Geagea Doesn't See 'Same Hand' in Tripoli, Dahieh Blasts: We Can't be with Hizbullah in Same Cabinet

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said Monday his political camp cannot join a cabinet comprising Hizbullah ministers at present, noting that he does not endorse the “hypothesis” that the Dahieh and Tripoli bombings were orchestrated by the “same hand.”

Asked in an interview on Future TV how to put an end to the series of bombings that have rocked several Lebanese regions, Geagea said: “The state must address the situation, as currently the state only comprises President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam, who must form a serious cabinet that should not be crippled, paralyzed or under the influence of intimidation.”

Asked about the structure of the sought cabinet, Geagea stressed that it is not possible at the moment to form a national unity government “for a simple reason, which is that Hizbullah has monopolized the national decision.”

"When the party decided to go fight in Syria, did it ask anyone about this strategic decision? Where was national unity back then? When it sent the Ayyoub drone into Israel, did it consult with its allies in cabinet about this decision? So practically, Hizbullah's actions contradict its statements," Geagea added.

"When the party erected checkpoints at Dahieh's entrances, did it consult with the security authorities?" Geagea asked rhetorically, stressing that "one can't sit at the moment with Hizbullah in the same cabinet, because it is now in a place that is so far away from the government.”

The LF leader reiterated his call for forming a “neutral cabinet” comprising no March 8 or March 14 members, which would “address people's affairs and take care of their living situations.”

Asked about Suleiman's call for forming an inclusive cabinet and reviving national dialogue, Geagea said: “We want a Lebanese government, and in order for it to be a Lebanese government, it cannot comprise Hizbullah given the party's foreign commitments, as how can Hizbullah be represented in the Lebanese government while it has troops fighting in Syria?”

"As to the dialogue table, MP Mohammed Raad has recently said that the Baabda Declaration was born dead, not to mention this camp's previous practices around the dialogue table," Geagea said.

He noted that "no real solutions can be reached around the dialogue table as some believe, because Hizbullah has already voiced its stance and its presence is no longer compatible with the presence of a state in Lebanon."

Turning to the deadly bombings that hit Dahieh and Tripoli, Geagea said he understands why some parties are saying that the same hand perpetrated all the terrorist acts, but noted that he does not endorse such a "hypothesis."

"Until further notice, I don't believe that the same hand orchestrated the Tripoli and Rweiss bombings. Let us await the investigation and see what it will reveal," Geagea said, adding that "the only indication" he has in this regard was "the latest attempt to plant bombs in Tripoli which was linked to ex-minister Michel Samaha's plot."

"I think the investigation must start from this indication," he added.

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Thumb benzona 26 August 2013, 21:40

Thnsk you Samir. Thank for speaking openly about your personal beliefs. We may not agree, but you are courageous. It's admirable.

Thumb benzona 26 August 2013, 23:53

So far, Allah has been protecting him. Let's not forget the sniper that targetted him a few months ago.

Thumb proudlebanon 27 August 2013, 02:23

i don't agree because i am afraid of those consequences. but in my heart i know he's right.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 August 2013, 12:05

geagea, the beacon of division, praise be to him and may the thousands he slaughtered during the civil war rest in peace, they died for the greater good.

Thumb lebanon_first 26 August 2013, 21:50

Samir Geagea, Nasrallah doesnt give a damn about what you have to say. Nasrallah cares about sunnite stances because the sunnites are a majority in the region and could be a risk for the chiites.
But Nasrallah doesnt care for what an unarmed christian has to say. You should have made a compromise with aoun in 1989 instead of your stupid war which broke the christians' back. You should have continued along the path of partition. The christians wouldnt have had the humiliating status they have today, living at the mercy of middle ages cartoon characters.

Thumb Senescence 26 August 2013, 21:55

Unarmed ? Wikileaks showed Geagea has some 10,000 fighters under his control (though admitted they required some foreign-mediated training).

They're just being let's say... considerate of the delicate times in store ahead. When this Syria thing blows over however the result may be, we will see a new role for his likes.

I'd search more but the first result is so.

Thumb Senescence 26 August 2013, 21:56

(admittedly, it won't do good really to wage war in your own country, and shows that he's still in his civil war mentality, but you can't blame the guy really. Unfortunately the case in this country is that if you do not command fighters you do not command respect.

Thumb Senescence 26 August 2013, 23:15

......, indeed. Militias must be cleansed. We must be under one government, one army, one state, but timing is everything; too early or too late will spell doom.

I disagree with your take on Aoun, the sorry state of Christians is due primarily to their fractionation.

Thumb benzona 26 August 2013, 22:17

Avec des 'si' on refait un monde.don't live in the past. Syrian and Lebanese Christian factions should unite. I would have included the Palestinian ones but they're isolated and marginals. That's the way they can regain power. Beleive me, Christians are very well respected by fellow Muslims in lebanon because they owe Christians their freedom and progress. They're aware of it. The problems are the extremes à la Nasrallah and Assir/shahal.

Expatriation is never an answer despite the fact that I don't do what I preconize.... Because I'm not willing to fight for idiots on all sides. Life is way too precious.

