Pilgrims Families Threaten to Nab 'Any Turk on Beirut Streets' after Saleh's Arrest

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The families of the Aazaz hostages on Monday threatened to kidnap “any Turkish national on Beirut's streets,” after the Internal Security Forces' Intelligence Bureau failed to release Mohammed Saleh, a relative of one of the abductees who has been arrested over alleged ties to the kidnappers of two Turkish pilots.

The warning comes after the families held a meeting with caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel at his office over the arrest of Saleh and the ongoing negotiations in the case of the abducted pilgrims.

“Charbel said Mohammed Saleh is innocent and that he was held on suspicions but he has not been released until the moment and any Turkish national on Beirut's streets will be kidnapped,” Hayat Awali, a spokeswoman for the families, said in an interview with al-Jadeed television.

“Any Turkish national on Beirut's streets is a target for us,” she added.

Earlier on Monday, Charbel briefed the families on the latest developments related to the ongoing negotiations, state-run National News Agency reported.

“We will let the security agencies do their routine procedures but Mohammed Saleh will be released because the phone call he made was for congratulations,” Daniel Shoaib, a spokesman for the families, said after the meeting.

Saleh was arrested on Sunday by the ISF Intelligence Bureau on charges of having links to the kidnappers of two Turkish pilots who were abducted on Friday near the Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport.

For his part, Sheikh Abbas Zgheib, who has been tasked by the Higher Islamic Shiite Council to follow up the case of the abducted pilgrims, said the delegation discussed the "latest developments" with Charbel.

"He briefed us on the latest developments pertaining to the nine hostages and the atmosphere was positive," he added.

"The Turkish state is responsible for the return of the nine abductees to Lebanon," said Zgheib.

In an interview with LBCI television, the cleric said: "Charbel informed us that Mohammed Saleh has nothing to do with the kidnapping operation and that he is being interrogated over the congratulations phone call he had received."

But he warned: “If Mohammed Saleh is not released today, we will consider him to be kidnapped by the Intelligence Bureau and we'll act accordingly."

On Sunday, the families of the abductees threatened to escalate their protests in the wake of Saleh's arrest.

A previously unknown group calling itself Zuwwar Imam al-Rida claimed the kidnapping of the two pilots. The relatives of the pilgrims held in Aazaz were quick to deny having any links to the abduction.

Eleven pilgrims were kidnapped in Syria's Aleppo region in May 2012 as they were making their way back to Lebanon by land from pilgrimage in Iran.

Two of them have since been released, while the rest remain in Aazaz.

Their relatives have held Turkey responsible for their ongoing abduction.

They have repeatedly vowed to take action against Turkish interests in Lebanon in order to pressure Ankara to release the captives.

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Thumb geha 12 August 2013, 17:39

After the meeting, these persons advised that any turk on Lebanese soil is a target for them!
these persons have lost any support I had for them once they started kidnapping and threatening through hizbushaitan, instead of pushing for the Syrian regime to free the women.

Thumb cedre 12 August 2013, 18:32

Syrian regime dont want the lebanese to be released...

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 18:14

For the families of the thousands of Lebanese detained by Assad regime.
For gracefully enduring your separation from your loved ones for decades.
For not resorting to road blocking & disturbing civil peace.
For not resorting to retaliatory kidnappings in a bid to release your beloved ones.
For not attacking foreign interests like Syrian or Iranian to force them to release them.
For persisting to keep your quest to release them within the confine of the law
And above all for always maintaining your civility in pursuing your quest despite frustrating results.
We bow before you.

Thumb eagledawn 12 August 2013, 18:17

This terrorist party called HA and its followers have destroyed the state of Lebanon... SAD!

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 12 August 2013, 18:20

As our fearless leader SHN said : "Call us terrorists, Call us rejectionists, Call us criminals, Call us whatever you like, Kill us under every stone and on every front and at the door of every Hussainiyeh, WE the shia of Ali Ibn Taleb will never give up our sorely missed "Pilgrims"....!!!"

Thumb Dr.I.Mughniyeh_theheadless 12 August 2013, 18:33

There we go again, just like in the mid eighties when they kidnapped Westerners so Iran can get arms from Israel, the Shi3a Iranian terrorists are turning any Lebanese citizen traveling into a pariah and a leper.

Thumb cedre 12 August 2013, 18:33

Arabs hate u and now Turks as well, thats a very clever move, great strategy...

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 21:08

FYI Southern.
Vast majoriity of Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans, Algerians & Moroccans, hate Hezbollah & Bashar regime.
Oh wait you still think it's year 2000 - Hezbollah glory days.

Missing kamal_jamra 12 August 2013, 21:24

Southern. Your leadef nasrallah says he is sayid, that means he is from mecka from the same land whos people you hate :)

Missing kamal_jamra 13 August 2013, 00:16

But if you are from mecka, why are you occupying lebanon? Go to saudi arabia to your homeland. Lebanon is not your homeland, you just admitted to being from mecka.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 18:38

God bless the thousands of Lebanese who were kidnapped by Assad regime in Lebanon and taken to Syria. You are not alone, and your brothers & sisters in Lebanon should not leave you alone, and should teach this stubborn regime & his allies Hezbollah & Iran a lesson they will not forget.
Any Pro-Regime Syrian or Iranian national in Beirut streets are legitimate targets until you are all free from this torturing regime. How does it sound to you patleb?

