42 Killed and 500 Wounded in Two Explosions at Tripoli Mosques

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The death toll from twin car bombings Friday in the northern port city of Tripoli rose to 42, a security source said, in the bloodiest attack since the 1975-1990 civil war.

"The death toll has risen to 42 in Tripoli," the source told Agence France Presse.

The Lebanese Red Cross said earlier there were at least 29 dead, and 500 wounded, with director Georges Kettaneh saying many of those injured were in serious condition with burns and head wounds.

Two explosions took place as worshipers were filing out after weekly prayers.

The first blast rocked the city center near the home of caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati, although his office said he was not in Tripoli at the time.

The second struck near the port of the restive city, close to the home of former Internal Security Forces chief Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi, a security source said.

Local television channels aired footage of the dead, of buildings with their fronts blown in and vehicles ablaze, as bystanders rushed to help the wounded.

Tripoli has been marred by deadly violence between Sunnis, who support the armed uprising in neighboring Syria, and Alawites who support President Bashar Assad.

The explosions come a week after a suicide car bombing killed 27 people in a Beirut Hizbullah stronghold.

On Wednesday, army chief General Jean Qahwaji said his forces were fighting a "total war" against terrorism whose aim is "to provoke sectarian strife" in the country.

He said the army had been pursuing a "terrorist cell that prepares car bombs and sends them to residential neighborhoods."

He said "the gravity... lies in the fact that this cell is not targeting any one region or community in particular, but that it aims to provoke sectarian strife by targeting different regions," said Qahwaji.

A Lebanese and two Palestinians suspected of preparing a car bomb attack were arrested days after the latest blast in Beirut, the General Security agency said.

They were accused of planning to plant a car laden with 250 kilograms (550 pounds) of explosives in the Naameh area, also in southern Beirut, the agency added.

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Default-user-icon nyknagi (Guest) 23 August 2013, 14:18

there's a secret party between Lebanon and Syria dying to blaze a sunni-shia strife to help bachar get off the world's attention for his terrorism and mass crimes and chemical annihilation, and killing around 150.000 lives.. lets see if the Lebanese have learned their lesson from 1976 when everybody played us and we played along! Let's hope Lebanese are mature enough not to fall for this!

Missing ahmed_elhage 23 August 2013, 15:23

Thank you hezballah, thank you shia, you just could not help it, when someone bombs a shia place, its sunnis takfiris, when somone bombs a shia place, whatch hezballot blame israel, blood thirstry chest bangers of iran

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 17:21

Anyone who doesn't think Hezbollah is involved in this is either naive, in denial, or a complete idiot

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 17:37

This was a message from Hezbollah.... "if anyone targets Dahieh, then we will target a Sunni area".

Who else can respond this quickly after the previous bombing?

Missing lebcan 23 August 2013, 17:40

I don't think it was Hizbshitan this time... BUT certainly the Hizb Al-Assad...
He just nerve gassed 1300 people and dragging his feet on letting in the UN JUST to investigate if Chemical Weapons was used or not...
No! Lebanese are not going to attack each other, but expect a response against Syrian Baath interest ... Who Knows...

Missing lebcan 23 August 2013, 17:42

in Addtion remember Samaha's plans....

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 17:45

It takes a sick mind to perpetrate this terror act. The kind of sick mind that is also capable of the February 14, 2005 bombing, which killed a former Prime Minister and 22 others.

The same sick mind that killed Wissam Eid after he discovered Hezbollah's involvement in the Hariri murder. The same sick mind that killed Georges Hawi, and tried to kill Murr, Hamadeh, Chidiac, and Harb. These are not baseless accusations, but based on evidence.

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 17:49

Let's see how quickly they find the culprits. This will give an indication of who was behind it.

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 18:45

Phoenix, this is a comment section, and everyone has a right to their opinion. I have my opinion and you have your opinion. I did not accuse Hezbollah of sending the rockets into Israel the other day. If you want me to respect your opinion, then you have to respect my opinion.

If you think it somehow keeps the peace by appeasing Hezbollah, or by not accusing them, feel free to post your Kumbaya comments. And feel free not to tell me what to think or when to speak my mind.

The simple fact is that Hezbollah is a partner in crime with the Assad regime. Let's remember all the innocent politicians journalists and investigators who were killed simply because their opinions were anti-Syrian or anti Hezbollah: Hariri, Gemayel, Tueni, Kassir, Hawi, Eid, Al Hassan, Eido and many others.

How anyone cannot be OUTRAGED at theses deaths is beyond me. Hezbollah has been indicted for participating in at least some of these crimes.

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 18:56

Phoenix, it is the same mindset that permits the killing of your political opponents, that also allows the bombing of a mosque. Now think about the logistics of carrying out this act. Do you think it was a coincidence that it happened so soon after the Dahieh bombing? Hezbollah has already accused "M14 backed" perpetrators of the Dahieh bomb. Who is capable of acquiring the bomb material, rigging a car, and retaliating so quickly? Who has anti-M14 "security personnel" in the Tripoli area?

