Report: Al-Asir Residing in Ain El-Hilweh Camp

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Fugitive Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir is residing in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon, reported An Nahar daily on Wednesday.

Intelligence information said that it was almost certain that he is staying at the Abdullah bin al-Zabir Mosque in the Tawari neighborhood in the camp.

It added that Islamist Haitham al-Shaabi and his armed supporters are providing him with protection.

Al-Asir is in contact with his supporters in various locations in Lebanon.

Fatah leader in Lebanon Munir al-Maqdah later denied these reports to Voice of Lebanon radio(93.3).

Singer turned Salafist Fadel Shaker meanwhile is residing in the Taamir neighborhood of Ain el-Hilweh and he is in constant communication with the cleric through common Lebanese and Palestinian friends, said An Nahar.

In a related note, security sources told the daily that two of al-Asir's supporters Sheikhs Otham Hnaineh and Iyyad al-Saleh were released from custody after being given a stern warning against calling the Salafist cleric's to a rally.

A third cleric, Sheikh Assem al-Arefi, remains in custody.

He was arrested for leading a campaign to garner al-Asir's supporters to rally in support of the fugitive cleric.

On August 6, the army arrested two supporters of al-Asir Hadi Qawwas and Mohammed Wehbeh in the Sharhabil region near of Sidon over their involvement in June's clashes against the military institution.

The fighting near Sidon was sparked on June 23 when al-Asir's supporters opened fire at an army checkpoint, leaving around 18 soldiers and more than 20 gunmen dead.

The gunbattles were concentrated in the area of Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque and nearby buildings in Abra.

Al-Asir, a 45-year-old cleric who supports the overwhelmingly Sunni rebels fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, has been on the run since June.

In July, Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr issued eight arrest warrants against fugitives, including al-Asir and Shaker over the clashes against the army.

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Missing -_-wolf-_- 21 August 2013, 09:41

Yes this would be right ! Amtu Bahia is using her connection with the Palestinian Refugee Camps, without any regard to her fellow Citizens' , money certainly talks ! All Palestinians to the Israeli border! All Lebanese that betray their country to the Gallows ! Including Females !!!!!
Signed Wolf !

Missing cleanleb 21 August 2013, 10:10

where are the anti-HA choir?
I am sure they prefer Palestinian weapons to remain.
I am sure they have no objection to having a state within a state in the camps (no one from M14 objected... pathetic!)

I saw empty the camps NOW and send the Palestinians to whomever is funding them

Missing cleanleb 21 August 2013, 10:12

i wonder why people would say that...
maybe it was because she blew a fuse when LAF kicked them out?
maybe because she has invested millions in them (as a counter-HA force)?

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 August 2013, 12:55

of course he was being groomed by bahia and mustahbal, and given political cover and logistical support to get all his weapons, explosives and fuses that were found in his mosque. now as to where he is hiding it's only a practical point. knowing that camps enojy immunity and the army cant enter them, that sounds like a logical choice. but the army shouldn't let him have it so easy, they should be backed by all sides and authorized to go get him.

Missing -_-wolf-_- 21 August 2013, 10:16

EXCELLENT call Cleanleb!!!!! Stuff anyone who objects !
Signed Wolf.

Thumb Senescence 21 August 2013, 11:08

Should have taken him out while the chance presided.

What's the Army waiting for? The Palestinians know better than to protect criminals, especially after nahr el bared.

He should be uprooted, interrogated, presented a fair trial, and sentenced accordingly.

Missing -_-wolf-_- 21 August 2013, 11:40

Palestinians? In our Holy Cedar Land ? I have nothing against them , but I do want them back in their own Homeland .....ALL ... Not one spec of Palestinian Refugee in our homeland ... None the South border I say , I might be a mere Lebanese but I speak on behalf of MANY ! As for the the Syrians also to the Southern Border (Golan heights ) it is their natural right ? Right ? Once we have cleared this problem then we as Lebanese can solve our own ! Let the Israelis face off the problems they have created not us !
Signed Wolf !!...!!!

