle_nights 02 July 2013, 16:33

I don't doubt that he smuggled the weapons... I mean isn't it everyone's job these days??? It seems we are all in the business of smuggling weapns to this little tiny country called Lebanon... I mean do Lebanese have anthing else to do beside smuggling weapons?? I agree with you primesuspect. The prolem is the Army allowed and it is still allowing Hizbulah to smuggle weapons.. This is the main problem that we are facing. Smuggling of weapons by Hizbulah must stop now, or else everyone will follow the same behavior.

Thumb LebCynic 02 July 2013, 16:50

This terrorist should be executed for treason against Lebanon.

Thumb bashir 02 July 2013, 17:03

Hizbshaitan uses it's weapons to kill Syrian civilians, but clowns will continue to argue they use them to 'defend lebanon'

Thumb sophia_angle 02 July 2013, 17:10

we will not rest until you two asir n foufou will be in prison for life!