Asir in Alleged Audio Message Speaks of Plot to End His Presence in Abra

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, whose fate became uncertain after the army stormed his headquarters on June 24, resurfaced Thursday in an alleged audio message in which he described the deadly Sidon clashes as a plot aimed at ending his presence.

“You will know and everyone must know the normal context of the incident, or rather the massacre, that happened, which is not an isolated incident, as we had raised the voice several times over the attacks of the Party of Satan (Hizbullah), the criminal AMAL Movement and the shabiha (thugs) of the so-called Lebanese army, which is in the service of Hizbullah, AMAL Movement, the criminal Syrian regime and the Iranian regime,” Asir says in the audio recording.

“These attacks have not only targeted us, but have also targeted the entire Sunni sect, ever since Syria started its hegemony over Lebanon … such us jailing our young men, torturing them, stepping on their beards and necks and interrogating them in a provocative sectarian manner, and lately one of the soldiers pushed another soldier against one of our sisters who wears niqab and he fell over her,” Asir added.

He said he was fully aware that “a confrontation was being plotted” against his group because Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan “Nasrallah knew that he would lose a direct confrontation against us after he lost in (Syria's) Qusayr.”

“The scenario was to pit us in a confrontation with the army, that's why we raised our voices high throughout seven months to say that the 'apartments of strife' tried to assassinate my son amid daily provocations and several mediations that prevented us from making any move to close the apartments, and we complied with every initiative and remained calm,” Asir claimed.

He accused the army of deploying in the Abra region in order to “protect the apartments” that he had claimed were being used by Hizbullah to stockpile weapons and monitor his movements.

Asir also accused the army of “insulting us and harassing us and our women.”

“We repeated several times that we want coexistence and to live in peace with everyone, but I asked them to put out the fire and vacate the apartments and my demand was not heeded,” he said.

Asir noted that several weeks before the deadly “incident” at an army checkpoint in Abra, his group detected unusual movements on the Mar Elias Hill, the Sharhabil Hill and in Haret Saida “and several other locations.”

“We asked the (Internal Security Forces') Intelligence Bureau to probe the issue, but no one responded,” the fugitive cleric added.

He claimed that gunmen loyal to Hizbullah “expelled residents from the buildings and heavily stockpiled weapons.”

“We informed the relevant authorities that a major battle was being prepare and no one was able to do anything,” Asir added.

“The incident happened when the army erected a checkpoint outside our mosque and its sole mission was to harass us and the worshipers. They used to remove the checkpoint after the end of the prayer at the mosque and erect it again during prayer time to harass our youths,” he said, accusing troops of “beating up a bearded taxi driver and a passenger over the possession of a baton.”

Explaining the incident that sparked the fierce deadly clashes, Asir said: “I asked my office manager Sheikh Ahmed Hariri to go to the checkpoint and ask them to remove it because we couldn't tolerate what's happening anymore, so Sheikh Ahmed and one of the brothers, who were of course armed, went there and spoke with the officer, who started raising his voice gradually before bullets rained down on us.”

“I saw the incident through the surveillance camera and I dare them to broadcast the video that they confiscated from Bank Audi to expose all the liars who condemned the attack on the army,” said Asir.

He added that troops opened fire, “which prompted our men to retreat and defend themselves, and at that moment heavy gunshots rained down on everyone, on the army and on our men, most probably from an apartment belonging to Hizbullah in the building of KFC.”

“One of our men was killed and several others were wounded and the shelling and bullets did not stop when the men retreated to the mosque,” Asir said.

“Is it logical that an incident happened at a checkpoint while bullets and shells were ready to be fired from Haret Saida and Sharhabil over an incident at a checkpoint? Even if an officer and a soldier were killed?” he wondered.

He claimed that it was a “premeditated decision” because “if we wanted to open fire on the army, Sheikh Ahmed would not have gone to the barracks and the issue is a big lie and the decision was taken to end Ahmed al-Asir amid the consent of some local figures and a lot of Lebanese parties from the March 14 and March 8 camps.”

Inside Asir's headquarters complex, which includes a mosque, several office buildings and apartment blocks, explosives and weapons, – including rocket launchers, snipers and machineguns -- were found.

"It looks more like a security fortress than a mosque," caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel told reporters in the wake of the clashes, adding that several Asir supporters detained by security forces were non-Lebanese.

