Miqati: Lebanon Unanimous on Rejection to Naturalize Palestinians

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Premier Najib Miqati reiterated on Tuesday Lebanon’s “unanimous” decision to reject the naturalization of Palestinians but vowed to provide them with the “necessary attention” to resolve their plight.

During talks with the Palestinian president’s envoy, Azzam al-Ahmed, Miqati said: “The Lebanese government will work to give the humanitarian and social issues of Palestinians in the refugee camps the necessary attention in cooperation with involved international agencies.”

Miqati said however that “Lebanon unanimously rejects the naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon and holds onto their right of return home to an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Warning about the Israeli danger, the prime minister said the Jewish state’s “violations and attacks should provide the Lebanese with the incentive to heed the continued danger that Israel poses on Lebanon and push them towards national unity.”

He told the envoy that the Palestinian cause should be at the top of the priorities of Arab and Islamic countries.

Palestinian unity also gives the different factions the required “immunity” to confront Israel, Miqati said.

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Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 28 June 2011, 15:38

no naturalisation to palestinians or anybody else, aka syrians like le phenicien.

Default-user-icon Muhamad (Guest) 28 June 2011, 16:40

Lebanon need to naturalize the good Palestinian citizens who will learn the national antem, disarm and look seriously to become Lebanese citizens without any provocative support to Palestine and terrorism. All other Palestinian criminals terrorists and armed must be deported back to Israel where they came from.

Default-user-icon Samer (Guest) 28 March 2013, 07:50

In that case, you can ship your government to Israel too.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 28 June 2011, 17:05

Palestinians in lebanon will not be naturalized. They are Palestinians, they do not need to become Lebanese; however they will remain living in Lebanon and hopefully they will get full rights to work in our country. They will eventually carry Palestinian identity papers issued by the Palestinian authorities once a viable palestinian state will be created (hopefully by 2012)..and remain living in lebanon, if they wish to, as foreigners the way many syrians reside and work in lebanon.
This situation will go on until a comprehensive and just solution is found for all Palestinian victims of the creation of the illegitimate state of israel.

Default-user-icon xen (Guest) 28 June 2011, 17:59

this is not there country never was never will be
shame on any Lebanese who stood with foreigners against his fellow lebanese

Default-user-icon roger 10452 (Guest) 28 June 2011, 19:01

There is no such thing as "good palestinians" so let's stop singing this song and work on sending these people to where they belong and that is definitely not in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon tiktok (Guest) 28 June 2011, 23:14

Hahaha! Le phenicien will never be naturalised. He is a natural idiot. He will soon not even be welcomed in Syria. He can always go with GMA to north Korea and stay there or even to Mongolia to visit their relatives.

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 29 June 2011, 00:11

Do you know why the lebanese gov does not want to naturalize the palestinians? Because they are getting paid from the united nation on each individual. and divinding the money among each other. give me a f,n brake.
Many lebanese people do not know a thing about the gov and the same people in the gove. they are all in kahoots . haramieh all of them. Why do you think the same people are in gov for years ? its guang . laaibit kashatbeen.
Wake up my friends. you are being fooled by those haramieh. they are getting paid for allowing them to have arms. they get paid right and left. while the lebanese are sleeping . wake up people.

Missing mansour 29 June 2011, 00:15

Roger 10452 I say I agree with 100% there is not 1 good grub among them, as I've said numerous times before I hope they never have a country and have to roam this earth like grubs.thank you

Missing aounophobia 29 June 2011, 01:16

@tiktok: mwahahahahahahah, good one!

Default-user-icon tiktok (Guest) 29 June 2011, 09:02

Now seriously, I am not necessarily a supporter of March 14th, but you have to give them credit for what they have achieved: They rebuilt the country, drove the Syrians out, kept steady while they were being assassinated by HA and company. In general the population is much better off: It enjoys its dignity and is economically in most cases better off.
Put on the other side of the balance what the other guys have done: Lead a destructive war against Israel-most casualty were civilians-paralysed the economy for a few years by paying people to camp in CentreVille, embarrassed the Lebanese people by heir stances and statements, killed when they could their political opponents. But I give you the ties with Tehran and Assad's Syria have improved dramatically. And they replaced the family pictures of the Assad's family by the ones of Khomeiny, Khamenei and Imad Moghnieh.
All in all i do not think I want to share the same passport with those criminals.