You can draw your own conclusions. Go ahead and wait for the investigations. As with all crimes against M14 areas, this crime will never be solved.

Thumb geha 23 August 2013, 19:30

this is the reply of hizbushaitan, especially after their accusations against m14 yesterday.

Thumb profile 23 August 2013, 20:18

@thephoenix: "People Power, how about if last week, on the 15 August, people came up and accused the Sunnis of being the Dahieh Bomb, how will you feel? "
Who did Nasrallah accuse of the Dahiye bombings? The Takfiris yes. What to you are Takfiris? Christian Maronites?

"we saw some people dancing to the blame game of accusing Hezbollah of it. So where did Israel respond today early morning, Ahmad Jibril's encampment in Al Neemeh. "

So, the fact that Israel responded to Ahmad Jibril in your opinion exonerates HA? Israel actions seem to be your gage as to guilt and innocence:)

Thumb makhaleh 23 August 2013, 20:18

I agree with u but not all shia should be blamed bass ur right in ur post

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 20:26

Phoenix, spare me your sanctimonious BS. I never asked you to appease me, so let's be clear about that. Secondly, there is a difference between not accusing Hezbollah, versus saying outright that Hezbollah did not do this. You have no evidence to prove this was done by foreign hands, and you are spreading propaganda yourself by saying so.

Here is an example of your accusations without proof:

"Clearly, this is not a work of retaliation by Hezbollah"

"The bombs of Tripoli are NOT the work of Hezbollah"

This is the same thing people said about the Hariri killing.

Go look up the word "sanctimonious", and you will see your picture next to it.

Missing people-power 23 August 2013, 20:59

Sanctimonious = Making a hypocritical show of righteousness

Phoenix, I'm not trying to make friends here, I'm just giving my opinion. Let's remember how this conversation started. You challenged me and criticized me. You absolved Hezbollah of involvement in the crime, without proof. You accused foreign forces of committing the crime, without proof. You implied that I was without conscience, and without responsibility.

I have been very civilized in my comments to you. You present yourself as being above it all, so morally superior to everyone. All I did was call you sanctimonious. Who the cap fit, let them wear it.

Thumb profile 23 August 2013, 20:59

Sorry if my comments offended you and you decided to disengage, Mr Phoenix the Mukhtar of Naharnet. My intent was not to engage you, but rather to show the flaws in your thinking; always pretending to be Mr. righteous; Mr. cool, Mr. know it all. I hardly post here, but could not help reply to your fake sincerity. I apologize again for even addressing you Mukhtar!

Thumb Maxx 28 August 2013, 01:56

Will you please quit blaming all the Shia for the crimes of the Iranian Occupation Forces (Hizb)? We don't all support them, we don't all of us snipe at children in 7alab, we're not all of us guilty just because these d-bags decide to drag Lebanon into a war!

Missing ahmed_elhage 23 August 2013, 15:23

Thank you hezballah, thank you shia, you just could not help it, when someone bombs a shia place, its sunnis takfiris, when somone bombs a shia place, whatch hezballot blame israel, blood thirstry chest bangers of iran

Missing ahmed_elhage 23 August 2013, 15:23

Thank you hezballah, thank you shia, you just could not help it, when someone bombs a shia place, its sunnis takfiris, when somone bombs a shia place, whatch hezballot blame israel, blood thirstry chest bangers of iran

Missing drmuhandis 23 August 2013, 18:56

Phoenix is right. They're playing us like a game of chess! I'm Shia but I say whoever did it may rot in hell Inshallah for A: Killing innocent Lebanese and B: BOMBING A MOSQUE. 1 Nation, 1 people. Alla yse3id al 3iyal inshAllah.

Missing mr_raad 23 August 2013, 20:29

Phonix, why would sunnis attack sunnis? you make no sense, there is a shia hand in this, either alawi =syria or local hezbalalh

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 22:23

mr_raad, extremists, terrorists, regional agendas, power. I don't think the notion of killing is one that is new. For all they'd think, the Sunnis in Tripoli were practicing the 'wrong version' of Islam and God approves of their cleansing. You cannot reason with extremists, or any of the above mentioned means for death and destruction.

Thumb Senescence 24 August 2013, 04:12

fuckirancohorts, extremism is bad 'mkay. Al nusra heavens forbid venturing into Lebanese soil would be an absolute disaster for the country. No tourists, no investments, becoming categorized as a failed state, deemed an unsafe country, and more so, our lives would be in daily risk. Bombing and killing isn't the solution, it's the problem; it's best one learns level-headedness and dialogue, but there's this weird ol' thin about Lebanese (Arabs?) that they always want the guy with the different religion, to in some way lose or be inferior in some regard. Like the current shiite-sunni strife, how could you sir possible advocate the killing of Lebanese nationals by terrorists? Just how?! Baffling.