According to an army statement, the clashes erupted after Asir supporters attacked a checkpoint in “cold blood” and "for no reason."

Eighteen soldiers were martyred and 20 others were wounded in the attack and in the fierce clashes that ensued. Twenty of Asir's gunmen were also killed.

"The interior minister sent us a message in an indirect manner in which he warned that 'Ahmed al-Asir's head is wanted' and 'Ahmed al-Asir must die'," the cleric added in the recording.

Asir called on the Sunni community to “break the barrier of fear and fear only God,” urging them to protest “in a peaceful and civilized manner” after Friday prayers “in coordination with the Muslim clerics.”

“I don't want to hear that there is frustration. God will show the right and we will return to raise the flag of right, whether they like it or not,” Asir pledged.

He noted that the audio message, whose authenticity could not be independently verified, was recorded on Thursday.

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Thumb phoenician 04 July 2013, 21:50

To hell and never back the lot of you,
Partition please.

Missing hillsong 04 July 2013, 22:18

The army & hezb did not finish the job & now the truth comes out, i dont care who is who but justice needs to be served, if its true then i expect this government to put a leech on hezball

Missing hillsong 04 July 2013, 22:47

it is known fact that according to 12ver shia ideology they are armed cause they are waiting for the mehdi, Hezb & the shia will never give up their arms, its called "Active Waiting" cause they balive the shia mehdi is going to need an army to take on Israel & the sunnis. Research it for yourself

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:45

you're teh leech dude, and who the heck even listens to that salafi freako?

Thumb benzona 05 July 2013, 02:22

Could be, could be not. The truth is probably somewhere in between. As I said months ago, he lost my support the day he armed himself. I didn't mind the road blockades and demos, even if Sidonian businesses weren't too happy of it.... But one day he shifted and became like the enemy he is pursuing.

I beleive his men were ambushed and that the army is far from neutral. But I also beleive he shouldn't have returned fire and their martyrdom would have had huge echos worldwide.

Now, we end up with a ben laden wannabe in terms of mobilization of jihad etc... Things that only a few radicals will follow.... Prior to this event, he had much more attention and respect.

Finally, happy 4th of July to my american friends.... 3abel dawrna!

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:48

"I beleive his men were ambushed and that the army is far from neutral"

seriously now? you're calling him a victim and slandering the army? shame on you benzona, you don't hesitate to spit on the army based on a crazy fanatic's rants. a crazy fanatic who's men blatantly assaulted the army killing several soldiers. giving credit to his words is giving credit to the words of a criminal gang leader.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 11:55

LOL guys, i think you are insulting God by pretending you are using your brain, all the while inventing ludicrous circumstances and trying to keep the real facts in the dark. The attack of assir's men on the army was in broad daylight, and their identity was crystal clear.

Thumb Bandoul 05 July 2013, 18:33

Ben, thanks for the happy 4th wishes. Grilled, drank beer, played cards, it was grand :) How's the new born nephew? Did you get assigned diaper duties yet to relief the exhausted parents not doubt?

Missing samiam 04 July 2013, 21:53

bin laden wannabee

hopefully he ends up as sharkfood also...

Missing lebcan 05 July 2013, 05:27

I know, even the west is more focused on Snowden and Mandala... its like the Zionist west and the Zionist Iranian Hizbshitan are in agreement... lets give our Buddy Assad More time ... maybe he'll finish the job while were not looking...
Inshallah Assad The Butcher will be delt a Surprise blow Soon... I hope.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:49

lol RFT, HA got the government busy by attacking the army and causing strife with their salafi brigades? man get real for a second, i see in other posts you like to write fiction, it seems you lost the sense of what's real and what's not.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:50

and bani, yes the US and israel stopped talking about it since assir came out, he's such a great important man that the world also stopped spinning. -_-

Missing thomas... 05 July 2013, 10:52

roaring-flameinhaler.we heard the same scream in qusayre from you last month,now it.s homs,next is aleppo,keep screaming! i hope you like screaming mr transves.... you are going to realy get a lot of pain.