Default-user-icon Emad el-zayn (Guest) 26 August 2013, 23:01

Regain power? How would that happen? As a muslim i dont owe christians anything, neither my freedom nor my progress. And they dont owe me anything as well. What freedom did they give me or did muslims give them? Freedom from syria? If lebanon had remained part of syria nobody would have considered it be occupation as lebanon was naturally part of syria until the french divided it. And my progress? I didnt study at a christian university, nor is my employer a christian nor did i progress due to any christian. Not to be rude but many christians can thank rafik hariri for their progress if we are to look at how benefited from whom. Enough ta7mil jmileh for some imaginary progress or freedom. Nasrallah and assir are not the only extremists, christians also have their fair share of extremists who murdered more than what nasrallah and assir did combined.

Missing zahle_nights1 26 August 2013, 22:00

Geagea for president!!

Missing samiam 26 August 2013, 22:20

even if hizb iran signs something, they will break it. there isn't an agreement they wouldn't hesitate to break except the ones with their iranian owners. i don't blame ANYONE for not trusting them or wanting them around.

Thumb benzona 26 August 2013, 22:20


Well its related to today's statement. I think it's the same hand. The same Syrian Bachari hand.... With our without consulting with Nasrallah before going ahead for both attacks. Otherwise, everything geagea says is common sense and courageous. He's the only one who repented for his past crimes. God bless him and his followers. I wish others a la Berri and Aoun would have done the same.... S we can all live together happily.

Default-user-icon Khashaflan Bikarzou (Guest) 26 August 2013, 23:03

But Salam already formed the government zayi ma hiya per the ultimatum that Dr. Arreet 7akeh gave him SIX FRIDAYS AGO! Oh, Salam did not form a government? Then he must have gone to his mommy's loving lap per the same ultimatum by Dr. Arreet 7akeh! Oh, again Salam did not go to mommy dearest? Shucks! Then perhaps Dr. Arreet 7akeh does not know that his words do actually fall on deaf ears like a big load of bull. Hey, don't tell him then cause how else are Drs. Arteena Satleh going to bounce and clap at every twitch of his lips like the retards that they are?

Thumb insideman101 26 August 2013, 23:14

AHH Again, Lady Geagea with his weekly lessons from the Saudi Wahhabi curriculum.
I can't wait until the Saudi's dont need him anymore and they drop/back stab him like they do with everyone else. Let's see if he'll still be talking then, or should I say, if he's even physically able to talk then.

Missing zahle_nights1 26 August 2013, 23:37

benzona, I respect your opinion.

Thumb benzona 26 August 2013, 23:53

Thanks mate. That's what we m14 ers stand for. Respect and tolerance despite sometimes differences. Yes, we even care about those who don't vote for us.....

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 August 2013, 16:09

hahahah respect and tolerance, right :) you may kiss the bride now

Missing zahle_nights1 26 August 2013, 23:49

Naharnet removed one of my posts... I feel hurt. I guess they did not like what I said to Karim_m... Naharnet, I had to say it... It just felt good and right!!!

Missing -_-wolf-_- 27 August 2013, 01:50

A real psychotic this Gaga is , go back to your cell !
This is the time to stand out & be a true statesman but instead you still have a Warlord murderious mentality , it sounds that you are stirring up strife between the Sunnis & Shias instead of trying to stitch the problem between them, you even have the Christians divided ! You would love a civil war in Lebanon wouldn't you ! A true psychopath you are ....
Signed Wolf .

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 27 August 2013, 02:59

Wolf: with all due respects, it took a a demanted, power hunger general to involve our beloved army in a so called war of Liberation. After reaching office Aoun called for the disbarment of all factions and stated that he wanted Syria and Israel out. We were all with him, every patriotic Lebanese was. Gaga bluntly stated that he doesn't trust the other side and would not leave the Christian areas vulnerable. Aoun in response sent in the Army into one of the darkest periods of the civil war. Cont...

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 27 August 2013, 03:12

The battle raged and you have the two main pillars of Lebanons existence, the army and the Christians at each others throats. Patriarch Sfair demanded an immediate cease fire and a withdrawal of all fighters. Gaga complied, but Aoun didn't, after the LF withdrew Aoun stormed their barracks and declared victory. Sfair to this day has not forgiven Aoun.
So please get of Gaga's Frigen back and comment on what he says.

Thumb primesuspect 27 August 2013, 04:58

naharnet, we'd like to C newer pix of Geagea, suleiman, police agents, army personel, and so on (:

Thumb primesuspect 27 August 2013, 04:59

ScArY if it turns out 2 be true...... this would be bad 4 every1

Default-user-icon libnanie (Guest) 27 August 2013, 05:21

i used to hate this man. after years of hearing him and his words, i now feel like he speaks for me as a lebanese. by the way, i'm not christian.

Thumb proudlebanon 27 August 2013, 14:51

Really sick of having my posts deleted. Is this naharnet or manarnet?

Thumb benzona 27 August 2013, 15:13

You must have crossed the red line. It happens to all of us. Manarnet not only erases comments, but they also send armed hezbollahi men to your home to erase you. lol