Missing mr_raad 23 August 2013, 15:31

100% Hezbollah, they needed to respond to make the average street thug shia happy

Default-user-icon Shafik (Guest) 23 August 2013, 21:42

Why does it seem that we never learnt our lessons from the past we Lebanese should stick together for once and not jump into conclusions whether it is HA or Syria or you name it , doesn't change the reality people died and the only way to praise their souls is by uniting and head to the streets with a sit in that will oust all the same war lords that are still ruling us in the same ugly manner

Missing coolmec 24 August 2013, 08:32

why is Samaha still alive? This SOB should be hung now and his body dumped in the trash

Thumb proudlebanon 23 August 2013, 14:18

allah yestor

Default-user-icon ربيع (Guest) 23 August 2013, 14:31

هل ان انفجار الضاحية لم يصل الى غايته المرجوةفكانت طرابلس هي الهدف الثاني ان اليد الاجرامية واحدة في كلا الانفجارين والهدف اشعال الفتنة الشيعية السنية، وخاصة ان المعلومات تفيد ان الشيخ الرافعي هو امام هذا الجامع وهو المعروف بمواقفه من حزب الله حتى يقال ان حزب الله هو من قام بهذا العمل وتقع الفتنة ولكن ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين لن تقع الفتنة ان شاء الله فالناس اصبحت تعرف المخطط. رحم الله الشهداء وشفى الجرحى في انفجاري طرابلس وفي انفجار الضاحية ووقى الله هذا البلد شر الفتنة التي يسعون اليها

Missing -_-wolf-_- 23 August 2013, 14:33

This is a repeat of the 1970's , who says history does not repeat itself ?
Without prejudice but foreigners such as the Palestinians are playing a MAJOR role along with the Syrians in destabilising our beloved country.
90% of our problem can be solved by placing them back to their " own" rightful land.
The Palestinians to the West Bank , & the Syrians to the Golan Heights !
In the mean time we must adopt a " In Your Face " Policy & that is all Refugees to the Israeli border to set up camps from east to west !
Signed wolf ...

Default-user-icon libnanie (Guest) 23 August 2013, 14:33

our country is on the brink of destruction yet again.

Missing rabih14 23 August 2013, 14:35

يريدون الفتنة من وراء هذا العمل الجبان والمدان بكل المقاييس الانسانية والاخلاقية والدينية بعد ان فشلت محاولاتهم في زرع بذور هذه الفتنة بعد انفجار الضاحية.
ساعد الله اهل طرابلس على مصابهم الاليم ورحمالله القتلى وشفى الجرحى ووقى الله لبنان شر الفتنة والمفتنين

Thumb makhaleh 23 August 2013, 14:37

Is any1 here in tripoli??

Missing rimkiezel 23 August 2013, 14:38

I think it's pretty obvious that this is an attempt to draw the Lebanese into an all out civil war... in line with the Sunni Shiaa strife currently taking place all over the Arab world... with the possibility to create a further rift along christian/muslim lines... it's no coincidence that last week's bombing was in a shiaa area and today's in a sunni area...and I guaranty you that another explosion will follow in a Christian area… clearly foreign intelligence operating at its best... while it's easy to point fingers to the outside, should we as Lebanese fall into the trap of civil war once more then we do not deserve a country in the first place...

Missing lebguy 23 August 2013, 15:00

Phoenix I also agree wholeheartedly with you. Someone somewhere are trying to play the Lebanese against each other to suit their agenda. I just hope and pray that the lebanese people are wiser than they were in the 70's

Missing abraham 23 August 2013, 15:16

The only foreign power who is benefitting from all this < controlled mayham > in the Arab world, is Isreal.

Thumb ado.australia 23 August 2013, 16:37

Phoenix, again I agree and pray for the innocent that have been killed or harmed. There is truly an evil hand at play with Lebanon. I hope and pray we can survive this!

Ya watan... The Lebanese armed forces!! God speed in your struggles to keep THE LEBANON!

Missing arturo 23 August 2013, 19:34

Abraham, it sounds like you are in the Suleiman and Jumblat camp, which blames these bombings on Israel rather than on the Lebanese perpetrators. Lebanon needs to look internally to prevent similar bombings rather than accuse a phantom.

Missing arturo 23 August 2013, 19:34

Abraham, it sounds like you are in the Suleiman and Jumblat camp, which blames these bombings on Israel rather than on the Lebanese perpetrators. Lebanon needs to look internally to prevent similar bombings rather than accuse a phantom.

Thumb primesuspect 23 August 2013, 14:44

Did any1 say hizballa terrorism? yes.... well said.

Missing karim_m2- 23 August 2013, 15:54

Go back to Afghanistan, terrorist.

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 00:55

LOL karim1 and Banima ;-)

Missing -_-wolf-_- 23 August 2013, 14:48

Just kick ALL Palestinians out !!!!!!!
Due South all along the Israeli border along with the Syrians !!!!!
Signed Wolf ........