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 19:13

Why? What does the Turks have to do with it? Just because Turkey is allied with the rebels.
So for the Turk to get their pilots back they should get their hands on couple of Iranians to bargain for their pilots - just because Iran is allied to Hezbollah.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 19:20

Hezbollah has been lying to the families of the pilgrims.
First lie is what got those pilgrims into trouble to begin with. Hezbollah was telling everybody that nothing major was happening in Syria, and Bashar regime was 100% in control. These pilgrims trusted him & traveled through a Syrian civil war, and got themselves kidnapped.
Second lie is when instead of working with Bashar to negotiate a deal with the rebels to release the pilgrims against Bashar prisoners (the kidnap & subsequent release of 40 Iranian officers against Bashar prisoners is prime example) Nassrallah chose to accuse Turkey instead & pushed the families to negotiate with the Turks to embarrass Turkey
Third lie is when the agreement to release the pilgrims against women detainees in Bashar prisons was thwarted by Bashar (Jumblat insinusted that) who refused to release the women. Hezbollah accused Turkey & opted to kidnapping the Turks in a bid to force a Turks against pilgrims swap.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 19:27

Yes...first the rocket message to tell him that you are not secure even in your presidentioal palace.
Then this, to show the president how Hezbollah can, at any time, undermine civil peace and embarrass the state, if the president doesn't cooperate with them.

Missing samiam 12 August 2013, 20:04

honestly, at this point in time, i am hoping the 'pilgrims' get killed--it would be a favor to them if they have to come back to these thugs and criminals they call 'family'.

Missing gabby14 12 August 2013, 20:20

They wouldn't make threats like this unless they had the backing of Nassy. Nassy and his criminal thug families have gotten away with terror so long they think it is their right.

When are the Turks going to react to this Shia crescent.....they have no balls either.

Missing samiam 12 August 2013, 20:26

you are a tool--they were kidnapped in SYRIA by SYRIANS--their grievance should be with the SYRIAN embassy. hizb iran is just trying to divert the blame elsewhere for its mindless minions.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 21:01

The what so called pseudo tribal military wings and other thugs effectively did it, but who planned & facilitated the execution? The Hezbollah & iran behind it were behind the Turks abduction. Aren't you able to deduce such simple facts?!...brainless.

Missing samiam 12 August 2013, 22:08

ok--the rebels are a bunch of brainless thugs, what's your point? It doesn't change the FACTS that the so called pilgrims were kidnapped in SYRIA. Additionally, when you compare the behavior of the kidnappers to those of the families, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out which group is the eviler of the two.

Missing gabby14 12 August 2013, 20:27

Turkey file an Interpol arrest request for Nassy and his gang. This is international terror.

Thumb insideman1 12 August 2013, 22:15

I wish the ISF would use the same kind of effort and enthusiasm to try to release its own citizens being held by these al qaeda rats in Syria, instead of bowing down to Saudi and Ottoman demands.
Just saying...

Missing formerlebaniz 12 August 2013, 22:20

The ISF stands for: INTERNAL Security Forces. Their job is to protect civilians INSIDE of Lebanon, not in Syria, not in Israel not in ChingChangChong.

I wish we have less of you in Lebanon but that's the level of intelligence we have to live with. How about Nasrallah frees the Lebanese prisoners that been in Syria since Hafez days, or they don't count?

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 22:26

Inside man
You mean the Syrian - Bashar ISF - who were supposed to protect the citizens in Syria.
Yes I agree....now go protest and close the road to the Syrian embassy - in protest of Syrian security services for not doing their job.

Thumb insideman1 12 August 2013, 22:23

of course they count. all Lebanese should be free. Our government doesn't seem to want to do anything except bow down to the demands of other nations.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 22:42

For someone who is raised by in militia thugs mentality I don't expect you to understand how state institutions work.
Each country Internal Security Force is supposed to protect any civilian present within that country.
Lebanese ISF are supposed to free all kidnapped victims within it's borders regardless of their nationality.
The Syrian ISF is supposed to do the same - it's the Syrian ISF who should be pursueing the kidnappers & freeing the hostages within Syrian borders.
I know - as a Hezbollah follower - you are used to lawless terrorist Hezbollah - sending terrorist cells to multiple other countries & undertake multiple terrorist activities within other countries borders - so it would be hard for you to grasp how nations work & respect each others sovereignty.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 22:51

BTW - when u r saying - our gov - you should specify that it is your gov - Hezbollah's gov. So go ahead and camp out in front of Hezbollah HQ to protest the party not pushing his ministers into doing something to free the hostage.
So far you and the pilgrims families have been going to the wrong address.
Try protesting in front of Syrian & Hezbollah HQ and see how you will get to better results.