Thumb geha 04 July 2013, 21:53

wish he has gone to hell. but no we are not that lucky.
what can we expect?
since the face off way did not succeed, I expect now the covert way to start, i.e. bombings of hizbushaitan areas and elements.
we are definitely in civil war mode.
hope hizbushaitan are happy! we are not.

Thumb primesuspect 04 July 2013, 22:10

I hope you're wrong about the bombings etc... But if you are then it'll be the confirmation that he is working for Assad.

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:51

yea, that a salafi fanatic starts committing terrorist attacks against shia "kufars" would definitely be a proof. *facepalm

Thumb primesuspect 04 July 2013, 22:09

I don't like the guy but I believe him.

Thumb cedre 04 July 2013, 22:13

me too, hate assir, but dont believe he ordered killing of soldiers, not his style, he's just talk no action.
Hopelly he'll get arrested and judged so we'll know what happened really...

Missing greatpierro 04 July 2013, 22:18

He cannot have any excuse as he has been arming himself and his men to the teeth.

Thumb cedre 04 July 2013, 22:40

to be armed to the teeth is normal in the failed state called Lebanon...

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 04 July 2013, 22:20

What a loser. you are not welcome in the lebanese behaviour

Thumb benzona 04 July 2013, 22:44

It's obvious that he was set up but the hezb and their accomplices in army command. But what can we do?

Of course, he has to be judged and punished for the lives he and his men took, and for his own followers he endoctrined and sacrificed.

Oh, it's Thursday night, I have to take the trash out, waynak FT!? ;-)
I wonder if you fit in the white, yellow or blue bag! Yes.... I recycle.

Just kidding.

Thumb benzona 04 July 2013, 22:51


Thumb daytime 04 July 2013, 23:00

I can't believe if this is his voice that he had the nerve to speak non sense after he killed 18 Lebanese soldiers in cold blood and injured many others. This guy is an insane terrorist.

Thumb benzona 04 July 2013, 23:01

Mort de rire!

Thumb benzona 04 July 2013, 23:07

Lookup the definition of terrorism. Terrorists target civilians..... Like hezb Ebola in Syria, Bulgaria, Argentina, Lebanon, Thailand, etc....

Assir attacked the army and other terrorists. Of course it's an unforgivable mistake, and he needs to be punished for his crime, but he's NOT a terrorist.

Missing VINCENT 05 July 2013, 05:03

Treason may be?

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 10:55

LOL yea benzona, quseyr was full of civilians after they evacuated all the fighters and attacked. or was it the opposite?
man get real from time to time, wont hurt your credibility. yes, sure, you'll always have the handful of tools here who will always agree with you no matter what because their agendas coincide with your, but that's about it.

Thumb benzona 04 July 2013, 23:09

Definition of terrorism if you're too lazy to research it yourself.

Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians).

Sounds like Nasrallah and his barbarian tribesmen.

Missing spirit 04 July 2013, 23:54

Now , how about taking up that challenge with the Wolf , are you scared ?

Thumb jabal10452 05 July 2013, 00:09

No more playing in the snow in Faraya for this guy and his Harem, I guaranty you that :-)

Thumb jabal10452 05 July 2013, 00:32

* guarantee...

Missing spirit 05 July 2013, 00:21

A Lebanese Soldier never accepts defeat, we are always taught to fight our enemies of our country, if we have fallen we always get up & dust off the mites like yourself and others' with the mentality not once not twice but more than thousand times for as long as the spirit remains in our bodies & the Cedar remains worn on our heads ! That is our strength.

Missing helicopter 05 July 2013, 00:36

I agree with you, but may I also add:
What typr of sayyed : 1) occupy downtown Beirut and erect tents all over public property for almost two years. 2) Involve Lebanon in a war. 3) Declare war on Beirut, burn a TV station and cause the death of many. 4) Shoot down and kill a helicopter pilot. 5) assassinate directly or be involved in assassination of political opponents. 6) kill an unarmed protester and beat up 11 others in front of army and security forces and not get punished for it. 7) control airport and seaport and communication network. 8) not pay electricity. 9) I am tired so I will stop at this...... just too many to list.

Thumb benzona 05 July 2013, 02:14

Oh, don't remind me of the tents. My cousin went bankrupt and had to close her shop... I didn't see any of the protagonists compensate her.... She lost all her savings.

I agree with all your points mentioned above.