Thumb benzona 23 August 2013, 15:07

we're going to throw you out before them. put you in the noman's land zone between Lebanon and its 2 borders.

Thumb Chupachups 23 August 2013, 14:49

day of morning part 2?

Thumb Chupachups 23 August 2013, 14:50

no disrespect to the dead, may they rip after all for all i know they are innocent people.

Thumb proudlebanon 23 August 2013, 15:06

What everyone can be sure of, is that behind all of these explosions there is a Syrian hand. It may be the regime or it may be the opposition. Both can gain from a fitna in Lebanon. Be careful everyone! We are now living in Iraq.

Thumb benzona 23 August 2013, 15:14

syrian regime or hezbollah is two sides of the same coin....

Thumb benzona 23 August 2013, 15:06

oh well. Who would attack mosques?

a) army with the green light of the governement

b) the moutewleh just like they did it 2 months ago in Abra Cadabra

Disgusting. I hope the Chias will condemn this very strongly if they want to avert a civil war. I hope Sunnis will remain calm although in pain. I hope the army will confiscate all weapons outside of state control....

a lot of hope...... but not very realistic

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 00:57

Tu dois être entrain de triquer. Le patron de ton patron a atteint son objectif.

Thumb benzona 23 August 2013, 15:12

you forgot my name. Do i not exist for you? ;-(


Thumb makhaleh 23 August 2013, 15:17

Allah yir7am kill shahide muslim w masi7i innocent pple guys

Thumb benzona 23 August 2013, 15:46

Yup. Allah yirhamon.

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 23 August 2013, 15:22

God Bless Sayyid Hasan who predicted exactly this would happen. In his last speech he specifically mentioned these terrorists will kill Sunnis too, and there will be other explosions in other areas. He was right. The Islamic Iranian Resistance aka HA (Hussain Army) along with the LAF will stay vigilant and on guard to protect all of us 24/7. Now, the security measures in and around Tripoli will be beefed up and check points will be installed to shield our beloved Tripoli from car bombs. I hope the terrorists don't come near Ghazeer!

Default-user-icon rasta_lb (Guest) 23 August 2013, 15:22

Once again, "the war of others" as translated from Arabic from Ghassan Tueini's book, is being waged in Lebanon.

The "war of others" supported again directly or not by our own politicians who are involved directly or indirectly in the Syrian Civil War.

Shame on Hizballah who are sending their militias to Syria, shame on the Future Movement who are financing and sending weapons to the rebel, shame on the christian leaders who have always been short-sighted and self-interest driven... And may God help the Lebanese people with this fate they have been entrusted with..

Default-user-icon Krikor Markarian (Guest) 23 August 2013, 15:34

" So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they remain a little people. A silly people! Greedy, barbarous, and cruel"
T.E. Lawrence

Thumb beiruti 23 August 2013, 15:34

And so it begins. Dahieyi is hit with a car bomb, and now Tripoli. I was reading a post last night here on Nahar where one Hezbollah defender was very vehemently denying an M14 poster who said that Hezbollah is inciting this sort of activity with assurances that Hezbollah is the party that is trying to hold this sort of sectarian reprisal activity down to defend the State.
Now this. Lebanon descends down another ring of hell to its not so recent past of sectarian bombings that may evolve back into sectarian warfare as the government stands by paralyzed and helpless.
When will we learn that this is not the way. Where are the people in the streets demanding elections and the restoration of government so that the militia will go back to the margins rather than remain on center stage shooting at one another?

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 15:55

When the Dahiye incident came to light, everybody condemned it as a terror act, except the lackadaisical few. Same with Tripoli. As the1phoenix has alluded to many times, there is a greater evil working afoot.

The Dahiye populace are more or less the more stringent supporters of Hizbollah, while the Tripoli populace are more or less the more stringent opposition to Hizbollah. If you want the country to plummet into outright chaos and intensify tensions in an already very unstable region, pin the two against one another and enjoy the spectacles that follow. I second the notion from everyone trying to explicate that this is the case.

More likely than not this is the same perpetrators of the Dahiye bomb blast as warned by the recent CIA intelligence expounding the infiltration of Qaida personnel (a more or less loose term for the Americans) with some 7000Kgs of explosives dispersed all around.

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 16:00

Let's just hope what rimkiezel, nyknagi, the1phoenix, and you yourself have said will become obvious to the general public so they may learn not to be played by ubiquitous forces of power.

I also agree a new government should be formed asap, as most of them are corrupt. Then again, I wonder if it of their own nature that these once patriots and loyals to the state have become corrupt, or simply of the nature of the system itself that has lead to the corruption of all these politicians? I mean, almost all politicians all so corrupt is hardly an incident I'd say.

