Arslan Says 'Same Attackers' behind Tripoli, Dahieh Explosions

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan condemned on Saturday the deadly explosions that rocked the northern city of Tripoli, stating that the “same attackers' are behind the latest bombings in the country.

“The blast in the (Beirut's southern suburb of) Rweiss and the bombings in Tripoli were orchestrated by the same party,” Arslan said phone calls he made with caretaker premier Najib Miqati and ex-Prime Minister Omar Karami.

He added: “The perpetrators are the same in all bombing and they aim at causing a sectarian strife in the country through threatening the security situation.”

The Druze leader urged national leaders not to encourage such activities whether in their speeches or in their political stances.

"These positions do not serve the unity of the Lebanese and instead serve the campaign that targets the country's security and stability.”

"We call for unity and solidarity in Lebanon,” he stressed.

Powerful car bombs exploded outside two Sunni mosques in Tripoli on Friday afternoon.

The first bomb struck in the city center at the al-Salam mosque as worshipers were still inside.

The second explosion struck just minutes later outside al-Taqwa mosque, about two kilometers away, near the port.

Miqati announced that the explosions killed 35 people and wounded 900 others, including 110 in a critical condition.

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Thumb souk-el-gharb 24 August 2013, 17:13

Thanks Arslan, we all know syrians did it, question is, did HA know it...

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 23:06

Full HD CCTV so the footage can be exploitable when they need to zoom in.

Thumb benzona 24 August 2013, 23:07

Well said indeed, but is it really a question? Because I don't question it ;-) they may have not known the details, but they must have been aware of an operation in the making.

Missing VINCENT 25 August 2013, 03:28

Fair enough

Missing zakariah 25 August 2013, 14:57

Sorry, but really you need to get out. Halaketna.

Missing -_-wolf-_- 26 August 2013, 01:19

Well said Phoenix !!!!
Signed Wolf ....

Missing VINCENT 24 August 2013, 22:14

You know, I am thinking that if both sides weed out the criminal elements who are committing crimes under the color of religion/Islam from their respective corner, there won't be much to resist and/or resistance would for a common goal since you would be united against a common enemy :)

Missing un520 25 August 2013, 02:33

Brilliant Arslan. Let me guess, the same attackers is behind Hariri-murder, Tueini, etc, etc, etc and now Dahiye and Tripoli. Let me guess further.....its Israel, right? Like they are behind the tit-for-tat-killings in Iraq too. Because sunni and shia really love eachother....all lebanese loves in Chouf in the early 80s...

Missing cowboymicho 25 August 2013, 03:54

Maybe now the Druze will blame the Christians and go in and slaughter everyone like they did in the 80s then realize it was actually the Syrians. Muslims are stupid, but the Druze are even stupider.

Missing -_-wolf-_- 25 August 2013, 11:33

I sincerely believe that you think that you are a reincarnation of Ghandi !
But regardless you are no Politician .
Your mouth seems to constantly KY gelled .
You are free to express your opinion , but same goes for us as well , you history is a F + .ie a complete failure , but I have to give you A + for sun tan ! Good luck & Good Bye I will hopefully see you in your next reincarnated life !
Signed Wolf .....

Missing lebguy 25 August 2013, 12:55

My sentiments exactly SpeakFreely