Missing spirit 05 July 2013, 00:40

Look who is taking Roaring " minus " Flamethrower ! Now can't you pick a name for yourself ? I bet you got caught cheating during exams, it seems that you are good at that , first your post name, & now the avatar of Lebpat.

Missing spirit 05 July 2013, 00:40

Correction " talking"

Missing spirit 05 July 2013, 02:12

First you claim that you had no education, now you are claiming that you wish you didn't have any , could please make up your mind ? But regardless wether you are educated or not it seems that you don't know how to use it at all..
Maybe you are minus that brain ? Walking around with an empty head , but pity on those who have no soul ..RFT you have neither . I'm very sorry to hear about your troubles.

Thumb daytime 05 July 2013, 02:00

Get off the usual bad religion lyrics...Don't you remember what happened in Northern Ireland few years back? Armed conflicts / killings between the Irish Catholics and the British Protestants that lasted many years along with death and destruction... till recently when they signed a peace treaty? It's people like you that's working against our beautiful Lebanon!!!

Missing peace 05 July 2013, 02:04

curious how these apartments were never emptied as he asked for months and miraculously hezbis emptied them the following day if these incidents.... it shows that hezbis were there only to provoke as usual....

Thumb daytime 05 July 2013, 02:05

My reply is to (hillsong) or hillbilly.

Missing spirit 05 July 2013, 04:51

Lebpat I believe that he is a RFT..

Missing people-power 05 July 2013, 07:57

Ali, boma ye!

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 05 July 2013, 06:14

yeah ,ofcours this guy is telling the truth!
just like few days ago one of his brethren in iraq was on shoping in market but the seller was giving a high price so he was forced to blow up his explosive-jacket! ihhh ofcours he didnt wish to blow it up ,it was shoper's provocation just like the last time when another brethren of al assir in iraq wanted to pray in a masjid but imam was delaying the prostrations so much ,so he got forced to blow his jacket up! ofcours he didnt mean to harm anyone and the jacket was worn only for the self-protection issues ! ofcours!
when will these world wide opressions againt ppl like al-assir end?
they only want a peaceful coexistance from indonesia's bali island to mali!

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 05 July 2013, 06:17

yeah ,ofcours this guy is telling the truth!
just like few days ago one of his brethren in iraq was on shoping in market but the seller was giving a high price so he was forced to blow up his explosive-jacket! ihhh ofcours he didnt wish to blow it up ,it was shoper's provocation just like the last time when another brethren of al assir in iraq wanted to pray in a masjid but imam was delaying the prostrations so much ,so he got forced to blow his jacket up! ofcours he didnt mean to harm anyone and the jacket was worn only for the self-protection issues ! ofcours!
when will these world wide opressions againt ppl like al-assir end?
they only want a peaceful coexistance from indonesia's bali island to mali!

Thumb _mowaten_ 05 July 2013, 18:39

hahahahaha cheers mate

Default-user-icon Hamza (Guest) 05 July 2013, 07:43

Am I alone in thinking this chimp Asir needs to meet his maker.

Thumb AngryLeb 05 July 2013, 09:13

The guy has already killed Lebanese Soldiers, He is done, whatever he does,

Thumb AngryLeb 05 July 2013, 09:14

The guy has already killed Lebanese Soldiers, He is done, whatever he does,

Thumb fero 05 July 2013, 15:45

what a magical fantasy world this guy lives in he truly has believed his imagination, once again in is shown that they stupidity of these extremists has no logical grounding. how can this man claim to be a man of GOD when he is openly promoting sectarian violence and strife. and to top it all of if he thinks he is right why is he hiding, this only shows that he is a coward.

Default-user-icon JCWIlliams (Guest) 05 July 2013, 16:34

He is in hiding because he is a criminal. He should be in jail awaiting trial and then execution. It is 100% his own fault. The coward should surrender and face the music. All he can do for the rest of his time is use other people, pretend he's a victim and hide behind women's skirts in basements. He has to blame unseen forces for his own stupidity and miscalculation. He is guilty of Treason,sedition ,he's complicit in murder and crimes against the state.and most clearly he's guilty of stupid. People died fighting his fight His followers comitted murder and killed Lebanese soldiers in the excercise of their duty. Truth isn't something that favors Asir. He can say whatever he wants, in hiding on videotape.