Missing -_-wolf-_- 23 August 2013, 15:44

Hands up or hands down , the worst has yet to come , if Israel thinks that they are benefiting well think again .
There shall be much more to come within the 24 hours we as Lebanese shall suffer but Israel will be suffering much , Much more !
Either play a positive role or accept what is about to be launched , Israel has more to lose we as Lebanese have already lost our best but to all you Israelis this is a beginning , not the end !
May The Lord have Mercy on your souls for what is about to become !
As for the Palestinians you also are on the same path .
As for us Lebanese we have embraced & accepted our fate .
May The Lord protect the innocent & avenge the Sinners !
Signed Wolf .

Default-user-icon Gary Katz (Guest) 24 August 2013, 03:13

Why drag Israel into the conversation? Israel isn't incinerating Sunnis and Shiites left and right. Israel isn't gassing its peaceful protesters (note I said "peaceful," not "violent"). Israel isn't imprisoning journalists (like Iran and Turkey love to do). Israel isn't blowing up mosques, burning churches, honoring terrorists or spreading hatred. If Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iran and Lebanon were more like Israel, the citizens in all those countries would be far better off. So, Wolf, get off Israel's back!

Thumb lebanon_first 23 August 2013, 15:52

Clear. These bombs were put by assadist regime to create strife in lebanon.

Missing karim_m2- 23 August 2013, 15:54

RIP to all those who died. Nobody deserves this.

Thumb makhaleh 23 August 2013, 16:17

There were alot of car thefts around tripoli and the police knew 2 days ago my cuzins car was taking from her by 2 gunmen on a motorcycle in tje bahsas area i wont be surprised if one of the cars was hers

Thumb cedre 23 August 2013, 16:19

Allah yarham amwat al mouslimin...

Thumb makhaleh 23 August 2013, 16:50

Allah yir7am amwats al mouslimin w al masi7iyeh

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 00:59

Ya flame zbélé.... Tais-toi!

Thumb rover98 23 August 2013, 16:20

No more pro Assad Allies should be allowed to operate freely in Tripoli anymore including Gov. security agencies they cant be trusted and must work for their wages.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 23 August 2013, 16:20

RIP to all the deceased. I truly hope us Lebanese can set aside our differences and come together as Lebanese to stop this madness.

Missing mark 23 August 2013, 16:32

bashar syrian regime is behind all the explosion. remember what he said about burning out the middle east before leaving? and he is doing it. I expect him using chemical weapon in his next attack. I believe he did in dahyeh's explosion.

Default-user-icon Beirut (Guest) 23 August 2013, 16:38

You should be ashamed of your comment. I am not muslim. Full point.

Missing nuetral 23 August 2013, 16:47

God protect all Lebanese regardless of faith.

Thumb cedre 23 August 2013, 16:51

yesterday hizb iran members killed in tripoli, today bombs in front of mosque, the same way Iran do in Iraq to keep chaos and thus country under control.

Thumb cedre 23 August 2013, 17:11

not the first time u complain, u dont like when I tell the truth about
Iran and hizb Iran shias, u feel ashamed ?
These bombings are a clear message of Bashar and maybe Nassy too, to lebanese sunnis, keep quiet, we control Lebanon, u are vulnerable, we can hit u anytime anywhere...

Thumb ado.australia 23 August 2013, 16:55

How there are thumbs down to Phoenix's comment, I don't know?

There is a constant everlasting struggle against evil! We, as people and parents and families can only help by raising our children to love and respect each other and God. Whether you believe or not, it's up to the parents to raise and teach our children. Every terrorist and murderer was once a child. Who are their parents? This evil of suicide bombings, fanatical hatred is a result of poor education and bad parenting. All fanatic groups that believe they are better then others, because of their religion or race must be eradicated from this earth! No more political correctness or cover.

Default-user-icon Lebnani (Guest) 23 August 2013, 17:29

El Hamdellah!

Missing para202 23 August 2013, 17:32

This is definitely NOT hizb work, or syrian intel agencies. Hizb took a good hit last week and they aren't the kind of group that would want to take revenge on someone else.

One more absurd comment. After hizb helped slaughter hundreds in al qusayr earlier in year there were so many news reports of the "elite hizb fighting force" moving on to finish off the rebels in Aleppo. News flash for everyone - without syrian heavy artillery raining down and syrian aircraft carpet bombing civilians, these "elite" fighting forces are a joke. judgement day IS coming.

Default-user-icon Bert (Guest) 23 August 2013, 17:40

What a waste of life.

Missing lebcan 23 August 2013, 17:47

@sab3a-ayar... you kidding right??? go climb a tree... Hizbshitan never used car bombs in lebanon??? ....WOW...

Thumb Bandoul 23 August 2013, 17:56

It is time we understand foreign forces enabled by their local puppets and crooked politicians on both side of the M spectrum are moving against us to keep us divided. We have no friends except our fellow citizens. Our enemies have been conspiring and collaborating against us since our independence and we've let them victimize us because we won't learn from our mistakes. We can continue to be victims or stand up and say NO. Not a single foreign country has an interest in us succeeding so we have to do it on our own, together, united against all our foes.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones. May the suffering be brief and the anguish diminished. God bless Lebanon and every Lebanese.