Thumb insideman1 12 August 2013, 23:42

Iran against Lebanon. Please enlighten me? Tell me some examples of how Iran directly interferes with Lebanon beside re-building the jnoob and offering the LAF with anti aircraft weapons.
ummm is that a typo??? M14 against Israel/Al Qeada/Nusra???? ok your against them yet your leaders sit and drink tea with them, and supply weapons to them in Syria. Good one.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 23:48

By sponsoring a 100% sectarian armed militia that usurp state sovereignty & institutions.
By ordering Hezbollah to attack Israel in 2006 to divert Israeli attack from Iranian ally Hamas who was being pummeled in Gaza.

Missing anonymetexasusa 12 August 2013, 23:54

M14 against Israel : most were fighting Israel before Hezbollah existed.
M14 against Al-Qaida : the M14 led gov ordered the army to go after Qaida affiliate Fath-El-Islam in 2007, when your Nassrallah tried to protect them.
M14 against Al-Nusra: when every time they never fail to show support to the Lebanese army & ISF whenever they arrest Nusra fighters inside Lebanon.

Missing anonymetexasusa 13 August 2013, 00:04

Do you have one shred of evidence.
If you or your Hezbollah do, and have not submitted them to the Lebanese Judicial system, then you are as guilty as those whom you accuse. You & your Hezbollah can be prosecuted for t.

Thumb insideman1 13 August 2013, 00:09

Yes, all your evidence is quite overwhelming as well. We dont need evidence to know that Hariri, lady Geagea, sinoria, assir and many more are Saudi funded. and when someone is Saudi funded you know they do not have the right intentions and they definitely have blood on their hands. if you even try to deny this fact then its pointless to even argue with degenerate like yourself.

Missing anonymetexasusa 13 August 2013, 00:27

Iran sponsoring Hezbollah is fact - both Hezbollah & Iran admit it openly.
Hezbollah as a sectarian armed militia outside state authority = infringement on Lebanon's sovereignty - is fact.
Hamas in 2006 was sponsored by Iran & allied to Hezbollah is fact.
Hamas was being pummeled by Israel in June 2006 following Hamas capture of Gilad shalit - fact.
Israel entered Gaza in July 02 2006 & Hamas was about to be annhilated - fact.
Hezbollah instigated July 2006 with Israel out of the blue - fact.
Israeli attack against Hamas receded after Lebanon war started - fact.
Nassrallah lying that he didn't know Israel would react like that - fact.
What do you have in your corner except preposterous unfounded allegations.

Missing anonymetexasusa 13 August 2013, 01:18

You still living in year 2000 - fact.
You ignoring that 5 Hezbollah members are now wanted by Lebanese Judiciary for terrorist activities - fact.
You ignoring that Hezbollah caused the devastating 2006 war - fact.
You ignoring that Hezbollah attacked and killed fellow Lebanese in May 2008 - fact.

Missing anonymetexasusa 13 August 2013, 01:25

Making yourself look idiotic with your ISF comments - fact

Thumb primesuspect 13 August 2013, 03:17

a genuine army general.... unlike the other underground terrorista.

Thumb beiruti 13 August 2013, 03:44

This is absolutely shameful, and total chaos.

Thumb beiruti 13 August 2013, 03:48

Lebanan cannot go without a government much longer. Hezbollah is not government, it cannot maintain order, it is only meritorious when compared to a void I government and Hezbollah and its ally Michel Aoun is well on its way to create that void

Missing cedars 13 August 2013, 04:20

@insideman1: Year 2005, at least 14 political anti-Syrian figures assassinated, those financing FSA have the right to do so for their martyrs. Year 2006, HA unilaterally and forgetting the Army-People-Resistance statement they dance with, brought massive destruction to the entire Country, Iran's reimbursement were rejected by the Leb state so that history does not repeat itself and HA does another 2006 on everyone. We want to live with the Shia only if they follow the state and abide by the latter policy FIRST, then follow Iran or Assad.

Missing helicopter 13 August 2013, 04:56

HA must go and take you with them, to Qom of course.

Missing helicopter 13 August 2013, 04:59

Naharnet read your posts and decided you are better off being quiet and be thought of as a fool then let you rambler on and remove all doubt. It is in your interest they deactivated your account.

Default-user-icon Gunner (Guest) 13 August 2013, 07:17

Let the Shi3a stand back from the syrian situation.
You cannot expect the opposition to treat the shi3a normally as if nothing is happening

Default-user-icon mert (Guest) 13 August 2013, 10:03

ı am Turk and ı am wondering why are you kidnapped and threatening our people ı dont understand.
ı tought that we were friends.

Thumb Maxx 13 August 2013, 13:58

“If Mohammed Saleh is not released today, we will consider him to be kidnapped by the Intelligence Bureau and we'll act accordingly." Then go kidnap members of the Intelligence Bureau you schmucks and quit dragging the name of our country through the mud on an international scale! The Israeli government is laughing all the way to the bank, since before they needed to payroll its Mossad agents to spread such propaganda, but here the Lebanese are doing it themselves. Malla joursa...