March 14 Calls for Arms-Free Sidon, Says 'Statelet' Cause of Violence

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The March 14 alliance called on Sunday for announcing Sidon an arms-free city, saying the presence of an “illegitimate statelet” was the reason behind the violence in the southern city.

Following a large-scale meeting held by around 170 politicians, academics and journalists at MP Bahia Hariri's residence in Majdalyoun, the alliance said in a statement read by former lawmaker Fares Soaid that Sidon's and Lebanon's wounds were “still bleeding.”

It is the role of the state to heal them, said Soaid, who is the March 14 general-secretariat coordinator.

He said the conferees, including Hariri and al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Fouad Saniora, called for announcing Sidon a weapons-free city, where only the military's arms should have a presence.

They also rejected the phenomenon of so-called Resistance Brigades in Sidon.

“The source of the violence and strife in Lebanon is the presence of a statelet,” they said, adding that such an “unprecedented situation” is drawing “unacceptable violent retaliation.”

The statement was referring to Hizbullah, which the March 14 coalition has accused of being the source of the violent clashes between the army and Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir two weeks ago.

The gunbattles, which have left 18 soldiers and around 20 gunmen dead, were sparked after al-Asir's followers opened fire on an army checkpoint.

But March 14 officials say that al-Asir's growing frustration from Hizbullah's presence in apartments near his Bilal bin Rabah mosque in Abra were one of the reasons behind his militancy.

“We reject all counter-violence and counter-extremism,” they said in their statement.

The conferees considered the memo handed to President Michel Suleiman by Sidon MPs Hariri and Saniora as a “national memo.”

The memo asks for the referral of the case of the Sidon clashes to the Judicial Council and the prevention of all armed activities in the city.

It also calls for the removal of all political flags from the city and the closure of all offices belonging to “armed groups,” in reference to Hizbullah.

The conferees called on the Higher Relief Council to speed up the compensation to citizens whose properties were damaged in Sidon's clashes.

They also urged the judiciary to inform the public about the results of the investigation.

Soaid said the officials formed a "national committee" to follow up the decisions reached during the meeting.

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Missing --karim_m2 07 July 2013, 08:30

The February 14 Saudi-Wahabi alliance is nothing but a pro-terrorist, anti-Christian subordinate employee of the kingdom of terrorism. They shamelessly provided political cover to the terrorist attack on the Lebanese army and should be brought to justice for their crimes and treason.

Missing greatpierro 07 July 2013, 21:18

Give us evidence why m14 is anti Christian?

Missing helicopter 08 July 2013, 08:38

He already did ....... he presented solid facts but marketed them as if they are his personal opinion. It is a trick M8 posters use all the time.

Thumb benzona 07 July 2013, 21:23

Is that me? LOL

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 08:33

200 M14ers' ! Wow , wow , WOW....IS THAT ALL ! There are 5 to 6 million Lebanese !!! Just in Lebanon !!!! Who do you guys represent ? Maybe the psychopaths from the local hospitals ?

Default-user-icon Maxx (Guest) 08 July 2013, 08:50

"Facts"? As of December 2012 there have been 4.4 million Lebanese in Lebanon. Brown-noser...

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 08:44

If you M14ers' don't carry the Cedar on you head , well , then it shall be warped around all your "Necks" !!!!

Thumb geha 07 July 2013, 09:16

coming from someone carrying the Iranian flag :)
thank you for the morning laugh :)

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 09:24

RFT & Geha I as a Lebanese I love you both !
But on one condition , if you are FULL bloodied , ie , a full part of a root of a Cedar Tree !

Thumb primesuspect 07 July 2013, 16:42

Jajajajajaja ROTFL

Thumb general_puppet 07 July 2013, 09:29

M14 does not understand that the Iranian militia has a divine right to control the Lebanon... and anyone who disagrees with them will be eliminated.

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 09:31

Thx RFT for your Full Support , I do appreciate it , I think I do know you . But very soon you shall be introduced to me & my family, very soon I hope indeed ! Just wait & see what shall become of me ! !

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 10:06

Abed , you certainly will ?

Missing spirit 07 July 2013, 10:22

Have you met my son ? RFT /Geha , he said that he is more than willing to sign on my behalf ! Have you tried ?

Default-user-icon Vezibon Dulahsay (Guest) 07 July 2013, 12:05

...closed-door meeting... Thank God for keeping the Sannis encapsulated! As if one Sanni garbage dump in Sidon is not enough. But at least this one won't be open-air!