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 01:06

Bandoul mon ami, you're too optimistic... We have no friends no2ta 3al sater. The fellow citizens have only one thing in common with us, it's a piece of paper called Lebanese ID. Their mentalities are different and antagonistic....

You say we have to learn from out mistakes. What are they? I wasn't born when such mistakes were made. The new generations have nothing to do with this just like today's Germans are not guilty of what happened 70 years ago. We demand justice for the assassinations of Pierre Gemayel, Rafic Hariri and the other martyrs... (orchestrated by Bachar/HA) We don't need unity, we need justice..... Then, and only en can we unite against foreign enemies.

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 01:08

Man, the only one getting paid to surf naharnet is you/Mowaten /karim/inside......

You're imagining things.... Stop taking Aoun's pills.... Youd do yourself a favour.

Missing idris_gray 23 August 2013, 18:00

Sorry but most lebanese are selfish. Your neighbors in Syria are bleeding profusely and you are connected to them whether you like it or not. The current borders of the region are artificial anyways, created by the western powers yet you so jealously and cold heartedly guard them against your brothers on the other side of a line in the sand. You think you can ignore the bloodshed in syria or even contribute to it without any consequences? I hear people talking about syrians and palestinians as if they are nothing but animals yet you call yourselves christians and muslims?! Shame!

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 18:29

min-canada, the damage is already done. More than 14000Kg of explosives had arrived just a month ago as per CIA intelligence warning Lebanese security officials (i.e.http://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/90150). And we saw the consequences more than thrice already. Best course of option is investing more heavily in internal security.

Finding a pinch here and there is all good, but more effortful must investigations be to recuperate more than mere trifles regarding the explosives importing from abroad and into Lebanon.

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 18:35

It seems oddly enough that the main TV channels are in agreement that loosely based al-qaida groups were involved in the 3 bombs we've seen since the last 2 months. Feels kind of good I dare say to see some hint of unanimity among the partisan channels.

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 18:46

It seems although TV channels are pushing towards that facet of the story, Tripoli shekhs are implicating Syria, which is odd, I think, 'cause it has its hands well full already.

Missing kamal1 23 August 2013, 18:44

The rethoric of some religious leaders is shameful: " its in the interest of the jews that lebanon be destroyed" thats what qabbani just said. What a bigot and antisemite, its the zionists you ignoramus, not a whole religion. That right there is the problem, ignorance and hate speech across the spectrum

Missing appleorange 23 August 2013, 18:47

And by shuhada2 you only mean shiites victims right? We all know that in shiaism, only those who believe in imamah can be a shahid or enter paradise. So clearly your comment seems to be a taqiyyah attempt.

Default-user-icon Yulan Balikov (Guest) 23 August 2013, 18:48

Here is another act by low life cowards who want to fight for Syria in Lebanon. It is a sad event especially that the people in Tripoli have not had enough time to digest all the sweets they ate last week. yer7am mawtekon

Missing drmuhandis 23 August 2013, 18:57

Who the hell downvotes such comments?

Thumb insideman101 23 August 2013, 18:58

Serious attempts to sow Shia-Sunni discord today in libnan. Glad to see people step up and unequivocally on demon bombings. Unlike ps3 playing, ileterate, Saudi worshipping Saedan Hariri

Thumb insideman101 23 August 2013, 19:00


Thumb Loubnani 23 August 2013, 19:10

How sad? My heart aches for the families of all the dead in the last couple of weeks. Another tragedy hits our beloved land. God rest their souls. Whether it is Shia blood, Sunni blood or whatever blood, it really doesn't matter. It is Lebanese blood. So sad that innocent civilians are always the people who suffer the most.

I have read many posts inciting hatred and accusing this and that. These people must really try to calm their anger down. It is obvious that there is a greater plan to cause sectarian strife and take us back to a civil war that will end us all. Who gains from this? Ask yourself. Definitely not the Lebanese.

God bless all the dead and their families and I pray for wisdom in this critical period.

Missing servant-of-jesus 23 August 2013, 19:34

To all my beloved Shiite brothers and sisters in Lebanon, and to all my beloved Sunni brothers and sisters in Lebanon, my heart bleeds with you. Let us not allow satan to drag the Lebanese people into a devastating war... There are no winners in war. Only death, dismemberment, hatred, suffering, crying, confusion, despair, homelessness, orphans, famine, misery, annihilation, destruction, injustice, rape, desensitization, loss of humanity, carnage, burned corpses, blood everywhere...
Do not fall for the lie satan is selling you... there is no honor in war. There is no honor in killing. There is no honor in any of that dirty business...