Missing -_-wolf-_- 21 August 2013, 12:45

We should not be asking any Arab Countries for permission to share any burden with these so called Palestinian Refugee Camps !
It is a burden that we Lebanese can & will achieve which our Late President elect had just almost achieved before they assassinated him ( God bless his Soul) Bachir !!
Now it is up us as true Lebanese to carry out Bachir's Legacy as ONE Lebanese !
Get rid of ALL Refugees out of Lebanon , no matter how , but where is a simple task , and that is to the Israelis / Lebanese border , as for the the Syrians to the Golan Heights border ,I have stated that on numerous posts but it will work , how do you think the Yahudis' took over Palestine ? A quota of 7000 a month is all it takes then increase it , then see what the international community how they react !
Signed Wolf ...........

Missing karim_m1- 21 August 2013, 13:18

Time for the Lebanese Army to go in and clean the camps. Assir must be brought to justice for his terrorism and barbaric crimes against our army.

Missing lebguy 21 August 2013, 14:05

I agree 100% with you karim

Default-user-icon palestine (Guest) 21 August 2013, 14:29

every where the army helps people but in lebanon the army needs help.
isnt that shame

Missing -_-wolf-_- 21 August 2013, 13:30

Not only Assir Karim_m1
But the LAF with a Lebanese Referendum behind them should not only clean out the 12 camps but DISMANTLE the Lot ! Reclaim our Prime Sea side territories for the Lebanese & ship all Palestinians to the Southern Border with Israel !
I then will guarantee you that not only Assir will be flushed out but ALL wanted Criminals & Terrorists will be running or swimming towards the Sea !
Signed Wolf !!!!!!!!!

Thumb cedre 21 August 2013, 13:40

lol , underground training fields, hahahaha, they dont have underground ports and airports ??? Kataeb did not kill enough palestinian women and kids? Want more?

Thumb cedre 21 August 2013, 13:44

U're an ignorant or a liar, or may be both. Assir is at war with hariri for ages. There's lots of his friday sermon where he's attacking Ahmed and Bahiya Hariri for acting against him...
If u doubt, check on youtube.

Thumb benzona 21 August 2013, 15:12

Assir is the least of our worries now. Hezb Ebola is the danger, they are using chemical weapons or encouraging the use of these blind killing toxins against innocent Syrian citizens because they are spread thin on two fronts now.

Not enough manpower? Even chiites refuse to serve them because they know what they are doing is Haraam.

Hezbollah is recruiting in the Aoun fan base, earlier I saw posters in Aoun's quartier general advertising a number which said something like this.

If you need a job, dial 1-800 Hezbollah. they'll either send you to the front or on naharnet to spread propaganda.


Thumb _mowaten_ 21 August 2013, 16:15

lol indeed, you're a buffoon benzo

Default-user-icon dario (Guest) 21 August 2013, 22:27

اصلا مسجد الزبير مش بمخيم االطواريء وجريدة الناهر طول عمرهن غشمية ما بيعرفوش شي بالمخيبمات

Thumb benzona 21 August 2013, 15:15

Sure Phoenix, but I beleive there are much more urgent matters than changing this law. We should enforce the current one.... Which is no weapons outside the state. After proving at we can disarm terrorists outside the camps, then it would make sense to finish the job by going inside the camps.

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 August 2013, 16:14

same logic as with israel: in the face of danger, disarm yourself, resistance or allies, then ask nicely to the threat to be kind to you. groundbreaking defense doctrine! sure must work!

Thumb natasha 21 August 2013, 21:08

i agree that only the army should have weapons, but in this case , palestinians are guest in our country, so they should have never had weapons. so the priority is to disarm the camps and allow the army to provide the protection needed and then go after the other parties, just because one party deos something wrong it deosn t mean the rest have to follow suit . Lebanon for the people not the politicians and religious figures.once we all agree on this then we will have our Lebanon. LEBANON FIRST . change all the political figures and religious figures to new young bright minded Lebanese from all religions and sects . secular like we have been for so long . live and let live .

Thumb benzona 21 August 2013, 15:19

Exactly Cèdre. If Hezbollah wouldn't have set up this trap for Assir, he would have run for elections and would have taken lots of votes from disappointed Mustaqbal voters. Disappointed by their softness towards the Iranian invader's crimes committed on our soil.