Missing servant-of-jesus 23 August 2013, 19:34

To all my beloved Shiite brothers and sisters in Lebanon, and to all my beloved Sunni brothers and sisters in Lebanon, my heart bleeds with you. Let us not allow satan to drag the Lebanese people into a devastating war... There are no winners in war. Only death, dismemberment, hatred, suffering, crying, confusion, despair, homelessness, orphans, famine, misery, annihilation, destruction, injustice, rape, desensitization, loss of humanity, carnage, burned corpses, blood everywhere...
Do not fall for the lie satan is selling you... there is no honor in war. There is no honor in killing. There is no honor in any of that dirty business...

Missing servant-of-jesus 23 August 2013, 19:35

"42 Killed and 500 Wounded in Two Explosions at Tripoli Mosques"
Lord have mercy...
Lord have mercy on the families of those who died
Lord have mercy on this people and stop any further bloodshed
Lord have mercy on the people who are responsible for the bombs... They do not know what they're doing...
Lord have mercy on me, for I am no better than anyone of them.

Default-user-icon Krikor Markarian (Guest) 23 August 2013, 19:48

"So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they remain a little people. A silly people! Greedy, barbarous, and cruel"

Default-user-icon truth be told (Guest) 23 August 2013, 19:54

hezbollah stands with the syrian dictatorship. hezbollah with syria assad-sinated several lebanese politicians who stood against them. hezbollah has started the last several wars in lebanon. hezbollah sent its fighters to syria. hezbollah has brought the war to dahiyeh and now is crying and taking the war to all lebanon. michel aoun has empowered hezbollah. march 8 is a dictatorship that would rather see lebanon destroyed then to give up their own agenda and power.

Thumb Machia 23 August 2013, 19:55

Poor Lebanon. Another tragedy and unfortunately it seems many more to come. We are now a new Iraq where the extremist Sunnis and Shias kill one another and everyone else.
It is not a plot. No conspiracy here but good old fashioned barbarism: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth until our country is no more. Hezbollah, Al Qaida and Al Nusra are the proxies for the regional rivalry between the US/Saudi and Russia/Iran...and the innocents die.
Very sad story that has no end in sight.

Thumb scorpyonn 23 August 2013, 20:05

Time for the West to eliminate Iran and flatten Syria.

Missing ziggurat 23 August 2013, 20:11

These attacks are planned and financed by the Saudis, and their leader, the Licker of the Two Boots, King Abdullat, and his associates, who will then circle 7 times around their filthy black cube in the Hijaz, and wipe the slate clean with al-Lat.

Thumb Bandoul 23 August 2013, 20:24

P1. Everyone please hit the pause button and please analyze rationally. I am not a proponent of HA and anyone who follows my posts knows that I am against their philosophy and political agenda, however cooler heads must prevail. Anyone here who thinks HA wants to be embroiled in a civil war within Lebanon or start a new war with Israel must not be thinking clearly.

Thumb Bandoul 23 August 2013, 20:24

P2. If you believe otherwise then you are falling for the trap being laid out for you. Please don't let the foreign enemies of Lebanon and they are many and on both sides, fool you into turning against one another because that is precisely what they want. There is a rogue mercenary terrorist group within Lebanon funded by foreign powers whose sole purpose is to ignite Lebanon into a ball of fire by indiscriminately shedding the blood of civilians, mainly women and children. You can be the victim by playing along or you can be wise and embrace your fellow Lebanese citizen who you politically disagree with to send a clear message to our enemies that you are not sheep and won't fall to their wicked treachery. You decide!

Default-user-icon MikeinNY (Guest) 23 August 2013, 20:35

You have absolutely not a shred a evidence about who did or did no do this, yet you seem certain you know the answer.
If history is any indication, Lebanon is headed towards chaos and bloodshed. The Lebanese people learned nothing. They have become more entrenched in their religious beliefs. The same people who were in power before and during the war, are still in power now. No one in power cares about the country. They all care about filling their pockets while the country burns.

Thumb Lebanon4life 23 August 2013, 20:49

What a shame !!!

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 21:01

Well, most of them do, so...

Thumb Senescence 23 August 2013, 21:09

Well what if their plan to ignite a national, religious war fails, as seems to be the case as of today? Will they simply continue unabated? Relevant security agencies must accelerate their fruition from mere trifles to the 14tons of explosives reportedly brought into Lebanese soil.

Also, could it be that it's too late for HA to retreat and the attacks stop for that very reason? I think HA has ventured too deep to be isolated from the continuation of these terrorist events.

Missing 5.56 23 August 2013, 21:26

blabla I was a big gun during the civil war,
blabla palestinians are bad,
blabla saudis are bad,
blabla qataris are bad,
blabla every muslim if not westernized is bad.
We got the message old man...

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 01:24

I agree with you 5.56 although he didn't get a thumb down from me because he elaborated and spoke of HIS experience.

I don't care about people's religions, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I'm disgusted by the way Palestinians are treated in Lebanon. Qatar, KSA, GB, USA etc... Have all cut deals with the devil, so did Iran and North Korea. I don't care about nationalities, I have empathy for the citizens of Iran for example. The problem is the leadership. They don't represent their people and this may apply to the entire planet. Where I live, or in Lebanon the governments don't represent me. That's why I could and would never fight for any politician. Those who do are the problem. Sure, I back M14, but I keep in mind they're here (and paid) to serve me, not the other way around.
Yalla kheir.

Bye everyone. Good night.

Missing samiam 23 August 2013, 21:27

let's see sab3--let's start with the bombing of the us embassy which they actually took credit for, add a few things like the hariri and other assassinations they have been implicated in and you FAIL again.

Missing 5.56 23 August 2013, 22:00

don't need a lesson from an old guy part of a militia that was not able to defend chouf christians, but could massacre palestinian refugees with syrian,israeli and amal help.

Default-user-icon Lebanese_before_all (Guest) 23 August 2013, 22:32

There are a few wise men on this articles postings...Phoenix being one of them...whoever did Dahyeh, did Tripoli...and those are the people who want Lebanon's destruction...as for those in above comments who are trying to raise Shias against Sunnis and vice versa...nice try...this will not happen. Go back to where you come from....and that is certainly not from Lebanon.

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 01:11

Bachar..... With his Michel Aoun Samaha #2

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 01:26

Chou ichbak Sweden and Denmark? ;-)

Thumb Machia 24 August 2013, 03:24

One car bomb in Dahie, at least 21 dead. Some barbarians in Tripoli celebrate. A few days later, 2 car bombs in tripoli, 45 dead. 2 eyes for an eye...this is a tragedy that is not going to stop soon.
Lebanon is doomed and we are again willingly killing one another for the interests of others.

Thumb LebDinosaur 24 August 2013, 03:30

When is enough enough?

Missing cedars 24 August 2013, 03:56

I have expected and said exactly said few days ago...

Thumb Senescence 24 August 2013, 04:33

fuckirancohorts agreed, but through dialogue and moderation. An outright attack on HA would spell doom for the country; sadly, one cannot twist an elephant's arm as they say. But again, I'm confident that when HA returns from Syria which should be asap, it would understand that the nation is unanimously in favor of its integration into the state and army, contributing arms, men, and training (resistance, guerrilla warfare, etc.), as it has come to understand that otherwise the Lebanese do not confide in its primary interest of the state any longer, seeing as how it disobeyed pretty much everyone in going to Syria.

Point I'm trying to make is that death and violence is no answer to national prosperity, and that we mustn't ever lose hope in fellow nationals. Killing Iranians or shiites won't really solve anything.

Missing people-power 24 August 2013, 04:58

Hey Gramp....... the one spreading hate is you. If you don't like my comments, vote thumbs down, or don't read them. I'm not a hatemonger, I'm not without conscience, I'm not without responsibility, I am not angry, and I don't have multiple personalities. Despite what you think, you are not more honorable than me. Give your opinions without criticizing other commenters, if you can't take the feedback. I wouldn't have said anything to you if you didn't attack me first. Don't tell other people what to say, and we'll be just fine.

It's OK for you to accuse Saudi Arabia and Qatar, feel free to do so, and I will call it the way I see it.

Missing people-power 24 August 2013, 17:34

What is your problem phoenix?

Gramp is short for Grampa, or Grandfather. Are you really that insulted by this name? You suggested that you are much older than my father (doubtful), but you are insulted at being called Gramp?.

You have some serious issues. You picked the fight with me, not vice versa. I have been ignoring you since the last time you insulted me, when I figured out you were off your rocker.

I use only one name here on Naharnet. I am also pleased to see many different opinions at all times. So your power of deduction is seriously flawed. I am not a "kid" as you stated. I did not twist any of your words around, I simply quoted what you said. Please give me an example of how I "twisted" your words.

Now you want to pick a fight with me (physically)? This is laughable. You need to see a psychologist. You have a chip on your shoulder.

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 24 August 2013, 06:07

Why do you blame HA for causing this strife as a result of going to Syria. HA was the last group to join the fight in Syria. There are fighters from all over the world going to Syria, including fighters from northern lebanon, which went there far before HA even contemplated going. Therefore, according to your logic the conclusion you draw is incorrect. According to logic the real parties to blame are the external fighters whom were the first to go to Syria.

As you said, we cannot live in a vacuum and accuse the last party to join the fight.

Missing syriannyer 24 August 2013, 13:22

Hezbollah is surely behind this atrocious attack

Default-user-icon TheBricker (Guest) 26 August 2013, 16:29

I thank god that war broke out in the early 80's and that my family with absolutely nothing had no option but to move to Australia. If there is a place on earth further from the arabs and lebanon then tell me so I can go there. and to think that as my plane flew over the snow capped mountains of lebanon and what little remains of that symbol that adorns the flag I shed a tear. I felt like I was going home after 20 years ... now I believe it was goodbye. I will never step in your lands again except to bury those who have a better memory of you ... what a shame, what a shameful people, what a tragedy.